Best Upholstery Cleaners Under $100, $200, $500 Reviews

It’s true that most of the upholstery nowadays are made to attract the least amount of dust and easy cleaning is ensured, but do they remain 100% clean?

Definitely not!

And if you’re having pets and small kids at home, then cleaning upholstery becomes a difficult task. No matter how attractive your home decor is, or how expensive, but if the upholstery isn’t clean, it has a negative impact on the visitors!

Hiring a professional cleaner makes a hole i the pocket. So, what’s the solution? An upholstery cleaner?

Yes definitely, but which one to buy, as there are several upholstery cleaning models out there? I am here to recommend you the upholstery cleaners which are excellent at cleaning carpets and rugs as well, and are highly durable!


Best Upholstery Cleaners Reviews

The following upholstery cleaners are well tested by use, and we make you believe, these all have more features for the money!

Let’s reveal now.

Best Upholstery Cleaners Under 100

The upholstery cleaning device needs to be perfect, then only one would invest, and if it’s not cleaning properly, then that can’t be called the right tool to invest in. These gadgets are a bit expensive in contrast to normal vacuum cleaners, and as a result, we came across only 3 upholstery cleaner under $100, which were in actual perfect for the job.

1.) HOOVER FH50700 PowerDash Cleaner Review – Best upholstery cleaner for sofas

With the tank size measuring 0.5 gallons (meaning it’s not for bigger areas) and weighing 15.2″ × 10.1″ × 43.5″, Hoover FH50700 is something more powerful than its size. The power brush removes debris while the suction function is impressive. No hose or any other such extension is there. The beater brush’s bristles support cleaning high pile carpets. It draws 840 watts while plugged into 120V.

The cable is of 20 feet. The low tank capacity isn’t an issue as removing and emptying it consumes only a minute or so. Below the dirty water tank, you find a filter, which stops debris reaching the motor. Taking it upstairs/downstairs is too easy as it weighs 12.5 pounds only. The nozzle measures 10 inches wide. So, yes, a few extra passes need to be done for perfect cleaning. It features heated cleaning for removing stubborn stains. It also kills mold growth and bacteria.

The cleaner’s parts and labor are covered by a 1-year warranty. It’s a cheap grab and goes device for cleaning upholstery and carpets, so you don’t get any accessories with it except the manual, brush roll, and the cleaning liquid.  Features are somewhat limited, but in return, the power is so high. It’s a device with 2 removable water tanks for holding the clean and dirty water. It’s the best portable upholstery cleaner.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Rubberized bristles for resisting hair tangles.
  • Impressive heated cleaning.
  • Removes bacteria and molds.
  • Antimicrobial brush roll.
  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • No assembly needed.

2.) HOOVER FH50150 Deluxe Review – Best powerful cheap upholstery cleaner

Over 12,000 units of Hoover FH50150 have been sold, and No other upholstery cleaner can hunt down this one at its price range. Buy this one, and see how its 360 degrees brushes safely clean carpets deeply and perfectly. There are numerous handles making it convenient to take it upstairs/downstairs.

Filling the water, emptying, and cleaning it are all simple tasks. 1 gallon is the water capacity for clean water and the same for dirty water (2 tanks).  The SpinScrubs helps in cleaning ensures easy cleaning of stubborn pet stains. With the help of Rince technology, you can clean carpeted areas with soap.

For ensuring high suction and perfect clean-up, Dual V nozzles are present in this cleaner. The crevice tool makes it easier to suck dirt from tight spaces like under the car’s seats or the sofa. Similarly, for cleaning stairs, you get the upholstery tool.  Hoover FH50150 proves to be a superb budget option, and most importantly, you can do overall cleaning with this upholstery cleaner.

It’s quite lightweight and handy, weighing less than 19 pounds. You get a sample bottle of solution with it. A 2-year warranty is there, which sounds less, but mostly, the inexpensive upholstery cleaners aren’t warranted for longer time-spans. Cleaning full house might consume time with Hoover FH50150.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Numerous handles provided.
  • Easy to fill/empty the water tanks.
  • Rince technology.
  • Dual V nozzles for powerful suction.
  • Crevice tool and upholstery tool.

