Best Paint Sprayers Under $100, $300, $500 Reviews

I know many of you love paint job, but I ask you, for how long? Yes, if you do it for an extended time, then boredom will climb upon you. You’ll face fatigue and look for completing it as soon as possible.

Painting is a work that should be complete in one task is possible, as it consumes time to dry out, and who likes unwanted shade difference?

That looks ugly!

I am here to make your painting experience fun by bringing you the top quality paint sprayers, that save time and effort.

Besides that, you’ll get uniform color on your walls. A paint sprayer is much more versatile than the brush or roller, as here, the perfection is also high, and you enjoy some fantastic features also!

Now, what can be the best features in a paint sprayer? What is the best paint sprayer out there?

Well, keep on reading, our experts have gathered much info that I’ve provided all info down there! (mate, our 65+ hours are invested, so read keenly)


Best Paint Sprayers Reviews

Now I really don’t know whether you are here to find a tool that is suitable for your profession, or you are a normal DIYer. So, I picked various paint Sprayers and arranged them in categories. If looking for something to paint a part of your home, then most probably you will find the right tool in our first price category only. If looking for more, then keep moving further towards higher price categories, as you’ll find some serious pro stuff there.

Best Paint Sprayers under 100

These are cheap cheap sprayers, but man, better don’t underestimate these!

1.) VIVREAL Paint Sprayer Spray Gun Review – Best electric paint sprayer

At a very reasonable price, Vivreal paint sprayer provides you even coverage of paint without compromising with speed. The cup is present for helping you in adjusting the flow rate. There are 2 adjustable nozzles and the grip is perfect. You get 3 spray patterns which include diagonal, horizontal and vertical. the diagonal pattern is suitable for large and wide surfaces. The vertical pattern is for is for wide and short surfaces.

At last, the horizontal setting is for long and narrow surfaces. There’s an adjustable valve knob in the electric spray gun. It’s perfect for home painting. After you’ve done with spray painting, you need to disassemble this sprayer and fully clean it from inside with a brush. Disassembling it is too easy.  This spray gun is perfectly built and if you haven’t use a paint sprayer before, then also you can do the task easily by reading the easy instructions.

This one isn’t overbearing, but the thing can be a bit quieter. It cuts paint time to almost half and regarding even coverage, it received 8.2/10 from our experts. This paint sprayer caught overheating in some cases. When it happens, you must move the sprayer over the same spot multiple times. Such chances are less though (1%).

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Flow rate adjustment.
  • 3 spray pattern.
  • Adjustable valve knob.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.

2.) REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer Review – Best paint sprayer for furniture

The REXBETI Ultimate-750 ensures a smooth and precise spray painting experience. The finishing was excellent during testing. Here you enjoy 3 nozzle sizes and 3 spray patterns (horizontal, vertical and circular). If you want to paint some furniture, craft, interior walls, fences, etc, then you are going to appreciate its 1000ml high-capacity container as you’ll have to refill it pretty less time.

This painting and finishing is easy with the nozzles provided. There’s a control knob on the sprayer, by controlling which you can regulate the paint output. It’s the best DIY paint sprayer. This lightweight paint sprayer fits too perfectly in your hand. Suitable grip always cuts of fatigue and allows you to take over bigger spray painting projects.

It’s easy to clean. You don’t require to thin the paint before pouring in it for usage. This sprayer asks for precision from the user as the spray pattern isn’t fully perfect. So you have to be careful regarding there is no over-spraying. It isn’t the thing to trouble all, but just some caution is needed. There is not much of direction regarding the usage of REXBETI Ultimate-750 sprayer.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Appreciable finishing and even spraying.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 1000ml high-capacity container.
  • 3 nozzle sizes and 3 spray pattern.
  • Ergonomic grip.

3.) METERK Paint Sprayer Review – Best indoor paint sprayer

The Meterk Paint Sprayer is the best home paint sprayer and it comes with a replaceable filter and is suitable for various tasks as you get 3 spraying patterns and the same number of nozzle sizes. You’ll be able to spray coating perfectly, evenly, and without any brush marks. It’s very suitable for spray painting car parts as well, and at this price, probably the most suitable for that particular job.

