Best Shower Heads Under $50, $100, $150, $200 Reviews

After a long exhausting day, placing ourselves under a shower is such a relaxation, but is just a normal shower enough?

What if I say I’ve got some luxurious showers at unbelievable low prices?

Now, I really don’t know what according to you in the “right thing” in a shower! It can be the pattern of water, can be a nice massage, or something else also!

So what we did is, we brought some decent multi-functional and luxurious showers for you, which will definitely relieve your stress.

No matter your shower is broken, or you are in haste to finish your new bathroom interior designing, whatever it is! Spend some minutes reading Best shower heads reviews, and spend on the best!

Now, what is the best shower head on the market, shall we discover together?


Best Shower Heads Reviews

As these are generally cheap, we have formed 2 main categories, under $50 and under $100. Furthermore, if you are looking for more luxury, then we’ve got one best choice each for $150 and $200 budgets! So, here come the best shower heads in 2019.

Keep reading best rated shower heads reviews till the end for complete info!

Best Shower Heads under 50

I know most of you will find the desired shower head here only, as we’ve got some fabulous shower heads at such meager prices, that you won’t be able to resist. These are the best rated shower heads under $50!

1.) ALBUSTAR 5 Function Shower Head Reviews – Best shower head in 2019

The first shower head makes a boom entry with a complete 5-star rating on Amazon! Let me add no, Albustar 5 Function Shower Head is the only shower head out there with a perfect rating on Amazon. So, what makes this shower head so special? Reasons are many! It’s five modes include power rain mode, massage mode, 2 mixed modes, and a water saving mode. It hosts advanced pulse technology.

With the help of that, this shower forms a powerful water pulse. All lines and edges are pretty smooth. Due to attractive chrome design, it blends with most bathroom interiors. No need to trouble the plumber for the installation, it’s easy enough for you. No tools required. The water pressure is very pleasing. It also includes a filter. If you feel that the water pressure is high for you, then also there is no need for adding any stopper or pressure reducer.

Makers have added water saving mode for the same reason. It’s not too large. Its Pulse-Spa setting sprays has impressed many. This much fabulous bubble and rain setting is something you don’t find in shower heads of this price point. The craftsmanship ensures great value for money. There are no leaks at all. Discovering a con in Albustar 5 Function Shower Head is close to impossible.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Perfect star rating earned on Amazon.
  • 5 Spray modes.
  • Advanced pulse technology.
  • Very impressive water pressure.
  • Easy to install.

2.) WASSA High Pressure Shower Head Review – Best pressure shower head

It’s the best shower head for pressure. This compact shower head is more powerful than your expectations. The installation of this lifetime warranted shower head is very easy. A bit of leaking is the issue with most of the cheap shower heads out there, but not with Wassa high-pressure shower head. It’s built with high-quality brass that prevents cracking and leaking.  Anti-clog self-clean feature is appreciable. The water pressure is impressive.

The range of motion is also fine. It’s pretty easy to turn, but not that smooth to drift of its own. The build quality screams that it’s highly-durable. With 3-inch chrome finish with a total of 45 jets are very suitable for low water pressure. The swivel ball joint ensures you get your desired water spray angle for achieving high comfort and killing your stress. With the attractive shape and glossy look adds on to the beauty of your bathroom.

There won’t be any sort of lime build-up on this one. The only drawback we discovered in this shower head is that there is no water saving mode or any other facility that can help you in less water conditions, as this shower uses a lot of water. Some cheap devices are available which you can attach with this shower head for decreasing the water flow. After that, demanding water spray modes will be too much at this price.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • High quality Brass construction.
  • Anti-clog self-clean feature.
  • Attractive design and finish.
  • Easy 360 degrees adjustment with swivel ball joint.

3.) AQUA Elegante 6 Function Shower Head Review – Best water saving shower head

At such a meager price, you enjoy 6 different modes in this shower head. Pulsating Massage, Gentle Rain, Saturating Power Blast, Water Saving, and 2 Mixed Modes are present for you. If you want to boost gpm, you have to take out low flow limiter and that way, the water pressure will be increased. Heavy duty ABS plastic is used in the construction, and the durability is more than many metal constructed shower heads out there.