3.) BISSELL 1400B Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Review – Best DIY upholstery cleaner

Looking for a cheap, compact and simple to use upholstery and carpet cleaner that ensures powerful cleaning then the Little Green 1400B model is for you. It has PVC free water tanks and is made with a min of 50% recyclable plastic. It’s more like a cleaning toy that you can take anywhere because of its 9.65 pounds weight.

It ensures one drag suction (most of the times) with high suction power. The water tanks have clearly marked lines. It’s suitable for cleaning upholstery, stairs, carpets, pet stains, and food/drink stains. Use hot water for cleaning for the best performance (I said hot water, not boiling water). Its performance on the old stains was excellent in our testing.

The brush and nozzle prove to be perfect. You can cleanly wrap the hose and cord around this cleaner. Just don’t let dirt and grime gather in its nozzle and hose, otherwise cleaning them might be tough. 48 ounces is the dirty tank capacity. A 1-year warranty supports you, both in terms of malfunction of the parts and workmanship.

The tough-stain brush attachment is included. It cleans multiple surfaces, most importantly, with perfection. For reaching hard-to-access areas, a tough stain tool is provided. Bissell 1400B is a solid buy, no doubt as it’s the best upholstery fabric cleaner for cars at this price range.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Only 9.65 pounds.
  • Ensures one-drag suction.
  • Suitable for cleaning various surfaces.
  • Comfortable price.
  • Tough-stain brush attachment.
  • Tough stain tool.

Best Upholstery Cleaners Under 200

Here come some more advanced upholstery cleaners which are versatile enough to do a variety of cleaning jobs. What’s the what is the best upholstery cleaner under $200 for you? Let’s reveal it now.

1.) HOOVER Power Scrub Elite Review – Best car upholstery cleaner machine

This one tops the best car upholstery cleaner reviews! At a very reasonable price, Hoover power scrub elite provides you high benefits regarding easy and perfect cleaning. It arrives with the SpinScrub technology for perfect cleaning of upholstery and carpet. With the help of DualV nozzle, even cleaning is ensured on various surfaces.

For ensuring a quick switching between rinse and wash mode, Wash/Rinse selector is provided. There is no need to be involved in guesswork as the automatic detergent mixing system is present. Both the clean and dirty water tanks feature 1.25 gallons of water holding capacity. Having an 8-feet long hose is so helpful both in reaching intricate spots as well as above head cleaning.

A special 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool is provided for cleaning upholstery and stairs. Suppose you don’t require the deep cleaning, then use Quick clean mode which lets carpets dry faster. It weighs only 18.5 pounds. Just fill both the cleaning solution and water tanks, and let this cleaner do the rest.

Assembly is nothing tough. Get a screwdriver for fitting the handle on the body. You have to avoid using boiling water in it. The brushes agitate on both backward and forward passes, which is supportive in removing pet stains. Being the best-rated car upholstery cleaner, Hoover power scrub elite cleaner is definitely worth purchase.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • High value for the money.
  • SpinScrub technology.
  • Even cleaning on a variety of surfaces.
  • DualV nozzle.
  • Wash/Rinse selector.
  • 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool.
  • 1.25 gallons of water holding capacity.

2.) BISSELL 3624 SpotClean Carpet Cleaner Review – Best upholstery cleaner for pet owners

I personally have Bissell 3624 at home, and my younger one came to me and asked: “Is this a mask that helps us in fighting aliens?” It’s a tool with very powerful suction, available at a reasonable price. You can clean corners, cars, closets, stairs, furniture upholstery, whatever you need.

There is no spot to be called “hard to reach” for cleaning if you’ve Bissell 3624 at your home. It comes with 22 feet long power cord, and 5 feet hose. 3/4 Gallon is the tank capacity, which is less if you’re dreaming about cleaning the whole home. You certainly can do, but it will take longer. 13.2 pounds weight means it’s easy to carry.

It’s warranted for 2 years. It’s perfect at cleaning deep-down dirt. It combines the perfect cleaning formula, warm water, and powerful suction for proper cleaning. Liquid spills, mud, paw prints, pet stains, etc. everything can be removed with Bissell 3624. You get a 6″ stair tool which is perfect for cleaning larger furniture upholstery also.