Everything is detachable in this sprayer. The thickness of the paint is measured by the cup provided with it. The container is of 800ml. Adding paint and controlling the smoothness of the pain is pretty easy. It ensures rapid painting. It is capable of handling a bit heavier coats also. The cord length satisfies, but you do need the extension cord. The build quality is impressive.

It can spray medium thick paint only. If you use thicker paint, then a lot of splattering will be there. If you are using medium thick paint, then you aren’t supposed to let it sit for even a few minutes, as the nozzle will clog. You can put a wet rag over this sprayer if you want to keep it aside for a few minutes. A funnel could have been there for pouring paint.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Replaceable filter.
  • 3 nozzle sizes and 3 spray pattern.
  • Best paint sprayer for home use.
  • Good capacity.
  • Appreciable build quality.

4.) WAGNER Spraytech 0518080 Review – Best paint sprayer for cabinets

With over 2000 units being sold out on Amazon, Wagner Spraytech 0518080 paint sprayer grabs a spot here, and it’s the best paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets. For reducing materials to fine particles, high volume, low pressure technology is used. Its highly suitable for straining, priming and painting. It’s the best spray painter for woodworking at this cost. It allows you to paint on a variety of surfaces as it features a Powerful two-stage turbine.

The pressure control dial enable to adjust your sprayer as the need of the task. For spraying vertical, horizontal, or round, you have to turn the air cap. With the help of 20 feet long cord, it’s pretty suitable for most of the outdoors painting jobs. 1.5 qt. cup & professional grade metal 1 qt. cup are included. It weighs 11.2 pounds and works on 110V. It’s easily washable. It’s the best Wagner paint sprayer.

Warranty stands with you for 1 year. This can be used for oil-based paints, but then the cleaning becomes a hassle. Thicker paints cause a bit of clogging in the nozzle. Prolonged use of this sprayer cases arm and shoulder pain. The flow could be a bit faster. A few user demanded a container with larger capacity that would cut off the hassle of refilling it frequently while involved into bigger spraying projects.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • High volume, low pressure technology.
  • Powerful two-stage turbine.
  • vertical, horizontal, and round spray patterns.
  • 2 cups provided.

5.) WAGNER Spraytech 0520000 Review – Best texture sprayer

If you’re dreaming about the best cheap texture paint sprayer for hard surfaces (mainly walls, ceilings, and metals), then Wagner Spraytech 0520000 is perfect at this price. You can design several textures with 3 interchangeable nozzles. You can store a gallon of paint in it at a time. Setting it up and using won’t eat any time as Lock-n-go technology is used for the same purpose.

While spray painting ceilings and walls, you can conveniently set its hopper to the right position. Any additional air hose or compressor isn’t needed as there is an inbuilt air turbine. Knock-down, orange peel, and popcorn are the finishes that you can do with this sprayer. You can easily take off the nozzle, hopper, and turbine to clean it with the help of included brush.

120 volts at 3.7 amps and 444 watts is what it uses. It’s designed to provide textured finish. So, better don’t start on painting something thinking that it’s a paint sprayer! It can’t be used with latex, oil and deck stains. If the mixture is thick, you won’t get anything out of it. Besides that, I won’t recommend it for texturing large areas. Some weren’t pleased with the quality of texturing on the ceiling.
Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • 3 interchangeable nozzles.
  • Value for money.
  • Lightweight.
  • Inbuilt air turbine.
  • Lock-n-go technology.

6.) HOMERIGHT Finish Max C800766 Review – Best handheld paint sprayer for cabinets

Why to do a lot of hassle with roller or brush painting when you can buy something like HomeRight Finish Max C800766 at such convenient price. Setting-up, spraying, and cleaning, everything is simple enough to be loved by a novice. You can use Finish Max C800766 for extended spraying sessions as it weighs 2 pounds, an causes no fatigue. You’re able to spray a lot of things in even manner.

