Best Pocket Knives Under $100, $150, $200 Reviews

Now, if you are an outdoor man, then a pocket knife is a “must have” thing for you, and one doesn’t need to explain, why! These pocket knives don’t come in use for only opening tins, cutting fruits, or some craft, but these provide enough usability to rescue crews, policemen, delivery persons, adventurers, and who else not?

A pocket knife is such a great self-defense thing as well. We just call it a knife, but it actually carries much more than that within itself.

How to choose a pocket knife, that suits your demands? Yeah, that’s not that easy boy! There is much to see! No worries, our experts get a salary for experimentation and testing only.

They have done the job, and picked some cool pocket knives, which will definitely please you! You will find some best American made pocket knives down there!

Shall we begin?


Best Pocket Knives Reviews in 2019

We have picked some outstanding pocket knives here, which we have further categorized to under 100, 150 and 200 bucks. We are kicking off with the best under $100, and this category holds some decent knives! Let’s see…

Best Pocket Knives Under $100

What are the best pocket knives to buy under $100? Seven-pocket knives are here, which passed our sharpness and stability tests perfectly, and a few other tests as well.

1.) KERSHAW Leek Pocket Knife (1660) 3-In. Review – Best cheap pocket knife

Kershaw Leek 1660 is among the best rated pocket knives at the price. The perfectly designed Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife provides great precision. Knife tucks pretty conveniently into a pants pocket. The handle never troubled your palm or thumb. The blade of this knife arrives razor-sharp. High-grade steel is used for Kershaw Leek’s blade. You can conveniently open it with either of your thumbs, and you can lock it closed.

The rear of its blade allows blade deployment with your index finger. 2.3 oz. is the weight and it measures 3.2. It’s among the best American made pocket knives. It actually cuts like butter. For light to moderate use, this knife is perfect.

The knife is made of Sandvik 14C28N, in which Chromium and Nickel are in good percentage, and this makes the knife more corrosion resistant. The grip texture is something that we can call perfect as if your hands are wet, the knife might slip also. The handle as well as blade are pretty thin.

Lightweight and decent balance are the benefits here, while the drawback is that you can’t rely upon Kershaw Leek for tough tasks, as the edge can deform if used for a heavy task. The construction is excellent, and the price also doesn’t bring you pain. There is no assisted opening. It can be slightly annoying to have to lock and unlock it constantly.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Highly precise.
  • Corrosion-free.
  • Very sharp.
  • Durable and well-priced.

2.) KERSHAW Blur Black (1670BLK) Pocketknife Review – Best pocket knife on Amazon

Kershaw is expert in making knives for pocket, kitchen, sporting, etc. Kershaw Blur Black 1670BLK is a terrible pocket knife. This knife gives a good feel, and those who are in habit of this knife, say that no other knife can be proved a better buy than this one. The thumb stud of this knife is such a thing that if you master in it, then you can open it in the blink of a wink.

This perfectly shaped and designed knife isn’t an automatic though, but performs high! The big luxury is that you can sharp Kershaw Blur quite easily and rapidly in contrast to other such pocket knives. No pro sharpening needed. The main reason is that it is made from 440A metal, which isn’t as tough as hardened steel.

Handles of pretty less pocket knives are made from aluminum. This is the one, and you will feel sticky because of the Trac-Tec inserts. No heavy-duty abuse please. If you are thinking whether this knife is suitable for tactical use, then I would say an honest “no”!

However the clip is adjustable for the up/down carry, but we found it tight. If the carrying clip were closer to the edge, then it would have been better. The thumb grooves present on the back side are pretty small. At this price, Kershaw Blur is a beneficial buy.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Decent reviews and ratings on Amazon.
  • Perfect shape and great control.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sharpening is very easy.

3.) VICTORINOX SwissChamp pocket knife Review – Best multi-tool pocket knife

Victorinox Swiss is a real champ and brings you multi-tool functionality. We were overwhelmed actually, during testing it because of the number of features it carries! It’s totally insane! It feels like it is made to do all the jobs of this world! It’s the top choice of Swiss Army Knife lovers. There is a bunch of built-in tools, which all perform well in their respected tasks. Regarding versatility also it stands the tallest.