You can also set this machine on automated settings after which it cleans of its own. It also kills bacteria which are responsible for foul smells. Over 4500 units of Bissell 3624 have been sold on Amazon. If you own any pets, then also you can take care of your carpets and upholstery with this cleaner.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Perfect for pet owners.
  • Highly suitable for cleaning tough spots.
  • Good reach with 5 feet long hose.
  • 6″ stair tool.
  • Automated settings.

3.) BISSELL 47A23 Proheat 2x Premier Review – Best upholstery cleaner with heatwave technology

The heatwave technology is very impressive, which maintains the water temperature throughout your cleaning session. Most importantly, it will not only pull out the max moisture from your carpet but will dry the remaining moisture from the fibers as well. Two rows of brushes are combined with the high power suction for cleaning the floor and upholstery in pretty less time.

Both the clean and dirty water tanks have 1.25 gallons of water capacity. So cleaning bigger spaces will consume less time than many other cheap cleaners out there. 12 inches is the cleaning path width. 2x pro carpet cleaning formula is provided for trial purpose. It weighs 24 pounds, which is a negative here, but this cleaner is providing various benefits in contrast to that. 140 degrees is the max heat limit for the water to be used in it.

It provides 10 rows of cleaning along with dual dirt lifter power brushes with the help of which you can remove even the toughest dirt and old stains. This 6.2Amp cleaner fulfills most of your household cleaning requirements. 3 years warranty is there. This cleaner provides higher than average reliable. It’s easy to unpack and assemble, and so is the process of removing and emptying the water bucket.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Impressive heatwave technology.
  • Ensures rapid drying of the fabrics.
  • 1.25 gallons of water tank capacity.
  • 2x pro carpet cleaning formula provided.
  • Perfect dual dirt lifter power brushes.

4.) HOOVER F5914901NC SteamVac Plus Review

The added feature with the Hoover F5914901NC is the 3-speed brush roll controller. You can do cleaning at a pro level if you properly use this cleaner. It has a 12Amp 120V engine which ensures brushes spin at a fast speed. Even after being so powerful, it doesn’t weigh more than 20 pounds. It dries your carpets and upholstery rapidly as it sucks water and reaming dampness perfectly. The brushes are removable.

So, you are able to clean them easily and avoid clogging from fibers or hair. It has 11.25 inches wide cleaning path and comes with a Clean Surge function. You can stow all the tools on its body, making fitting it easily in smaller places. Having a long hose in any cleaner is always beneficial for your lower back. Hoover F5914901NC is designed like a regular upright vacuum, which is appreciable.

If you want this cleaner to do its job perfectly, then make sure that the brushes are making proper contact with the surface. It is capable of applying extra detergent to extra-dirty areas, which is a plus point. The clean boost feature is also very beneficial. However, you aren’t getting the rinse mode in this cleaner. Most of the issues are regarding faulty units, which the cleaner itself is a superb performer.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Perfect upright design.
  • Fast-spinning brushes.
  • Clean boost feature.
  • Applies extra detergent on heavy stains.
  • Long hose.
  • 3-Speed Brush roll Control.

5.) McCULLOCH MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner Review – Best upholstery cleaner for dirt and debris

The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner provides deep cleaning without involving any chemicals. In testing, this cleaner was the fastest one to clean the stubborn grease strain. At an affordable rate, McCulloch MC1275 is something from which you can expect high. It’s a perfect home steamer.

The design ensures easy usage, and it is only 12 pounds. You are provided a carry handle also. If your pet has walked into your living room with paws full of mud, and the carpet has gone absolutely dirty, then pick up McCulloch MC1275, roll it over the marks, and see the magic. It’s suitable for numerous sorts of cleaning, and the performance no upholstery is excellent. The scrub pads are provided for cleaning larger surface areas.

It’s the best cleaner for tackling BBQ grills, patios, and over grease. Just press the steam lock switch once, and it will emit continuous steam. You get a powerful jet nozzle for focusing the flow on a given area. 48 ounces is the water tank capacity, and with that, it provides a continuous steam flow for 45 minutes. You get a total of 18 accessories, wow! The steam hose measures 9 feet so that you can access intricate spots easily. 43 PSI is the steam pressure.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Only 12 pounds.
  • Convenient 9 feet long steam hose.
  • 18 accessories.
  • Chemical free cleaning.
  • Value for the money.

