Best Mechanical Pencils Reviews

Mechanical pencils were invented in the late 1600s and now with the time, then have changed a lot. Just for saying, it is nothing more than a mechanical pencil, but you won’t be able to believe how many things are there, which you, as buy buyer, need to consider before buying a mechanical pencil.

I wish you achieve accuracy and finishing in whatever you draw!

Many companies are there, producing a top quality mechanical pencil, and their pencils host a number of features also. It took more than the estimated time for my expert team to test and experiment with these pencils so that we can narrate Best mechanical pencil in 2019 guide.

Drawing, sketching, writing, whatever you say, you will find a suitable mechanical pencil for each job down there, I guarantee that!

Wondering what all you can get from a good quality mechanical pencil? I’m here for explaining the same.

Shall we begin now?


Best Mechanical Pencils Reviews

Now, below are those best 10 mechanical pencils, which were the outcome of that testing. They were a true value for money, that’s why we selected these. If you are a draftsman, who loves his/her job, then these pencils are truly the best for you. You will get some best Japanese mechanical pencils down there. Have a look…

1.) BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil review – Best cheap mechanical pencil

Here comes the best mechanical pencil in the world. There is no other mechanical pencil, that is as versatile and as attractive as this set. These sparkling colors can’t just attract your kids, but you also. It advances the lead with just a simple click, and you never need to sharpen it.

You can write smoothly with BIC Xtra-Sparkle 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil, and it doesn’t lead to smudges on your paper. Besides that, it erases super fine, leaving minimum mark behind. 80%+ users have given a complete five-star rating on Amazon. Students prefer it a lot. Pretty less chances of point breaking are there.

These look pretty as well. You don’t even need to buy any additional erasers either. Not just the students, but the artists too are appreciating the performance of BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil. If you are a student, then just make sure that your friends don’t borrow these pencils from you forever!

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Pretty cheap.
  • Outstanding colors.
  • No need to buy additional eraser.
  • Erases perfectly and no smudges on paper.
  • decent Amazon customer reviews and ratings.

2.) Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil review – Best mechanical pencil for sketching

Uni Core Keeps Sharp Mechanical Pencil is a heavier one, which conveniently allows you to produce high-quality marks. By heavier, I don’t mean heavy enough to make you suffer due to writer’s fatigue while using it for longer. You simply cannot dislike Uni Core mechanical pencil, mostly due to its high quality at less price.

The metal grip is solid. It has got some pretty nice features, enough to attract you. A sliding sleeve is there, and also the fast twisting rotating system. It features a wide and short eraser. The solid plastic body is very durable. You also get great color options. It also stands high regarding “feel”.

It has got fancy looks, but we can’t finish without describing the negative part. The rubber didn’t perform that well in our testing. I mean it was functioning well, but there were 8 pencils, which all were having a better eraser than this one. IN true words, this eraser is a bit flimsy. For smaller details, this eraser is not going to satisfy you.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Comfortable price tag.
  • Perfect weight.
  • High quality grip.
  • Sliding sleeve.

3.) Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil review – Best mechanical pencil for drawing

If you are thinking what is the best mechanical pencil for drawing, then Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil is the best one for you. Just look at it, you will feel as if it is the best mechanical pencil ever made! Keep it at your drawing table, and I bet your friends won’t be able to resist from inquiring you about its cost. Don’t be scared, this costs pretty less than what you are thinking of.

It provides you with such tremendous balance while drawing, which adds on to your perfection. No matter you are a student or a pro,  Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil proves to be the right one. It is going to last long. Regarding consistency, this one was the best mechanical pencil on our list. The size is kept in right range so that one can conveniently fit it inside pocket or purse.

Talking about the weight, it is exactly what helps you in making elegant lines, and doesn’t bring any problem. HB lead is guaranteed scannable, which means this pencil is ideal for standardized tests. As I said, it is doesn’t cost much in contrast to the quality and looks, but yes, it is a bit expensive than many of the mechanical pencils.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Perfect weight for the right balance.
  • Guaranteed scannable lead.
  • easily fits in pocket and purse.
  • Most attractive looks.

4.) Staedtler 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil review – Best 2.0mm mechanical pencil

The Staedtler 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil is excellent value for money. The solid brass, steel, and aluminum construction give you a feel that it’s a long-lasting thing. Great weight and handling it provides. The chromed steel tip is pretty hard.

Among the features, we get lead hardness indicator collar, the plastic lead chamber, removable clip, and decent entirely brass clutch assembly. The grip is highly suitable for the taste of many of users. The pencil provides you ample friction for preventing slippage. No matter you are rolling on for extended periods with this mechanical pencil, you won’t feel any discomfort. Balance and weight are spot-on.