It’s entirely rust-proof. There won’t be any calcium/lime build ups as you get a self-cleaning nozzle in this shower head. It ensures a simple twist on installation, and do you still think a plumber is needed for that? Instructions will guide you through it. The settings have positive, high-quality stops. The way water jets out of it, it’s absolutely wow! It does the job of many over $100 shower heads used in 5-Star hotels.

It’s A perfect choice if you’re using a shower spa seat in your bathroom. The process of removing the flow restrictor is easy and is explained in the manual. The drawback is that when you set it on the larger jet spread, the high noise might annoy you. So, better not to remove the restrictor, as the flow is already quite powerful. It does have 6 settings, but out of those, there are just 3 settings, while the rest are just some middle settings.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • 6 different modes.
  • Easy to install.
  • Impressive water flow.
  • No calcium/lime deposition.
  • Easy to remove the flow restrictor.

4.) SPARKPOD Shower Head Review – Best low flow shower head

If you’ve once used SparkPod Shower Head, then trust me, you won’t go back to the normal shower head, as you will be in the habit of luxury! It’s a perfect high-pressure rainfall showerhead at this price. You can connect this shower head to any standard shower arm, and this process takes 5 mins only. You get an easily attachable/removable water restrictor, through which you can save water when needed.

It’s a low maintenance shower head, and a durable one. 90 Powered Anti-Clogging Silicone Jets are there for removing the hard water deposition so that the water force never decreases and you enjoy to its full. 30 days money return and 1-year warranty are associated with SparkPod Shower Head. If you have a small water heater, then the flow restrictor will help the water for lasting longer.

The water pressure is high enough to wash out the thick shampoo from your head pretty quickly, but then its pressure isn’t as high as our previously discussed shower heads. The coupling on this shower head is round, due to which it’s tough to screw on. In a few cases, it started leaking from the pivot point. This shower needs a groove for easy tool-free tightening.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Easily attachable/removable water restrictor.
  • Inexpensive.
  • 30 days money return promise.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No hard water deposition.

5.) SWELLDOM High Pressure Shower Head Review – Best shower head filter

This 4″ high power shower head is bang on the money! Massage, Rain & Mist, Rain, Mist, Rain & Massage are the 5 sorts of spray jets available, and most importantly, all work perfectly and impress you highly. Lime and hard water deposition are prevented, and due to a high-quality finish, it’s pretty easy to clean and maintain. There is a click change for various shower settings. You get a Swivel ball joint in this shower head as well.

Attach the filter, and you’ll feel as if your hair has gone silkier. It provides a decent rate of water flow without running short on hot water. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s pretty easy to adjust and has amazing spray radius. The pressure will make you a fan! The installing is a breeze. Connection thread and installation tape are provided together. It has a full body chrome finish.

It arrives at your home very well foam wrapped. Installation is easy no doubt, but things could have been better if the pivot connector was a bit longer. The rain pattern on this shower head was narrow than other shower heads of this price that we tested, but that for sure is not going to destroy the deal. There are hardly any cases of leakage (2%).

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Very cheap.
  • 5 spray jet varieties available.
  • No lime and hard water deposition.
  • Impressive water flow and perfect filter.
  • Full body chrome finish.
  • Good spray radius.

6.) SHOWERMAXX Luxury Spa Series Review – Best high pressure handheld shower head

This is the best cheap handheld shower held and arrives with various mode adjustable settings. Water save mode is also present. Other modes are circular & rainfall massage, rainfall, power & rainfall massage, and power massage. Easy adjustment and flexibility are ensured by the adjustable ball joint. Pretty much like our previous shower heads, this one also has a flow restrictor and superior pressure jets.