Best Upholstery Cleaners Under 500

Now from here onwards, you’ll get pro level cleaning efficiency from the upholstery cleaners which I will e suggesting. These are highly durable, so buying any of these is much better than constantly paying for professional cleaning.

1.) BISSELL BG10 BigGreen Commercial Cleaner Review – Best upholstery cleaner for mattress

The Bissell BG10 is a commercial level cleaner, as the name says, which is actually a 2-motor design. It perfectly cleans forward and backward. It actually reduces the effort to half and also the time. Being a very successful upholstery cleaner, it is also a decent carpet shampooer and a scrubber. It cleans the whole area beneath its hood. It comes with a convenient extension cord, measuring 25 feet.

The capacity of both the tanks is cool for cleaning hotel rooms or a huge house (Separate tanks for clean water and dirty water. Due to powerful suction, fewer passes are needed to clean even the most terrific stains on your carpets and upholstery. The drawback is that the accessory kit is sold separately. Weighing 42 pounds, it isn’t that suitable for your own use (especially if you are a housewife with less upper-body strength.

Buy it if you’re a hotel owner, or have some servants to do the cleaning job for you. It’s targeted more for carpets and rugs, but if you want to clean upholstery of huge furniture in a real rapid manner, then Bissell BG10 is the one to buy. It ensures very powerful edge-to-edge suction. No need to taking off any plastic pieces for removing the tanks. It’s such a simple task.

What we like:
  • Exceptionally powerful suction.
  • Can remove the most stubborn stains in very less time.
  • Detachable cord.
  • Easy removing and attaching back the tanks.
  • Huge tank capacity.

2.) BISSELL 1986 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Review – Best upholstery cleaner for white couch

There are several users that claim Bissell 1986 2X Revolution cleaner is much better than hiring professional carpet cleaners. Clean the dirties upholstery, carpets, and rugs with This cleaner, and you’ll see them looking new and vibrant in very less time. Maintenance and maneuvering both are easy.

It perfectly deals with pet and food/drink stains. You can easily clean your car in no time with Bissell 1986 2X. You get 12 alternating rows of power brushes which work perfectly in loading the ground-in dirt. The cleaning path measures 11 inches. Awkward spots can be easily accessed with its 8-foot hose. It weighs 19 pounds, but no worries, a convenient handle makes you feel it much lighter.

The 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool is provided especially for removing paw marks. 5-year warranty you get, and it’s the lengthiest one here. You can easily choose between dry and wet modes. With Express clean mode, you can dry your carpets in an unbelievable time of 30 mins. Cleaning these upholstery cleaning machines is very annoying as you already have done much of hard work in cleaning upholstery and carpets. EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover ensures easy cleaning, decreasing the hassle.

What we like:
  • EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover.
  • Dries carpets in 30 mins.
  • Handle ensuring easy maneuverability.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool.

3.) RUG DOCTOR Deep Carpet Cleaner Review – Best carpet and upholstery cleaner

With highly impressive dual cross action brushes, Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner cleans the various surface with perfection. This brushes perfectly scrub the fibers of rugs and carpets from various angles for getting rid of stains and dirt. It cleaned liquid spills, hair, and mud from the furniture upholstery in a very impressive short time while our testing. Removable tool caddy is present for storing upholstery cleaning tool.

You get simple lift dry and clean tanks and due to its wide mouth design, rinsing these tanks is pretty easy. It weighs 24 pounds, which is slightly heavy, and for convenient storage of this cleaner, a collapsible handle is provided. The wheels are carpet friendly, so, no worries. No assembly required here. It’s very useful for cleaning upholstery of larger furniture. It has a 12 inches wide suction head.

It’s made from ten rows of durable bristles. Super Boost setting is very beneficial for treating heavy traffic areas. The upholstery and spot cleaning tool is easily attachable and highly helpful in cleaning pet beds, car’s seats, stairs, mattresses, etc. and 7.7 feet long hose is also there. In class cleaning performance by CRI, it is rated gold. Over 1800 units have been sold on Amazon, and I highly recommend Rug doctor deep carpet cleaner to you also.