Victorinox blades are legendary. Nothing to complain regarding sharpness, construction or material. Every single blade in it comes razor sharp grind. The edges are durable and outstandingly precise. If you are good with your sharpening skills, then the blades are always going to stay new. Any pocket knife, if not ergonomic, is of no use!

Now, as this one is carrying so many tools within, don’t you think talking about ergonomics will be a waste of time?  One of our testers already has this one since childhood, and it is functioning the very correct way even after 21 years! Occasional cleaning and sharpening are required, rest you don’t worry!

The hinges of that knife were so smooth and in perfect shape! There is truly nothing in SwissChamp that we can point out as a con. As it is a multi-tool thing, it is bulkier than other pocket knives, but this actually is a common sense, and let me tell you, similar multi-tool knives are much heavier than this one!

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Abundance of tools and features.
  • Comfortable price tag.
  • Among most durable pocket knives ever.
  • Razor sharp grind.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Ergonomic.

4.) SPYDERCO Inc. 9000685 Delica 4 Folding Knife Review – Best cheap pocket knife for self defense

Spyderco is a Coloradobased company, that is in the scene of manufacturing pocket knives since 1976. Sal Glesser, the president of this company, got a place in Blade Magazine Hall of Fame, so you can imagine how successful and useful their knives are! Delica 4 is the highest selling one, and so successful! 2.5oz is the weight, and it is perfect for EDC. You can do some harsh works with Delica 4.

You can open the knife quickly with the Spyder Hole with just one hand, no matter you are wearing gloves. Even after prolonged use, you won’t complain about thumb pain. So comfy it is! It’s a 4-way clip that allows quick removal of the knife. It’s a springy, sturdy and smooth clip. The clip consists of three screws which cuts-off chances of sliding. It is very stable. You get a super firm grip.

The lock of Delica 4 can be highly trusted even during highly challenging tasks. This one is strongly suggestible self-defense knife. A few of these knives were delivered having an unpolished finger hole, and the blade finishing was also not up to the mark. During testing, we found that the lock-back mechanism has a satisfying click to it and the blade snaps shut in the right manner, but the whole opening/closing action is a bit stiff.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Precise and well balanced.
  • can be trusted for challenging tasks.
  • Highly durable.
  • 4-way clip.

5.) SOG Folding Pocket Knife Review – Best pocket knife for opening tins

SOG is involved in manufacturing high-quality knives for law enforcement, military and outdoors use since 1986. This knife is used by the soldiers of special forces in Vietnam. SOG Folding Pocket Knife is a heavy duty thing! A digital camo printed Zytel handle is there reflecting Army’s Multi-Cam uniform and the ACU uniform.

Nylon and fiberglass are used for making the handle, making it durable as well as secure and comfortable. Super low riding clip in the handle permits this knife to sit pretty low in the pant’s pocket. No issues for the lefties, as the slip, is reversible. Japanese made medium carbon steel makes the blade.

As the carbon content is high, the blade is super hard, and it is rust-free due to chromium percentage. The blade is razor sharp right from the point it comes out of the box. The serrated edge is very useful for cutting ropes and many other such tasks. One can quickly open this knife with one hand.

During self-defense situations, SOG Folding Pocket Knife proves to be your true friend. It won’t accidentally open because of a safety feature. You can read some Amazon complains regarding plastic made the handle, but guys, it is not plastic at all. The clip is a bit tight. The closing system of this knife is a bit unusual. After that also I highly recommend SOG Folding Pocket Knife.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Perfect for heavy duty use.
  • Zytel handle provides decent grip.
  • Razor sharp blade.
  • Super durable and rust-free.
  • One of the best for self defense.

6.) CASE Black Trapperlock Pocket Knife Review – Best long blade pocket knife

If you are in requirement of a compact and decent quality pocket knife, that serves for long, then Case Black Trapperlock Pocket Knife is decent. Its a rugged and sturdy knife hence high praised one. Most importantly, Case manufacturers their knives with pure classic looks, so the knife becomes a show-off thing as well. 4.1 inches long, and weighs 4.8oz.