Self-cleaning silicon nozzles are present having polished chrome surface ABS body. It’s very suitable for luxury hotels, and golden color gives it a rich appearance. It pretty much works as a mood enhancer. You get Teflon plumbing tape free with it. The mesh filter ensures that the water flow is clean. You achieve peace of mind as you’ve got a lifetime warranty on this shower head.

Installation never troubled anyone. You’ll enjoy every second of bathing as abundant flow modes never let you feel bored with this shower head. The noise level is acceptable after removing the flow restrictor. Finding any drawbacks isn’t possible with ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series shower head, so I will end up highly recommending it.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • 6 spray modes.
  • Easy adjustments.
  • Full swivel joint.
  • No noise after removing the flow restrictor.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.

Best Shower Heads under 100

Now come the higher quality shower heads, which will take luxury to the next level. We’ve chosen these considering best shower head brands and a deep testing.

1.) AQUABAR High-Pressure 48-mode Review – Best high pressure shower head with hose

This shower head from Aquabar provides spa sort of feel and is the best shower head with hose! It’s a very well priced 7″ and 4″ combo. Both have 6 adjustable modes each. The flow patterns included Rain, Mist, Water-saving Pause, Massage, and multiple combination modes. You get high-pressure 3-zone dial in each shower head, and besides that, anti-clog rub-clean jets are there.

Aquabar has provided an innovative extension arm which allows the user to position the hand shower almost a couple of feet lower for quick reach in contrast to other handheld showers that rest high above your head. You can also move the extension arm backward and forward. Due to versatility and convenience, this shower head is perfect for every single person in your home, including oldies, and little kids.

Also this shower head doesn’t require any drilling for getting mounted. It screws onto your current shower arm easily. Its pressure is good, but the force is not something that thrown a ton of water, and you are able to feel it deep into your skin. The swivel is limited, so you aren’t able to move the spray down into the tub. Overall, AQUABAR High-Pressure 48-mode shower head is a decent choice.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Low priced 7″ and 4″ combo.
  • 3-zone dial in each shower head.
  • Very convenient extension arm.
  • Perfect for users of all ages and also disables.
  • Highly versatile.

2.) SPEAKMAN S-2252 Review – Best shower head for low water pressure

It’s the best shower head for low pressure and among very less low-priced solid metal shower heads that come in such perfect fitting and don’t bring any leakage issues. 6 jets are present for creating a forceful throw of water. 48 different sprays are a lot to enjoy! Anystream technology is the most exciting feature of this shower head with the help of which you can entirely customize the shower experience during each use.

The patented plunger system is used for maximizing the force no matter you are living on higher floors, and you’ve a bad water pressure. With the plumber’s tape, it can be installed pretty easily. Even in low water pressure conditions, the spray is very consistent. A lifetime warranty embraces your investment. No dripping or leaking issue here.

Overall construction is of high-quality metal, but the jets are of plastic, and certain users ask the question “why so!” As it is heavy, you need to be cautious while installing, as if this thing falls on your foot, then you are thrown on the bed! The angle of this head is hard to change once it is installed, so it isn’t that perfect for family members of various heights. If you want to change it, then you need to put much force.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Solid metal construction.
  • 6 jets and 48 spray varieties.
  • Anystream technology for customizing the shower.
  • Consistent spray.
  • Lifetime warranty.

3.) DERPRAS 16 Inch Square Rain Shower Head Review – Best shower head for pleasure

There are so many jets in this one Holy Christ! 324 spray nozzles are there in total in its 16 inches shower face. Close your eyes, place yourself under this shower head, and you’ll feel it cent percent like natural light rain. You’ll be delighted with Air energy technology which helps it in holding the consistency of rain showering no matter the water pressure is low.

It’s a complete Ultrathin 304 Stainless steel construction. The silicon nozzles are easy to clean. You are provided 5 replaceable nozzles along with a 3-year quality warranty. You can adjust the shower head to any angle through a swivel adapter, and no tools are needed. The strong water flow relieves your fatigue. The flow is very even in all modes.