You can spray water/oil based materials like milk paint, latex paints, chalk type paint, enamels, primers, polyurethane, clear sealer, etc. with it. This sprayer is also recommended by numerous DIY blogs. Novices also get a professional finish and it boosts up confidence in them. It’s capable of spraying a larger variety of paints in contrast to most of the other brand sprayers.

It’s a huge time saver, and as the work is made easier, one thoroughly enjoys the task of painting when he has this unit in his hand. It needs a bit more maintenance, and during extended use also, you are supposed to scrub it in between. Thinning the paint to the ideal thickness is somewhat annoying. There isn’t any cap provided for the paint reservoir. The big thing is, it leaves an even coating of paint!

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Only 2 pounds.
  • Can spray water/oil based material.
  • Sprays a larger variety of paints.
  • Highly durable.

Best Paint Sprayers Under 300

Guys, really it was terrifying for us to find paint sprayers at this price segment as most of them had at least something to annoy. As a result, we bought up only 4 paint sprayers, as our duty is to bring only the best to you.

1.) GRACO 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer Review – Best paint sprayer for ceilings

At this price, Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer won’t let you down. This is perfect for bigger painting tasks and here you get a reversible spray tip. So, even if you keep this sprayer aside for a moment, clogging won’t take place. You are able to spray unthinned paint at a good pressure with the help of Stainless Steel Piston Pump.

You can easily spray in any direction (even upside down) as an airtight system is created by VacuValve technology. So, you will be able to tackle intricate painting tasks as well without the fear of uneven painting. 25 gallons is the limit recommended by the makers for a year. This sprayer is the best for multi-color projects at its price point. It functions smoothly minimizing the chances of clogs and splatters.

The liners can be reused or thrown and replaced with a new liner.There are pretty less chances of overspray. You don’t get the pump armor in the box, and it’s a thing that you definitely need. Cleaning it consumes some time, especially the can cleaning is a tough part. A few mentioned that this sprayer goes hot after extended use. The design is flimsy on vaccuvalve cap.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • No clogging and less overspray chances.
  • Can spray unthinned pain.
  • Suitable for multicolor projects.
  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Reusable liners.

2.) GRACO Magnum 257025 Project Painter Review – Best commercial paint sprayer

Bring Graco Magnum 257025 your home, and your painting projects will never seem tough or boring to you! It’s capable of directly spraying 1 or 5-gallon paint cans. Abundant accessories come with it. The flexible paint supply hose proves to be too beneficial thing and it’s so durable. You are able to connect the sprayer directly to the paint can through the hook.

Stainless Steel Piston Pump cuts of the hassle of thinning the paint. It arrives well assembled. Easy cleaning is ensured. A 1-year limited warranty is there and this warranty won’t fool you, it’s a straightforward one. The max hose length is 50 feet. So, reach is never an issue. 50 gallons per year is the max annual use as per recommendation. You’ve got spare space for storing the spray gun.

You can connect PowerFlush Adapter to the garden hose for convenient cleaning. Nozzle barrel arrangement is among the best features here. on the negative part, it’s actually not a tool for novices or basic DIyers as you need come “technical know-how” for using it. Nozzle clogging issue is also associated with Magnum 257025. It sprays higher amount of paint, and it isn’t that perfect for furniture.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Paint cans directly attach to it.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Abundant accessories.
  • Flexible paint supply hose (50 feet long).
  • Arrives well assembled.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

3.) GRACO 17D889 TrueCoat 360 Review – Best paint sprayer for walls

If you have Graco 17D889 TrueCoat 360 in your hand, then you’re on a total control of your project, and there are pretty less chances of any mishappen. This paint sprayer believes in perfections and provides variable speed control. The us isn’t extend 25 gallons per year. It’s suitable for multi-color projects. No need to stop the work if the nozzle is clogged, as you can roll on just reversing the nozzle.