Its a perfectly balanced knife, which settles down your pant pocket perfectly. Surgical steel is used for the blade, and it’s razor sharp. The handle is of tough synthetic material and is durable. The liner lock is there ensuring safety, and you can conveniently open its blade with just one hand.

Max to the max, moderate tasks are what it can handle, but if you apply it for heavy-duty tasks, then it would damage the blade’s edges. The clip keeps the knife secure in your pocket, but it’s not among the reversible knives around. Limited lifetime warranty is in your support. It costs near 100 bucks, so the buyers expect perfection, and up to some point, it actually doesn’t disappoint you.

A few complains were there regarding the delivery of old knives! Wait, what? The composition of the metals used in the blade reflects that there are hardly any chances of rusting, but in a few cases, rusting was also experienced! Those were exceptional cases guys, rest Case Black Trapperlock Pocket Knife is pretty suitable one.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Rugged, durable and sturdy.
  • Sharp and rust-resistant blade
  • Perfect clip for securing knife in the pocket.
  • Well-built handle.

7.) COLD STEEL Recon Folding 4-inch Knife Review – Best coated blade pocket knife

Such a large variety of highly reliable knives are manufactured by this California based company, and Cold Steel Recon Folding 4-inch Knife is a thing to appreciate. The AUS-8A Teflon coated blade of this knife prevents glare and also reduces friction. You are getting enough room for tasks such as cutting, dicing, and slicing. The clip point of the blade improves it’s stabbing quality.

High-quality Japanese steel is much durable and sturdy than the steel used in other numerous knives of this price point. The thumb stud helps you in opening its blade very easily. The locking lever of this knife is so sturdy! However, in the beginning, you might feel it a bit tough. You won’t find a steel liner in the handle, but the handle is capable of locking very well. It’s a quite sticky and ergonomic.

The biggest drawback is that this knife sticks to the pocket. The main reason is that behind the clip, the handle is not that smooth. The clip is also a bit small. This knife became a victim of some negative reviews on Amazon because it doesn’t come that sharp out of the box. Sharpening it might also make you lose some calories!

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Highly attractive overall black color.
  • Coated blade for reducing friction.
  • Sturdy locking lever.
  • The thumb stud enables easy blade opening.

Best pocket knives under 150

Till now the discussion was all about the knives, out of which many were not fit for that heavy-duty abuse. Wait, now the scene is flipped a bit. Here, the knives are more sturdy and reliable. Why don’t you yourself have a look?

1.) SPYDERCO C81GP2 Folding Knife Black Review – Best durable pocket knife

The high-quality steel and perfectly built handle of Spyderco C81GP2 makes it the best EDC pocket knife under $150. It provides you with everything that you expect from it after paying that sum. Some might say it is large and heavy, but common sense says that if it were light, then it surely wouldn’t have been able to tackle such heavy-duty tasks in the manner that it actually does.

Get it out of the box and hold it in your hand, and from that point only you will start feeling the comfort. Very less pocket knives come so much sharp right out of the box. Knife enthusiastic love Spyderco C81GP2 a lot. The fidget factor is very high with this knife. The structure is perfect.

The pocket knife is of perfect shape, and you can modify for tip up/down for carrying the purpose, and you can also reverse it for comfort if you are a left-hander.Full marks to the ergonomic handle. You won’t find any issue with the performance or design. The biggest fault is actually a bit weird! Most of the complaints are regarding fake product deliveries!

A couple of folks exclaimed that this knife is tough to flip with a finger. Guys, seriously is it a thing made for flipping with the finger? Don’t waste time, Spyderco C81GP2 is a cool buy.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Exceptionally well-built.
  • Ergonomic handle provides decent grip even with wet hands.
  • Can be modified for tip up/down.
  • Performs well in heavy-duty tasks.

2.) BENCHMADE Mini Barrage 585 Knife Review – Best edge holding capabilities

The 154CM stainless steel construction of this blade is decent. Not just tough and durable, it holds its edges pretty well, and for long. Besides that, it is rust-proof also. Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 Knife is something quite suitable for everyday use, and sharpening it doesn’t need much effort either. You get the support of the AXIS assist in this knife. You can open and close it without troubling your other hand.