However the installation process is straightforward, but you might feel hassle due to its 5.95 pounds weight. A few complained about leakage, but as the percentage of such complainers was low, we can’t consider that as a drawback. Besides that, it can also happen due to imperfect installation or manufacturing defect also.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • 324 spray nozzles.
  • 3-year quality warranty.
  • Easy angle adjustment.
  • Very consistent in all modes.
  • Highly durable.

4.) AQUADANCE Oil Rubbed Bronze Review – Best handheld shower head in 2019

First of all, the design of AquaDance Oil Rubbed Bronze shower head is going to highly impress you have. It comes with 6 settings. This one impresses with power. A high-power click lever dial is present. You can use it as a handheld shower or an overhead one, as it’s a sweet combo of 2. The angle-adjustable overhead bracket allows you to point either shower as per desire for handsfree usage at a needed angle.

Power rain, rain massage, rain mist, pulsating massage, power mist, and water saving pause are the modes available here. A water diverter is present. You have to turn the switch for direct water flow among two showers. Installation doesn’t force you to call a plumber.

You’ll definitely love this 3-way rain shower system. The weight is only 2.3 pounds. It’s the best handheld shower head for low water pressure according to the best handheld shower head consumer reports. Besides that, it’s the best massage shower head.

The main shower head is large and convenient. It’s an elegant feel. The complaint is that this shower head doesn’t work that well for taller people. The dial present for switching between heads isn’t located that well. If both shower heads are running, then the water is somewhat weak. There is no doubt that AquaDance Oil Rubbed Bronze shower head is decent for the price paid.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • 6 settings.
  • Powerful water force.
  • Easy angle adjustment.
  • Convenient installation.
  • Large yet lightweight shower head.
  • Impressive 3-way rain shower system.

5.) KOHLER K-10282-AK-BN Review – Best shower head for hard water

The KOHLER K-10282-AK-BN infuses 2 liters of air in a minute. The water flow of this shower head is 2.5 gallons is a minute, which is great. It has a PVD color finish, which is corrosion resistant, and no damage is caused by scratches and tarnishing. There is nothing in this shower head, which makes you regret that you invested in something wrong.

The new nozzle pattern is impressive, and so is the cutting-edge technology for helping in intensifying water flow. Katalyst air-induction technology is present for maximizing the air/water mix for maintaining consistency. MasterClean spray face ensures you don’t have to fall into cleaning hard water deposits. The water drops are larger than an ordinary shower, and you can easily physically feel it.

Shower arm and flange aren’t included here, and some do complain about it. The air-induction technology has added to the noise, but you are going to bath, not to sleep, right? Besides that, this technology also drops the temperature of the water coming out of the shower head. If you prefer a finer spray, then you might not feel happy with KOHLER K-10282-AK-BN.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Great water flow intensity.
  • Resistant to scratches, tarnishing and corrosion.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Katalyst air-induction technology.
  • Larger water drops.

SPEAKMAN S-2251 Signature Icon Review – Best Shower Heads under 150

There are high chances that the Speakman S-2251 Signature Icon could be your last shower head that you ever buy. You can easily remove the 2.5 gpm limiter which provides you even better showering experience. It’s heavy duty and beautiful shower. Not just high power, but this one also has a better coverage radius. It’s a contemporary faucet design for enhancing the looks of any modern bathroom.

You’ve got intense, flood and rain settings and Anystream 360 degrees system helps you in the easy rotation of this shower head’s handle for switching among diverse flow patterns. The self-cleaning plungers resist the build-up of hard water and sediments. So, without much of maintenance, your shower head will always look brand new. There is no intersecting in the sprays leaving the shower head in any mode.

This solidly constructed metal shower head weighs only 2.64 pounds. The drawback is its price! You can get the same spray patterns in pretty cheaper shower heads (we have mentioned such ones in our under $50 category). Some say that the water force could even be stronger. As the spray holes are a bit far apart, you are only able to enjoy half of the water thrown by it.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Durable and attractive.
  • Great coverage radius.
  • Anystream 360 degrees system.
  • Self cleaning plunger.