What we like:
  • Easy to detach and empty water tanks.
  • Carpet friendly wheels.
  • Collapsible handle.
  • Very powerful suction.
  • 7.7 feet long hose.
  • Special upholstery cleaning tool.

4.) BISSELL 15651 ProHeat 2X Lift Off Cleaner Review – Best upholstery cleaner for rugs

You can use Bissell 15651 ProHeat 2X Lift Off cleaner as a deep carpet cleaner and shampooer and also as an upholstery/spot cleaner. It’s a powerful device to deal with odors and tough stains. It’s suitable for cleaning the mess from all sorts of carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

The EasyFill System formula ensures anti-bacterial cleaning. Cleaning surely takes less effort and time if your cleaner is capable of maintaining water temperature throughout the cleaning process. Bissell 15651 does that for you and simultaneously two rows of PowerBrushes tackle deep-down dirt from your carpets. When the heat wave technology is activated, you’ll notice a light indication.

If it’s not working casually for you, then attach the portable spot cleaner properly. You need to assemble this cleaner with a screwdriver. The cleaning path is of 12 inches, and due to powerful suction, one needs less drags for cleaning. 2 Bissell shampoo formula samples are provided along with. For cleaning of intricate spots, use its 6 feet long hose. You enjoy 3 years limited warranty. Its versatile convenience makes Bissell 15651 true value for the money.

What we like:
  • DirtLifter PowerBrushes.
  • Heatwave Technology.
  • Exceptionally impressive suction.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Easily portable.
  • Carpet cleaning formulas and shampoos provided.

5.) BISSELL 17N4P DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner Review – Best upholstery steam cleaner

Being a pet owner, keeping the upholstery and carpets clean is always a massive headache, and suppose you have 4-5 pets, then something like BISSELL 17N4P DeepClean proves to be the real savior. It has a surround suction feature that pulls water up from various sides of this cleaner in contrast to just one side like most of the other cleaners do. Regarding weight, it came first in the race of high-level upholstery cleaners.

It picked up 20 ounces in a given time, while the cleaner that came second picked just 16 ounces. Especially for dealing with pet stains, a pet tool is provided. However usage is simple, but if you find operating BISSELL 17N4P anyway tough, you can view online tutorials.  It ensures chemical-less cleaning and sanitizing and uses pressure steam for eliminating stains of beverages, grease, pets, molds, etc.

3 years is the warranty period. It takes 8 minutes for the 48 ounces tank to entirely heat up and then 45 minutes of steam for cleaning is what you get. 18 versatile accessories are provided along with. 15.7 feet long power cord is somewhat short, but the 9 feet steam hose is appreciable. 43 PSI is the steam pressure. The impressive feature of this cleaner includes a powerful jet nozzle and mop floor attachment, steam lock switch. Tell me, can you neglect BISSELL 17N4P at this price?

What we like:
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 18 versatile accessories.
  • Chemical-less cleaning and sanitizing.
  • 9 feet steam hose.
  • Surround suction feature.
  • Powerful jet nozzle.
  • Mop floor attachment.

Best Upholstery Cleaners Reviews : Information box

Not to say that they are particularly costly or difficult to keep up, any way you do need to comprehend as much as you can about the operational principles of these machines and how to best use what they bring to the table.

You need to get that, yet most upholstery cleaners are proposed for commonly a comparable reason, they don’t all satisfy the functional standards rules. In all honesty, some are verifiably more adaptability than others, and some of them are even assumed for their flexibility.

There’s much to find in an upholstery cleaner before you buy it because upholstery isn’t the only thing you want to clean, there are carpets and rugs as well, right? Most of these upholstery cleaner does perform well in cleaning mattresses, but the question is, how well? How capable are they at removing stubborn stains?

Well, you can’t take each upholstery cleaner for testing it, but actually, we’ve done that, and that’s how we formed the best upholstery cleaners reviews for you. Let me describe the noticeable factors now.

The Depth

With a more affordable model, you may deal with the issue to some degree, anyway obviously you should repeat the strategy consistently for best results. With a more grounded cleaner, regardless, you get to by and largely remove any traces of ground and grime, mostly in perspective on the steam work some first-class models use.