The small and lightweight design brings comfort during extended use also. You achieve ultimate accessibility by the reversible pocket clip. You can rely upon Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 Knife for outdoor use. This knife was the fastest one to cut the rope during our testing of pocket knives under $150.

Lefties won’t feel any discomfort. By providing LifeSharp services, the company has made sure that your knife always remains in tip-top condition. Exposing the negatives, the lock spring is pretty thin. Due to thin handle scales, a few users didn’t find it entirely comfortable in hand.

Besides that, for a few of you, the lock might seem tough to operate. Costing that much, is Mini Barrage 585 value for money? Definite it is, as no questions regarding sturdiness and durability, and its decent performance in our tests is appreciable.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Very tough and highly durable.
  • Ready for heavy-duty abuse.
  • Suitable for extended use.
  • Small, lightweight, and ambidextrous.
  • LifeSharp services provided.

3.) CASE Medium White Stockman Pocket Knife Review – Best lightweight pocket knife

In Case Medium White Stockman Pocket Knife you get Tru-Sharp surgical blades (Stainless steel) whose edges carry great consistency regarding sharpness as well as the shape. Three sorts of blades you are getting here spey, pen and clip blades. This knife is highly useful for not just for around the house tasks, but also for a variety of outdoor jobs.

Weighing 1.8 ounces and measuring 3.63 inches, it is the lightest pocket knife till now in this list. Fit and finish is truly excellent. This knife is having the regular Case clip blade. This shiny knife is eye-catching. It has a couple of back springs, so there is a bit of blade rub. All three blades are easy to sharp. Of course, the blade is rustproof.

You get a comfy feel both opened and closed. All mating pieces are perfectly fit. The handle is so perfect, that there is hardly any case of the handle coming out. Stained spots were seen in some cases. Guys, that can be caused if you are not up with cleaning your blade after using it. Don’t worry, those spots never decrease the knife’s performance.

Another drawback is, a pocket clip is absent. When you get Stockman pocket knife out of the box, you will have to shape it, as it doesn’t come that clean. The price might seem high to some of you.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Three blades in one knife.
  • All mating pieces are perfectly fit.
  • Strong handle, that has never come out.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Rust-resistant.

4.) CASE Black G-10 Mini Trapper Pocket Knife Review – Best heat treated pocket knife

The Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades perform very well, and the edges of both the blades stay perfect for years of use. The attractive black G-10 handle is made up of fiberglass and epoxy composite. This one is an everyday tasks pocket knife that you can carry outdoors for some serious tasks, even hunting. The height is 3.5 inches, and 2.7 ounces is the weight, so it sinks pretty well deep in your pocket.

The Case Black G-10 brings limited lifetime warranty. Testing its blade’s and handle’s hardness, we can assure you, this knife is for a very long run. The way it is heat treated is superb! Now if you are complaining that the liner lock is absent, then better you know, Case never manufactures knives with liner locks. You can hear a clicking sort of sound when the blade is opened and contacts the end spring.

By looks also, Case Black G-10 is something that can make your friends feel jealous. Both the blades are a half inch shorter than the regular trapper. You are getting an enormous range of colors to choose from. A few users (Something below 2%) say that they aren’t happy with the quality control.

I wonder what are they looking for at that price? After that, all complains were different, and we didn’t come across any uniform complain! All complainers are blowing their own trumpets! Well, I highly recommend Case Black G-10 Mini Trapper Pocket Knife to you.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Capable of doing a variety of outdoor tasks.
  • High durability.
  • Smooth handle makes it sink well in your pocket.
  • Both blades are very sharp right out of the box.

5.) GERBER Applegate Combat Folding Knife Review – Best pocket knife for self-protection

The Gerber Applegate Combat Folding Knife is so strong and powerful that it seems like as if it is on steroids! This knife is not having the spring assist. It carries so well in your pant’s pocket, thanks to its lightweight profile. For opening this knife, you just have to do a flick of the wrist. This knife is sturdier in its construction, and long life makes it a profitable buy

Some buyers were really happy with the self-defense quality of it. It has protected people from burglars! Keeping the blade sharp never gives any headache. Its among the best tactical knives. The wood and meat cutting capabilities of Gerber Applegate Combat Folding Knife are highly worth praising. It’s heat treated decently.