MOEN S6320 Velocity Review – Best Shower Heads under 200

Now we’ve reached the ultimate price level! If you aren’t able to figure out whether to prefer a traditional spray or a rain shower, then buy Moen S6320 Velocity. By touching its lever, you can easily switch between them. It has an 8-inch head that produces a decent stream. This shower features 100 nozzles, and if you flip the lever, it will produce a thrustful spray by just using 30 of its nozzles.

Immersion rainshower technology guides the water through the shower head with fabulous power. You’ve got lifetime warranty backup here. The rain function will force you to say, “it is rain in a can!” Removing the water flow restrictor will bring even more forceful water flow. The high-pressure setting is perfect for rinsing hair. This shower head is scratching and corrosion resistant. It’s the best rain shower head in 2019.

If you more often face low water pressure issue, then spending on Moen S6320 Velocity won’t be that good, as it struggles with less water pressure, and the performance is miserable when other water appliances of your house are simultaneously running.

The appearance is appealing, but the price tag is steep. It’s chrome finish, so it’s actually cheap, otherwise, the oil rubbed bronze or antique finish model cost near to $300! No matter a bit pricey, but still the best rainfall shower head is worth purchase.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Appealing looks.
  • Perfect rain mode.
  • Lever for easy switching between flow patterns.
  • Immersion rainshower technology.
  • Scratching and corrosion resistant.

Best Shower Heads Reviews : Information box

Now we’ll discuss how to choose a shower head in a right way, and what all features prove to be beneficial. I will also describe varieties of shower heads and which one is useful in what ways.

How To Choose a Shower Head

Right when it’s a perfect chance to replace your shower head, there are some things you ought to recollect. The perfect shower heads are those that produce a strong stream and forceful stream, rather than a weak sprinkle. They moreover have relentless temperature and adjustable settings to address your remarkable showering needs.

Most of the best shower heads should help in sparing water and meet the company stream rate standard. Moreover, if you live in zones with low water weight, it should have some capacity to extend the water spilling out of your shower.

Which type of showerhead do you like?

Following are the most common shower head types on today’s market.

Single-Setting Shower Heads

This sort of shower head is the most central, having just “on” and “off” features while a large number of individuals will consider this too much major, some grade toward the clear kind of shower head which has no challenges by any stretch of the imagination.

Multi-Setting Shower Heads

In case you prefer putting vitality in the shower and find prefer water saving, you will value having a multi-shower head at home. This sort offers an extent of sprinkle settings – from a sensitive storm shower to a strong, thrust-ful shower. It’s fitting for people who like particular shower loads and is similarly mind-boggling for close families with different people, all of whom slope toward a substitute setting.

Rainfall Shower Heads

These are immense heads that shower water down on you gently, many equivalents to the flood. They settle on an ideal choice in case you slope toward the vibe of water covering your body anyway couldn’t care less for strong weight.

Low-Flow Shower Heads

If your essential concern is to save water, a low-stream shower head is a phenomenal choice. Because of their little size, low-stream shower heads don’t get an over the top measure of water from the source. They’re an eco-pleasing choice, putting aside your money on your water bill.

Speaker Shower Heads

If you value checking out music while having a shower, you should go with this sort. Speaker shower heads have worked in speakers who get a sign from any Bluetooth-enabled contraption – paying little respect to whether your phone, radio or PC. You ought to just play music from that device, and the sound will turn out through the shower speaker.

Is the showerhead simple to install?

Installing a shower head should with be something any home loan holder can do on their end without calling a specialist – paying little respect to whether they have no DIY installation experience. Regardless, because of the baffling thought of present-day showerheads, every so often, you should call a specialist jack of all trades to have it properly presented.

Fixed or Handheld?

Shower heads are either fixed on the divider or affixed to a versatile hose. Fixed heads swivel, allow you to change the general direction of the stream left or right, upward or sliding. Handheld shower heads are more versatile. Essentially take them out from the segment in a handheld way and move them to any course or zone you need.