The durable hard case is there, in which you can also store the accessories. It hosts the airtight system (ensured by VacuValve technology) which ensures that you’re able to use this sprayer in the desired direction without any decrease in the perfection. It provides much more even coat in a given time. The perfect grip suits for prolonged use. It’s a tool which asks a bit of practice if you’re new into the spray painting scene.

It’s easily portable. The bottom part of the paint holder is pretty hard to take off. In the sprayer that we received, unscrewing the upper part was pretty challenging. No matter quality, function, and more consistent spray pattern are well worth the money, still some find it expensive. The cup on this sprayer is much smaller than what is claimed.It’s the best paint sprayer for interior walls and definitely worth money.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • 360 degree spraying.
  • Easy clean-up.
  • Value for money.
  • Best interior paint sprayer.
  • Even coating with great speed.
  • Reversible nozzle.

4.) HOMERIGHT Power Flo Pro C800879 Review – Best airless paint sprayer for the money

The HomeRight Power Flo Pro C800879 is a perfect thing for bigger painting projects and it provides superior finish. having a 0.5 horsepower motor inside it, 2800 PSI is the max speed. You achieve the perfect spray pattern with the help of pressure control knob and hence, you customize the paint flow and add perfection to your project. You get a 25-foot non-kink hose so you have a good reach.

There is no need to pouring/emptying, as 1 or 5-gallon container can be directly attached to it. However the makers describe it as a good DIY tool on Amazon, but after testing, we concluded that HomeRight Power Flo Pro C800879 is much more capable than that. It’s performance on uneven surfaces was also terrible. A 2-year limited warranty supports you.

The spray gun comes with reversible tip. 15 pounds is the weight. A prolonged use might make you speak some bad words! In some cases, the spray tip and spray guard assembly was not perfectly coupled. Hence, it led to leakage. It’s performance with high quality exterior paint isn’t that impressive as even on the highest pressure, it’s coverage doesn’t satisfy.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Powerful 0.5 horsepower motor.
  • 25-foot non-kink hose.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Even spraying on uneven surfaces.

Best Paint Sprayers under 500

There are the paint sprayers which are suitable for professionals. Novices might find it a bit tough to operate these.

1.) FUJI 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System Review – Best rated paint sprayer

With a 95%+ success rate on Amazon, Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System makes an entry in this review. This paint sprayer works on simple principles and believes in perfection. However, a novice can also use it, still, reading the manual will make you better used to the features, and you’ll be able to exploit its capabilities. The gravity cup that is attached to the pistol is great. It’s the best paint sprayer for house exterior.

The 25 feet long hose includes an air control valve allowing you to disconnect the process when you release its trigger. Hence, it doesn’t produce much of oversprays. The non-bleeding function is another benefit. Being a professional tool, elegance is in its nature. It has a 1400W 2-stage bypass motor for dealing with thicker materials. A fan control knob is integrated for changing the painting patterns.

As many parts aren’t involved here, cleaning becomes easy for you. You can use warm water with a bit of mild detergents. For newbies, a small learning curve is present. The gun comes with a 1.3mm air cap set that won’t spray latex at the recommended dilution. Yes, it is a bit unfit for latex and keeping that aside, there is nothing called drawback in Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System.

26 pounds weight is a drawback.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Long high quality air hose.
  • Versatile spray setting.
  • Best house paint sprayer.
  • Suitable for thicker mixtures.
  • Integrated fan control knob.
  • Less chances of oversprays.

2.) GRACO Magnum 262805 X7 Review –  Best professional airless paint sprayer

It’s lightweight no doubt but carries much things within for helping you in painting. Keeping solvent-based lacquers, hot solvents, and textured materials aside, it is capable of spraying everything. There is a built-in filter in the trigger and also RAC IV 515 tip. 25 feet of airless (Duraflex) paint hose is provided. If you’re remodeling your house, then Graco Magnum 262805 X7 is a huge supportive hand.

Setting this paint sprayer and using it might be daunting for those who haven’t used such a tool before. However, the instructions provided are excellent. The frame is rugged, an for supporting its 23 pounds weight, 2 wheels are provided. Even during clogs, cleaning this paint sprayer isn’t a headache. 2-3 gallons of output per week is what you can fetch out of it if you’re up with the right maintenance.