However a few users don’t accept that it is among the top quality stab knife. They say it lacks a healthy death edge. Regarding everyday combat, the views were a bit divided, so we fetched out the truth by testing. The result was “yes, it is a decent everyday combat tool that serves long!”To be honest, the handle isn’t the most ergonomic one, but that doesn’t make you step back from the deal, right?

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Very strong.
  • Decent for everyday combat and heavy-duty use.
  • Among top self-defense knives at this price segment.
  • Decently heat treated.

Best pocket knives under 200

If you are really willing to spend this much, then it count as our duty to bring you pocket knives, which carry all the properties of being priced that high, and serve you for generations! You will be able to chop of stuff like butter with the following knives, we guarantee that! There are some of the best looking pocket knives here as well!

1.) SYPDERCO Manix 2XL G-10 Black Blade Review – Best pocket knife for slicing

If you are looking for that pocket knife, that never says you a “no” for any possible cutting, chopping, or slicing task, then buy none other than the Spyderco Manix2 XL G-10 Black Blade. You have ambidextrous clip placement that means the right-handers, and lefties, both will be comfortable.

Non-reflective Diamond-Like Carbon blade coating doesn’t only support looks, but it brings durability and restlessness sort of benefits also. It measure 6 inches, and is among the larger knives in this list. The weight is 6.4 ounces. Close to 90% of users find Spyderco Manix2 XL G-10 Black Blade pocket knife is cent percent perfect!

In our can opening test, this knife was the best performer. The ball bearing locking mechanism is absolutely solid. The blade of the Spyderco Manix can be easily sharpened. The curved blade design with the smooth plain blade edge highly pleases

For improving your grip and helping you in handling this knife properly, you get jimping around the handle in 4 strategic locations. There is a lanyard hole visible in the handle for attaching a lanyard. Even after a long experiment, we didn’t find anything wrong or annoying with Spyderco Manix. Hard to find such a terrible knife, that is so miser not to give any chance to complain.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • A perfect all-rounder pocket knife.
  • Ambidextrous clip placement.
  • Decent ball bearing locking mechanism.
  • Ergonomic and long lasting-handle.

2.) BENCHMADE Adamas 275 Knife Review – Best open & close pocket knife

Most of the buyers trust Benchmade only when it comes to spending high for a pocket knife, as you definitely get value for money with their expensive knives. With the help of AXIS lock technology, you get a pretty similar feel like fixed blade knives from foldable knives, all because of high sturdiness. Weighing 12 ounces, no matter it is not a light choice, but it can save your life!

It is military-inspired design, and is supposed to serve soldier for extremely heavy-duty jobs. D2 tool steel is the material of the blade. You enjoy a well-positioned thumb stud, and on the blade, there is a little blood groove. You don’t get any blade locking system in this knife, but as it is that much heavy, it won’t accidentally open of its own.

Three holes are there on the handle which give a very firm grip. The performance of the Benchmade Adamas 275 Knife is excellent. G-10 is used for the handle, which for God’s sake doesn’t add on to the weight! Flipping the blade out of the handle can be conveniently done by just one hand. A complaint was there that the tan handle absorbs jeans pant’s color. The pocket clip is there, but the sheath is absent.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Extremely powerful and can tackle roughest tasks.
  • Easy blade click out.
  • Can serve for generations.
  • Handle provides suitable grip.

3.) BUCK KNIVES 0095BKSTP TOPS Review – Best pocket knife handle

Just look at the design and style of Buck Knives 0095BKSTP TOPS, aren’t you amazed? Scraping, piercing, chopping, stabbing, etc. jobs can be done with perfection with the razor-sharp corrosion-resistant blade. You can find a notch for bending wire and for enabling one-hand opening, thumb stud is present.

The G-10 handle is destruction proof and provides cool grip with/ without gloves with dry/wet hands. The hex tool is present in the handle that adds on to the versatility. This 5 inches pocket knife is for the stubborn jobs, so one already expects a bit heavier weight, as some rough jobs can’t be done with the lightweight knives. 8.6oz is the weight.