The center of gravity is present at almost 10mm forward of the pencil’s midpoint. When you closely examine this mechanical pencil, you will find that all of the parts are very-well joined together, with no flex, rattles, or wobbles at all. Advancing the lead will produce a tactile and sharp click, that satisfies. However, you get a small eraser. Besides that, it looks less professional.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • All parts very-well joined together.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • Perfect weight for continuous longer use.
  • The grip portion is perfectly designed.

5.) Parker JOTTER Mechanical Pencil review – Best mechanical pencil lead

Now, this gift is created by Parker by joining their .55mm mechanical pencil to their great Jotter pen. Both of these are considered trademark of Parker. Hardly anyone can question the built quality and durability. Graphic artists and architects highly praise its performance.

Parker JOTTER Mechanical Pencil helps you producing high-quality marks which will increase the attraction of your drawings. While we were testing these mechanical pencils, seven out of our eleven experts mentioned this one as their personal choice. Talking about performance, both the ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil are decent. Regarding looks also they get full marks.

Grips of both are perfect, and we already expect that it is Parker after all. Without spending much, you can buy Parker JOTTER Mechanical Pencil, that is going to add glamor to your drawing work for years to come, and it also defines a class. On the negative side, due to lightweight, writing long letters might seem difficult to a few.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Perfect grip.
  • Stainless steel design, and very attractive.
  • High quality Polymer lead used.
  • Highly durable.
  • Low price.

6.) rOtring 1904257 Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil review – Best mechanical pencil for artists

This one is among the best rOtring mechanical pencils out there, and customer reviews on Amazon reflect the same. It is good for pocket carry mostly because of the ability to retract the lead tube in the body when not in use, decent balance and feel when writing. The 0.5mm version is for regular style writing and drawing.

We chose this one as the best mechanical pencil for artists as it makes a bit thick, and pretty dark lines, that fits well as per the requirement of an artist. The other reason is, as it is a bit thick, it won’t break in between of your drawing, breaking your concentration. Having a look at it might give you a feel that it is heavy, but it actually isn’t.

The only and the only issue that we discovered while testing rOtring 1904257 Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil is the eraser cap. It just keeps on falling a few times, and there is just one solution to this issue — just keep that cap aside! Whether you talk about the performance, accuracy, and price point, it is a good buy from all perspectives!

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Easy to carry in pocket.
  • Dark yet easily erasable lines.
  • Hardly any issues of lead breaking.
  • Suitable price tag.

7.) rOtring 600 0.5mm Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil review – Best mechanical pencil eraser

The rOtring 600 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil can be your close friend for a pretty long time and if you are a person seriously involved in drawing, then definitely buy this. This mechanical pencil is designed for lifetime dependability. The highly quality mark making capacity really impresses. The decent quality output and attractive design made us add rOtring 600 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil to our list.

Regarding architectural design, this one was the first choice of my expert team. The precise line quality makes you feel that you have rightly spent your money. This one is decent for using in conjunctions with rulers. You get fixed guidance sleeve that prevents annoying lead breakages. Besides that, the sleek design makes an unobstructed view of the page available all the time.

On the negative side, this mechanical pencil doesn’t perform that well when you are writing on the same paper sheet with the hand surface underneath. You also don’t get a retractable tip either. Even keeping both those cons right in front of eyes, rOtring 600 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil is still a great deal.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Fixed guidance sleeve for preventing lead breakages.
  • On view obstruction while writing/drawing on the page.
  • produces precise and accurate marks.
  • Reasonably priced.

8.) Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils review – Best mechanical pencils for school

Wondering what are the best mechanical pencils for school? Here they are! The Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils are the budget pick here, as when you calculate the quantity of pencils and price, you will find that one piece doesn’t even cost $1.50, isn’t that amazing?

No compromising with the quality either. These mechanical pencils are wrapped up in the erasable package. It is a very suitable gift item also.

Regarding the mark quality, these are much better than some expensive choices. You can find some pretty cheap decent quality erasers on Amazon, so that won’t break the deal. With these pencils, you get a transparent barrel, so one can conveniently see the status of the lead. The textured grip is also a thing, liked by many users.

The writing is smooth, and also the makers have looked upon the weight factor, which makes this mechanical pencil pretty suitable for an extended session  of writing or drawing. The issue is with the eraser! When you are already enjoying everything after paying so less, then accepting the eraser issue is good only.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Exceptionally cheap.
  • Arrive wrapped up in the erasable package.
  • Decent mark quality.
  • Transparent barrel for conveniently letting you see the status of the lead.

9.) Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mechanical Pencil review – Best mechanical pencils for architects

If you are the one, who wants a reliable mechanical pencil for making quick sketches outdoors at construction sites or so, then Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mechanical Pencil is especially for you. The pencil is painted bright yellow mostly because of you don’t have to face difficulties in finding it when you have by mistake dropped it at your construction site or so. It will not blend into the landscape.