You can’t count it as a high output machine as 125 gallons per year is the max limit. A few small parts and the motor casing itself are somewhat flimsy. Being a beginner, overspraying is going to be an issue, so I recommend you to do some practice. If the hose were a bit longer, then it would have been better. Overall, hardly any home painting task can’t be done with Graco Magnum 262805 X7.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • It’s lightweight and transporting wheels are present.
  • Works with 1 & 5 gallons paint buckets.
  • Can spray a large variety of coating.
  • Quick cleaning.
  • Instructional DVD and booklet.

3.) GRACO 262800 Magnum 262800 X5 Review – Best paint sprayer for the money

The stainless steel piston of Graco 262800 Magnum 262800 is sturdy and delivers reliable performance. You can attach it to the garden hose and do easy cleaning. It’s effective in working with a range of materials. You get PushPrimer feature that ensures quick and easy priming. You can fine-tune the pressure with the know. The handle ensures easy transport. It’s compact and lightweight.

The recommended output is 125 gallons per year. The included tip is perfect for thin to medium materials. The reversible tip is provided here, which helps out in clogs and avoids interruption. It sprays directly from the paint bucket (1-5 gallons paint bucket). It supports up to 75 feet long paint hose. The paint coat is amazingly even, and it’s fairly easy to learn its usage for newbies. It’s the best paint sprayer for walls and ceilings.

Thicker materials simply clog it, and your time is wasted. You aren’t supposed to use solvent-based lacquers block fillers or the materials having textures particles. This isn’t the tool that will support your larger construction jobs. It’s something that supports outdoor tasks more in contrast to indoor. Build quality could be better here. It’s just 13 pounds, so at higher PSI, it does vibrate.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Ensures quick and easy priming.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Rapid set-up and suitable for beginners.
  • Reversible tip.

Best Paint Sprayers Reviews : Information box

Since we’ve discovered the most awesome paint sprayers accessible in 2019, we ought to research the things that can empower you to pick the right thing. There are a ton of different factors for you to consider so we should start!

There are 3 Types of Paint Sprayers

The primary thing you ought to think about when you’re picking a paint sprayer is which type is best for you. There are 3 particular sorts of paint sprayers open accessible, and each has its own one of a kind game plan of upsides and drawbacks.

HVLP Sprayer

Best HVLP paint sprayer makes novices/DIYers highly beneficial. HVLP speaks to High Volume Low Pressure. This is an alternative as opposed to the compressed air sprayer which will create substantially more overspray. Less overspray because of the HVLP sprayer infers less cleaning!

In particular, this sort is immeasurable for any person who needs healthy details for their task. Disregarding the various focal points, one issue with HVLP sprayers for specific people is that they’re moderate. Henceforth, we don’t recommend them for gigantic projects, for instance, for painting entire dividers or rooftops.

Much like the compressed air sprayer, this sort has versatile settings which consider a dimension of adaptability.

Compressed Air Sprayer

Clearly the most broadly perceived kind of paint sprayer, the compressed air sprayer uses an air blower to which makes thin and smooth coatings. While they cost not actually airless and HVLP paint sprayers, compressed air sprayers do use the most paint and produce more overspray.

Having the choice to control the movement of the paint is outstandingly useful anyway this in like manner makes compressed air sprayers to some degree all the more difficult to use. There is something of a desire to learn and adjust with this sort at any rate they’re unprecedented for painting furniture and cabinets.

Airless Paint Sprayer

Ordinarily constrained by a motor, airless paint sprayers are known to be an unbelievable decision. They direct out paint at an especially high weight, which makes a thick covering. The result is that you won’t have to apply a similar number of layers of paint. This notwithstanding the manner in which they sprinkle paint at a quick rate infers that you can save much time with them.

Not in the least like with some various types of paint sprayers, for instance, HVLP sprayers, the paint stream of an airless paint sprayer isn’t adaptable. If you’re expecting to change the stream, by then, you need to join a substitute tip to the sprayer. They’re ideal for greater effort that require thick coatings of paint quickly and painfully.