Heavy-duty polyester MOLLE compatible sheath is present. You enjoy some carrying options in addition due to reversible tip-up carry clip (stainless steel). You get a forever limited warranty. On the negative portion, the clip is something pretty tight for the belt or front pocket carry. No worries, the sheath is there.

As it is a bit blunt out of the box, sharpening an 8.6oz knife is not the thing one would like to do. Besides that, the pocket clip is something you need to take care of that it doesn’t get stuck anywhere such as your car’s seat, as it will tear up the seat, and this clip can break as well.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Notch for bending wire.
  • Thumb stud for one hand opening.
  • Reversible tip-up carry clip.
  • Outstanding choice for tougher jobs.

4.) CASE Amber Bone CV Trapperlock Pocket Knife Review – Best ergonomic handle

Here, CV stands for Chrome vanadium, and this the material from which the blade of Case Amber Bone Trapperlock Pocket Knife is made. The peach seed jigged amber bone handle is highly ergonomic, and you actually don’t find much handles that are made form this material. This one is pretty lightweight than the knives previously discussed under this price category, just 3.4 ounces.

Smooth action of this perfectly shaped pocket knife makes you a fan of it. This American made pocket knife carries abundant features, all helpful in some or the other way. Fitting and finishing of every single part is perfect. Small game or the big game, it will make you a winner in every single expected task. The classic appearance makes it a show-off thing.

You get the convenience of locking blade in this semi-traditional pocket knife. It is razor sharp from the time it comes in your hand first time. However it looks good, but the design seems pretty simple.

The handle color is great, but you will find it doesn’t actually reflect its actual price. Now as no necessities are missing here, you should not step back from buying Case Amber Bone CV just because it doesn’t look that expensive.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Highly ergonomic handle.
  • Lightweight and pretty well balanced.
  • Razor sharp blade out of the box.
  • Blade locking feature.

Best Pocket Knives Reviews in 2019 : Information box

You need to check much in a pocket knife. Safety, portability, comfort, and cutting abilities are the main things to see in a pocket knife. After considering 122 pocket knife models, we selected those, which are mentioned above. We will share our experience regarding how to choose, and what all to consider in the pocket knife.

What are the considerations?

The most basic method for testers like us was, gather the knives, and test them on ropes and cardboards, both not too thick, and check whether the knife is cutting well with less effort demand or not. For testing sharpness, cutting a piece of paper proves to be the best thing. Sharpness can actually save your life!

Just in case you’re stuck in your car, and it’s an emergency case! Now if your pocket knife is sharp enough, then you will be able to cut off the seat belt pretty easily and escape, but what if not?

That’s why I say, be careful while choosing a pocket knife! Not just sharpness, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Keep following!

Convenient in using

Guys, better the things stay simple! If your knife is locking securely, closing easily and conveniently able to open your knife with one hand, then we can call it “easy to use” pocket knife.

You might come across feature rich and attractive looking knives, but you definitely need to concentrate upon how smooth is the opening and closing of the blade, and how convenient is the locking. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend high always to get a smooth functioning pocket knife.

You can get many conveniently opening/closing knives at exceptionally cheap prices. If a knife is needing both the hands for opening, then better don’t buy, as during outdoor adventures, certain occasions may arise where your one hand is busy, and you have to open your pocket knife with the other hand only.

Length of the blade

It depends upon you generally that how long pocket knife are you comfortable with. The sweet spot is considered between 2.75 to 3.25 inches as versatility and perfection are high. Remember, the blade is generally 75% of the length of the handle. Just for an example, if your blade is 3 inches, then the length of the whole knife is going to be 7 inches.

If you are preferring something more than 7 inches, then it is going to be bulky to be kept in your pant pocket. Now if you are going below that 2.75 inches blade, then you will surely be able to deal with boxes and tins, but you will definitely struggle doing harder jobs such as cutting the branch, or a thick rope.

Ergonomic handle

For very sure, no company can make the knife handle in such a way, that proves to be fully comfortable for hands of all sizes. That’s not simply possible! Still, some handles satisfy a large variety of palm sizes, while some trouble universally! Remember, the “feel” is important!