Strong 1.1mm lead is there, providing with a full range of mark making chances. It is a loved one by artists and general contractors. The thick lead shaft of this mechanical pencil is no less than a boon in contrast to highly fine and ultra-brittle 0.5mm shafts of a large number of mechanical pencils. There are pretty less chances of tips getting broken, which is always a big advantage with any mechanical pencil.

This handy and well-priced mechanical pencil carries pretty less cons. The leads are shorter than what you may be used to. Besides that, it typically takes both the hands if you want to advance the lead. After all that, Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mechanical Pencil is a must buy thing.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Comfortable feel and provides good grip for various holds.
  • Tough and break-resistent 1.1mm lead shaft.
  • Creates beautiful, consistent, and dark lines.
  • Easily affordable.

10.) Uni Mechanical Pencil Slide Model 0.5mm review – Best mechanical pencil for writing

The black color of the Uni Slide Model 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil gives it attractive looks. A few other variants are available. You get lead rotating technology. It is among the most easily affordable pencils in this list. This pencil features 0.5mm lead, and this very-well constructed pencil is pretty durable and consistent.

As you might be knowing, Japan stands the tallest in terms of manufacturing best quality mechanical pencils and pens. Yes, you can blindly trust it’s capabilities. Accuracy, smoothness, and consistency are the basic benefits with Uni Slide Model 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil. This mechanical pencil features a core rotation mechanism which continuously rotates this pencil lead as the user writes on.

It further leads to the even wearing of the lead. As a result, it stays pointed always. Hardly any chances there, that you are writing and the lead breaks in between. The guide pipe is present for protecting the entire length of the lead. Now, as there are no lead breaking issues, your paper is going to stay smudge-free from the dust of broken leads.

Why you should buy?

What we like:
  • Decently built and high durability.
  • Lead rotating technology.
  • Even wearing of the lead.
  • The guide pipe is present for protecting the entire length of the lead.

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Best Mechanical Pencils Reviews : Information box

Here is our Best Mechanical Pencil Reviews Information box, in which you won’t just know what are the considerations for buying mechanical pencils, but also the facts why we use them, and how to make their best use.


Before buying mechanical pencils, weigh it on the following factors…

Lead Advancement Mechanism

Mechanical pencils can use a wide scope of methods to drive the lead. This is something you’ll have to finish an extraordinary arrangement while using a mechanical pencil, so it justifies considering which kind of instrument you lean toward.

Push Button

Most by a wide margin of present-day mechanical pencils use a push get that advances a fixed proportion of lead with each snap. The catch is typically on the most astounding purpose of the pencil, yet it can similarly be agreeable to the pencil or even consolidated with its fastening.


The shaker segment is a respectably progressing extension to the mechanical pencil world. Anyway, it has jumped on in a noteworthy way. With a shake of a mechanical pencil, a sliding inside weight starts an inside snap segment to force the lead. This allows you to push the lead without changing your grip.

Various people watch shaker pencils to be easier or more pleasing than push get pencils, anyway few out of every odd individual does. Favorably, essentially all shaker pencils in like manner consolidate a conventional push get instrument as well.


Wind frameworks advance and pull back the lead with a turn of a handle arranged in the top or nose cone of the pencil. This grants incessant alteration of the lead, allowing you to pick the cautious length of lead that you need. Bend frameworks are particularly customary among progressively prepared mechanical pencils.

Twist parts do have a couple of limitations, regardless. They are ordinarily simply found in pencils that take progressively broad leads (0.7 mm or more) and generally simply hold one piece of lead at some random minute.

Bend (or “Body Knock”)

This creative instrument empowers you to move the lead just by retracting the pencil at a knob in the hold region. Before long, the segment works as a side push get, yet since the pencil can be curved toward any way it shouldn’t be held in a specific way.


With a customized mechanical pencil, you don’t need to successfully drive the lead! Essentially keep drawing or writing, and once the lead is used down to the edge of the lead sleeve the heaviness of the paper on the lead sleeve institutes a ratchet mechanism which pushes out more lead.

Basically, this suggests you will do most by far of your drawing with the lead sleeve dragging on the paper.Some of the individuals find this irritating, so recollect it while considering a modified pencil.

Lead Size

The lead measure is a champion among the most basic bits of what chooses how a mechanical pencil forms. Progressively slim leads produce sharp, hardly detectable contrasts yet are progressively sensitive and adequately broken. Increasingly broad leads are smooth and break-safe, yet they aren’t the best for fine detailing work.

Most of the mechanical pencils use 0.5 mm/0.7 mm leads, which offer uncommon equality of precision and break-deterrent. Anyway, some use leads as fine as 0.2 mm or as wide as 1.3 mm. Another great position of 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm pencils is that they have the broadest decision of lead ratings to investigate.