Favourite Features to Look

Paint sprayers aren’t known for having an abundance of features. In any case, there are some features to pay extraordinary personality to that can make your paint showering foundation more beautiful!

Adjustable Pressure

While not open on airless paint sprayers you have to use unmistakable sprayer tips, adaptable weight is a very ordinary part found on both compressed air sprayers and HVLP paint sprayers. The ability for adjusting the speed of the sprinkle just as the thickness and model, for instance, vertical, level and round give a great deal of flexibility when you have a collection of exercises to tackle.

Garden Hose Connection

It may not be the most stimulating segment but instead having the decision to interface your paint sprayer to a nursery hose is a progressing saver! Cleaning paint sprayers can be perplexed business anyway this is made significantly more straightforward with this particular segment. Luckily, most paint sprayers have this segment so you shouldn’t encounter any trouble having a thing with it.

Size and Weight or Portability

The weight and size of your paint sprayer may well oversee how you use it and for to what degree. For example, a few things go with deals which add to the conveyability. In these cases, the unit is determined to the floor, and you use a sprinkle gun that is related. Deals are particularly important with heavier paint sprayers which can weigh as much as 30 lbs.

Some paint sprayers weigh as pitiful as 3-5 lbs and are much like cordless infiltrates in that they’re not related with anything. They may not sound overpowering yet rather having such weight in your grip for a significant long time can cause hand exhaustion.

Regularly the more noteworthy the paint sprayer, the more overwhelming it for the most part is. So it’s basic to think about whether power, flexibility, or a mix of both is best for you.

What about accessories?

Similarly, as key features, we should in like manner, consider the distinctive ruffle that may conceivably go with your paint sprayer. Such things can upgrade the thing you buy yet are ordinarily respectably trashy to buy freely. Best way to paint a room with a sprayer relies upon these accessories.

Everything thought of you as should watch out for these things yet don’t pressure if your favored paint sprayer doesn’t have all of them.


Channels shield your paint sprayer from halting up. This is particularly huge if you have to achieve a smooth fulfillment. They may even ensure a progressively drawn out life for your thing which is reliably something worth being grateful for!


The length of the hose that you use with certain paint sprayers really depends upon the movement that you’re doing. In case you’re covering an immense region, by then you likely need an increasingly drawn-out hose, and we propose one that is at any rate 25 feet long.


Notwithstanding whether you’re shower painting high up or mischievous great, an increase can make things much logically pleasant. These arrive in a wide scope of different sizes, so you have a ton of choice for when you have different sorts of types to deal with.


Dependent upon the sprinkle structure you need, you can pick a particular tip to help with this. They can even be helpful for dealing with different paints, for instance, those that are thin or thick. Hence, we recommend that you get a collection of tips for different sorts of sprinkling assignments.

Protective Equipment

Because of the paint and vapor, it’s a magnificent arrangement to have the benefit protective equipment. This joins guarded dress, goggles, and a face spread. That way, you can work peacefully without issues.

Best Paint Sprayers Reviews : The conclusion

We provided you the best paint sprayer for every occasion and also described the necessary functions, features, and accessories. So, what’s wrong in reminding those paint sprayers and the specialties?

VIVREAL Paint Sprayer Spray Gun is the best electric paint sprayer.  Spend less and buy REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer is you want to paint your furniture. WAGNER Spraytech 0518080 is the best one for cabinets. If you have to paint the ceiling, then buy GRACO 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer. For commercial purpose, GRACO Magnum 257025 Project Painter proves to be the best.

I prefer GRACO 17D889 TrueCoat 360 for painting walls. HOMERIGHT Power Flo Pro C800879 is the best airless paint sprayer for the money. FUJI 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System is the best rated here due to its all-around performance. Professionals can’t get a better one than GRACO Magnum 262805 X7. in the end, talking about value for money, GRACO 262800 Magnum 262800 X5 stands the tallest.

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