If you are feeling even a bit of discomfort, then also you must not choose that knife, because for small tasks it might be Ok, but what if you need to use your pocket knife or a lengthy session? Now we talked about the handle design, but there is something that can bring much more inconvenience, and that is the pocket clip that digs hard into hands.

Most of the leading companies combine these clips which contour to your hand with the handle material which is easy to grip.


Did you find up there how expensive pocket knives can be, and when you are already shedding that much bulk out of your wallet, then don’t you think appearance matters? It definitely does!

Besides the colors of the handle and shape, the opening mechanism and blade shape matter the most. It must look sober, not something aggressive. The good blade design is the one, in which knife tip and center axis are perfectly aligned by the slope starting from the handle and running till the blade tip, something that you see in most high selling pocket knives.

Such blades provide decent balance and add on to the performance and perfection. Spring-loaded automatic opens or assisted opens can never be recommended as they are already illegal in 12 states. So, only manual opens are recommended in our list.

Blade and handle materials

Although many of you consider that steel is the most common material for the blades of the pocket knives, and you are true to some extents, but I need to explain something more here. Did you read carefully what I wrote for the blade material in the explanation of the knives mentioned up there in the review?

Yes, most of the time, there were alloys. Actually mixing a variety of metals in certain proportions is important as all metals do a different job, some bring strength, some bring smoothness, and some are for making the blade rust-resistant.

The same thing goes on with the handle. Just a bit of research about the handle and blade material will make things clear and you won’t have to rely upon what users say, as you don’t always get perfect info there. As per my opinion, any alloy, which is having a “more than half” percentage of stainless steel is reliable. Regarding handle, strictly avoid plastic!

Blade sharpening

Blade sharpening can be done within a minute also, and it might take pretty much time also. It depends! Some pocket knives come with razor sharp blades right out of the box, while some don’t. Those, who don’t, actually annoy, and especially if they are heavier ones, then you definitely get some unwanted arms workout.

Only a few companies are enough generous to provide already sharpened blades. Common sense is, thick the blade is, harder it is going to be to sharpen it. Most importantly, most of the pocket knives do come with the lifetime warranty as well as sharpening services. It means the company itself provides free blade sharpening.

Almost all pocket knives that we suggested to provide that luxury, so you won’t have to yourself fall into this unusual task of blade sharpening.


Most of the leading pocket knife manufacturers support a lifetime warranty. Sharpening and all is done by the company without charging anything from you, as I mentioned up there. Not just sharpening, you also enjoy free tuning and cleaning.


Oh yes, how much bulk are you carrying in your pocket for buying a pocket knife? No matter less or more, but convenience and comfort are the biggest things you deserve, no matter there are more or less features. You can buy a pocket knife starting from 10 bucks to around $400!

More expensive the knife is, the better metal and handle material is used. So, it depends upon for what purpose are you buying a pocket knife. It’s understandable that the household level knives don’t cost much, but if you want a pocket knife robust enough to tackle high outdoor abuses, then you need to spend higher.

Higher you spend, more sturdy pocket knife you get, covered by a heavier warranty and providing high durability.

Best Pocket Knife Reviews in 2019 : The conclusion

So, you knew much about pocket knives from that guide, right? I hope that the image of your desired pocket knife is clear in your mind now. Even if not, then also no worries, as we will do a quick flashback of our selected pocket knives!

Having less budget? Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife is going to serve you the best. KERSHAW Blur Black (1670BLK) Pocketknife is the best one on Amazon. VICTORINOX SwissChamp pocket knife gives you the best multi-tool support. You don’t have to spend high on a pocket knife for opening tins, as SOG Folding Pocket Knife serves you the best for that, without costing anyway high.

SPYDERCO C81GP2 Folding Knife (Black) is the most durable one. CASE Medium White Stockman Pocket Knife is our best lightweight choice. If you need a pocket knife not just for indoor/outdoor tasks, but mostly for self-protection, then buy GERBER Applegate Combat Folding Knife. You get the most convenient open/close function with BENCHMADE Adamas 275 Knife. BUCK KNIVES 0095BKSTP TOPS comes with the best handle.

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