Grip Section

A pleasant grip is fundamental to have the best piece of involvement. Mechanical pencil holds touch base in an extent of estimations and materials, and your individual tendencies will make sense of what kind of grip is going work best for you.


Mechanical pencil holds can change extensively in diameter. An increasingly broad grip may be best for those with bigger hands or those encountering joint torment, repetitive strain harm, or other hand issues. People with more tiny hands consistently watch a slight grip to be progressively pleasing.


The mechanical pencil gets a grip on moreover differ in material. The most broadly perceived materials are plastic, silicone, Rubber and metal, anyway logically shocking materials are also available. Plastic handles are firm and warm quickly to the touch.

Flexible and silicone holds can reach out from firm-yet-grippy to cushion-like squishiness. Metal handles are firm like plastic, anyway, they have a much weightier feel and can remain cool to the touch for longer than plastic.

Most mechanical pencils join an inbuilt eraser, yet it’s as often as possible practically nothing. For the people who plan to regularly use their mechanical pencil’s eraser, we propose picking one with a generously estimated, replaceable eraser—like the Twist-Erase III, Kokuyo FitCurve, Pentel or Tombow Mono Graph One.
Advanced Features

Without a doubt, notwithstanding following quite a while, mechanical pencil makers continue making imaginative new features to make them by a long shot prevalent. Here are some useful ones to think about.

Retractable Tip

Mechanical pencils with long metal lead sleeves can speak to a particular threat to pockets and pencil cases, poking holes and also scratching other pens and pencils. They can moreover get bowed shaking around, rendering the pencil pointless. Thusly, various mechanical pencils incorporate retractable, “stash safe” tips.

Retractable tips land in a variety of styles, anyway the most generally perceived sort works by holding down the pencil’s top push button, crushing your finger against the completion of the lead sleeve, by then-after releasing the push botton. The lead sleeve will slide by and by into the tip of the pencil until at whatever point you press the top catch.

Lead Protection

Broken leads are disturbing, so mechanical pencil organizers have thought of a few other ways for pencils to verify leads and prevent breakage. The most notable kind of lead protection is a sliding lead sleeve. Lead sleeves work honorably of propping pencil leads against breaking, anyway, they can simply guarantee the lead they truly spread.

With a sliding lead sleeve, the outside of the paper drives the lead sleeve yet again into the tip of the pencil as the lead wears out, allowing you to keep drawing with everything aside from the very tip of the lead continually verified.

Some mechanical pencils offer additionally created lead protection:

The Platinum OLEeNU and  Pilot Mogulair have a worked in spring that cushions the tip of the pencil to acclimatize excess forming weight. If you lean toward a continuously present day look, the Rotring Rapid Pro drafting pencil also has this component.

The Zebra DelGuard has a pretty similar spring cushion similarly as an extraordinarily arranged lead sleeve which continuously connects with secure the lead when an extreme measure of sideways weight is put on it.

Dual Clutch

No, you haven’t changed the channel to Top Gear! Twofold handle mechanical pencils like the Platinum OLEeNU and ZeroShin part a novel tip structure that allows you to experience prompts the very last millimeter. Most mechanical pencils have got the leads in a grip framework which are arranged about a centimeter yet again right from the tip of the pencil.

At the point when the lead is too short even to consider evening think about coming to from the hold to the tip, it drops out. Notwithstanding the way this is causing annoyance, it wastes over 15% of a typical lead.

With a twofold handle mechanical pencil, seeing that there is a second lead in the pencil for the essential fasten to hold set up and expand, you will in all likelihood use in every practical sense the entire length of each lead.

Auto Lead Rotation

A component right now unique to the Uni Kuru Toga line, auto lead turn keeps the lead progressively sharp and progressively unsurprising. With other mechanical pencils, the lead wears out after some time from a sharp point to a far-reaching carve shape.

By using a clasp framework that turns the lead barely every time it is crushed against the paper, the lead is evenhandedly worn on all sides, making a decreased lead shape that gives the sharp and pretty consistent writing. One potential disadvantage to the Kuru Toga instrument is that it makes a minor slant of squishiness precisely when the lead first contacts the paper.

We found that we promptly adjusted with this effect and quit seeing it before long, yet if you need a mechanical pencil with a magnificently rigid tip, the Kuru Toga most likely won’t be for you.

Best Mechanical Pencil Reviews : The conclusion

This one was a comprehensive Best Mechanical Pencil Review is which we presented you the best and well tested mechanical pencils. Now here’s a quick look back. BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil is the best cheap mechanical pencil . Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil provides easiest lead riffling. Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil is the best mechanical pencil for drawing.

If you are an artist, then buy rOtring 1904257 Rapid PRO 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil. Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils are the best for school use. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mechanical Pencil proves to be the best choice for the architects. At the last we have got Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Pipe Slide Model 0.5mm, which is the best mechanical pencil for writing.

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