Can’t settle on a fixed shower head or a handheld? Why not pick both? A run of the mill elective for present-day houses, some brands of shower heads incorporate the two sorts in a solitary thing. These shower heads can come in various shapes and plans. Some are even joined to look like there’s only one shower until you take out inside piece which is on a very basic level the wand.

How about the shower nozzles?

When searching for the best shower heads, you must pay close attention to the nozzles of the showerheads. Shower nozzles can either be made from elastic, plastic, or silicone. Shower heads with nozzles made of plastic, elastic, or silicone don’t function as much limescale as metal nozzles.

Which finish fits your home?

Supposedly, you want the showerhead which matches the remainder of your bathroom. Most shower head brands come in varying culminations, from white to chrome, bronze, brushed nickel, and more. In any case, although they could be the same model and brand, the finishing you select may affect the final expense of the thing.

If you’ve bough a good quality shower head, then the best way to clean shower head is only wiping with a cloth! Yes, that way, it will keep on shinning.

How much should you pay?

Showerhead greatly ranges in expense. You can find one at $10 to some hundred dollars. In any case, it’s hard to pass judgment on a shower head simply based on the cost alone. An incredible sticker cost doesn’t always equate to a durable, predominant thing.

In the review above, you found relatively reasonable shower heads, yet they are seen as the best for their quality, reliability, and amazing features. A basic shower head made from quality materials and pleasant fulfillment can cost around $50 while a multi-setting head from a quality brand would cost around $100.

What is your shower head GPM?

As you search for the best shower heads, you will keep running over the articulation “GPM” which basically stands for “gallons each minute” which basically alludes to the yield of the shower head. Generally, a higher GPM means a more grounded the water stream. However, because of the company aim to ration water, the federal laws limit the most extreme to 2.5 GPM.

What is the water pressure available at your house?

This should be a major factor to consider when purchasing another shower head. If the water weight in your home is strong, you will do great with a lower GPM. In any case, if you live in areas where water weight is low, you ought to find a showerhead that has the maximum GPM of 2.5.

Always search for water-saving shower heads. These models are usually aerated and upheld, so when you shower, it will feel like they are apportioning more water.

Will you need different spray settings?

Some shower heads have various spray settings to address the family unit’s varying showering needs. Some days you may lean toward a delicate, rain-like shower while on various days you would certainly want a strong, massage-like water stream. Many spray patterns are available in massage rain showers, for example, beat, rain, stream, and aeration, to name a few.

In case you’re purchasing a multi-setting shower head, check how fast and easy it is to change the setting.

Does it retain the water temperature?

Another important thing to recollect when searching for a shower head is to make without question it won’t chill off the water to give more water weight. Take note that a great deal of aerating showerheads use air strain to give you a slant of the more constant water stream.

Unfortunately, this can affect the water temperature. You would favor not to shower cold on a hardening day, isn’t that right? Read the reviews to see what the vast majority association with their upheld shower heads.

Who else will use the shower head?

You also need to consider the general population who will use the shower head and compare their statures before making a decision. If there’s a major qualification between their statures, you should search for the shower head that will cater each of the customers, and can be adjusted easily to make showering comfortable for everyone in your home.

Best Shower Heads Reviews : The conslusion

Now we’re wrapping up the best shower heads review, but not before a rapid flash back.

ALBUSTAR 5 Function is the best overall shower head. WASSA High Pressure Shower Head is our bets pressure choice. If you have a scarcity of water, then buy AQUA Elegante 6 Function as it’s the best water saver. We found the best filter in SWELLDOM High Pressure Shower Head. AQUABAR High-Pressure 48-mode is the best pressure shower head. If you often face low pressure of water, then buy SPEAKMAN S-2252.

If you prefer a handheld shower head, then AQUADANCE Oil Rubbed Bronze model suits the best. KOHLER K-10282-AK-BN is the best shower head for hard water. At last, SPEAKMAN S-2251 Signature Icon is the best shower head under $150, and MOEN S6320 Velocity is the best under $200!

Last update on 2019-11-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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