The essential thing you need to find a few solutions concerning an upholstery cleaner is the manner in which significant it can go when cleaning a surface, be it a tangle or a floor covering. Keep in mind that earth now and again winds up instilled into the surface strands of the floor covering or carpet, which suggests that you will require a reasonably powerful cleaner to get it out.

The Tank

It is furthermore essential for a part of these cleaners to have separate tanks for unblemished and foul water, subsequently giving you greater open door during the significant purging system. That just like a reasonably assessed tank can, in like manner, decrease how much effort you put into the whole system and how quickly you do what needs to be done.

Something different you need to consider is actually how tremendous and satisfying the cleaner’s tank is. It ought to be said that with standard upholstery cleaners, you get a tank limit that is negligible in excess of 30 ounces or close. Current structures, on the other hand, on occasion, use not one yet rather in any event two tanks for good measure.

The Features

The ideal cleaner can tackle stairs, tangles, and even goods if need be, notwithstanding the way that you should expect such a device to arrange a sticker cost to facilitate. On a related note, let us point out that first class models can at times boast sans hands works that empower you to simply pick the favored preset and after that take your hands off the machine as it plays out its cleaning commitments.

You generally need to pay special mind to any versatile, multi-reason upholstery cleaner as these machines serve a discretionary activity every so often. On the off chance that important, you can use these adaptable machines to clean nuclear household surfaces just as vehicle seats and various materials moreover.

The Design

It is therefore that some people support lightweight variations, for the most part around 15 lbs or something to that effect. On the other hand, you have 20 lbs cleaners or essentially heavier, which generally use significantly more grounded motors. The extension in size generally goes with an addition in suction control and a few other supportive features like steam yield and progressively versatile brushes.

With most upholstery cleaners, you shouldn’t expect an over the top measure of innovativeness structure clever, mostly in light of the way that these machines need to fit specific employment inside the family. In that limit, a not all that awful cleaner should not only be anything besides rather hard to move yet what’s more reasonably easy to store.

The Power Cord

You might not have a great assessment of it at first; anyway, the importance of a versatile and reasonably long electrical cable can’t be made light of. A decent cleaner needs a comparatively superior to anything normal electrical cable, the sort that empowers you to move around the stay effectively.

The rope needs to empower customers to move the machine around if fundamental, without upsetting your cleaning. Strikingly enough, most upholstery cleaners have power ropes between 15 to 22 feet long. This is apparently the recognized standard aside from on the off chance that you use a cordless and furthermore handheld machine.

The Maneuverability

Discussing handheld devices, we should prompt you that upholstery cleaners come in all sizes and shapes. In that limit, a part of these machines can be genuinely little by most measures, which in spite of the way that takes away from their general cleaning power, improves their flexibility and convenience. When overseeing spots or substance setbacks of any kind, you ought to use a bigger, bulkier model, even if it proved hard to use.

The Price Tag

You should constantly consider the cost of nuclear family contraptions when getting them, paying little respect to how essential they might be. Seeing how you aren’t most likely going to use an upholstery cleaner all that consistently, there isn’t commonly a clarification behind you to put in a few hundred dollars everything considered.

Most of these machines are extremely more affordable than that, regardless of the way that the low-end models principle speaking don’t have the erratic features of those made by real brands.

Best Upholstery Cleaners Reviews : The Verdict

Now it’s the time to wrap-up the best upholstery cleaner reviews. So, here comes the best upholstery cleaners quick recap!

HOOVER FH50700 PowerDash Cleaner is the best one for cleaning sofas, and it’s pretty cheap. If you want a powerful upholstery cleaner without spending much, then HOOVER FH50150 Deluxe is for you. HOOVER Power Scrub Elite is the perfect one for cleaning cars. If you are a pet owner, then buying BISSELL 3624 SpotClean Carpet Cleaner will cut off your cleaning tensions.

We were impressed by the heatwave technology of BISSELL 47A23 Proheat 2x Premier the most. At last, McCULLOCH MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner picks up more dirt than other upholstery cleaners, so it’s the best for picking dirt and debris.

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