Best Impact Drivers Under $100, $200
Best Impact Drivers Under $100, $200

Don’t you just hate doing your finishing tasks with less power? If yes, then you should probably try your hands on the best Impact Drivers!!!

Though impact drivers are in many ways similar to drills, when force or power is a concern, no tool gets the job done better than impact drivers. With that, you can loosen or drive bolts or screws with strong rational and downward force. Also, it does it better and faster than any other tool.

Now, as you know!!

The market is flooded with options, and some deals could be hard, but no worries you are at the right place. We have some great selection of impact drivers. While testing and selecting we’ve looked for features like torque, speed, impacts per minute —these determine the power of the driver and how easily and quickly it does the job done.

Below, you will get the 10 best Impact Drivers Review available in the market. Also, don’t forget to check our buying guide; this will surely help you to choose a great device.

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10 Best Impact Drivers Reviews 2019

After a lot researching our expert team sort listed these 10 best impact drivers 2019 reviews which will probably make your driving tasks easy.

We understand that not everyone has the same drilling requirements, nor everyone’s budget is the same. So, for the same reason, in this article, you will find two lists: Best under $100 and Best under $200.

Let’s get started!!

Best Impact Drivers Under 100 in 2019

Alright, there’s a huge difference between impact driver under $50 and $100. Most of the high rated impact drivers under $100 are cordless and also, includes some additional features such as LED light, soft grip, variable speed trigger, and a high-quality material body.

Here’s the lineup!

Ryobi One + P236 18v Impact Driver Review —Best 18v impact driver 2019

What is the best impact driver on the market?

Well, I would say here it is!

It can be a surprise that while many drivers come along batteries, where some manufacturers leave them out. These options as in only bare product are meant for the buyers who already own company’s interchangeable batteries for different power tools just they need the only tool.

So, the batteryless impact driver is the better way to save the cash on something you already own.

  • Weights 2.7 lbs.
  • 9 inches in length.
  • Cordless power source.
  • Compatible with both lithium ion and NiCad batteries.
  • Voltage- 18V.
  • No load speeds 3200 RPM and 1600 IPM.
  • Best for deck projects.
  • Max torque is 1600 in/lbs.

When talked about efficiency and speed we only know one name Ryobi ONE+ also it does things fastened securely.

This tool can drive a brick like a hair comb going through hair, and then you may say goodbye to your drill hammer. It will drive ¼ hex bolts easily without requiring an adapter even though most recommended it.

Ryobi ONE+ has three LED work light equipped onboard, with the same you will never have to work in the dark.

The only problem we found while testing this Ryobi impact driver was the driver’s tri-beam. It will enable unless the user starts pushing it down on the trigger. How one can line up the hole correctly when the light enables until the impact driver is already in the beast mode?

Back to the positives!

While working along with 4-inch long deck screws a whole day, seems a painful task. Well not with this driver as it will get your job done efficiently and quickly. And beyond this, the Lithium-ion battery keeps the power last for the whole day along.

No hassle operation! A keyless chuck allows you to swap bits in no time to invest your time on working rather than tool preparation. Furthermore, an onboard magnetic strip will enable you to keep handy your needs for the task.


Best of all, Ryobi covers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, so any damage to the most potent tool of Ryobi will be cover. Yay!

You may have a doubt regarding the batteries, right?

Yes then, this beast is compatible with any battery that is part of that line. Which means older nickel-cadmium batteries, as well as new Lithium-ion batteries (of course), can power this one of the best impact drivers.

What we like:
  • Affordable.
  • Enough of torque for most jobs.
  • LED light.
  • Best at driving in deck nuts.
  • Key-less chuck.

If you’re in the search for a partner who won’t let you down, then you should definitely try your hands in Ryobi ONE + P236 18V impact driver and your regular jobs will be fun to do.

Most of all, this best impact driver for deck screws is a considerable choice. Even that it is compatible with Ryobi’s ONE + tool batteries make this a better deal.

Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Cordless Impact Driver Review —Best Impact Driver For Wood Working

If you can work without a large amount of power and torque, then this best 12v impact driver makes a quick replacement for the existing one or an excellent first-time power fastener.

  • Weighs 2.3 lbs.
  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • 3 LEDs lights at the front.
  • Hex drive type.
  • No-load speeds 0-3,300 IPM.
  • Drive size 1/4 -in.
  • Voltage —12V.
  • Maximum torque is 1,000 in/lbs.
  • 5 inch in length.
  • No-load speeds 0-2,500 RPM.

The 2462-20 is basically a bare power tool, and the battery does not include in the purchase. But the power tool is equipped with fuel gauge and LED light.

Due to this fuel gauge on the board, LED lights which are on the side of the driver will let you know the remaining battery in the increments of 25%.

Milwaukee impact driver 2462-20 does equip the high performing motor that delivers 1000 in/lbs max. Moreover, for solid, reliable power driving and increased casting speed, the driver has 2500 RPM torque and 1000 IPM.

Now you’ll ask: what battery it might use for delivering up to 80% extra run time at the exact same 12V power level? Well, Milwaukee 2462-20 unit uses REDLITHIUM Battery Technology which helps it to outrun the competition.

The design of the unit’s grip looks much like a pistol grip. And the new rubber grip that surrounds the grip provides total comfort and averts mishaps due to slipping.

Also, the driver has inbuilt LED work light for illuminating the space you’re working on. So no dimmer light working conditions!

Working anywhere and anytime is possible now with this portable and lightweight cordless impact driver. Also, Milwaukee impact driver’s 12V Li-ion batteries make sure power any time needed for an extended span of time.

The built-in brushless motor ensures 2X more runtime than usual. Additionally, this powerful, versatile tool is equipped with three more LED lights with around delay of 20 seconds, after the trigger release.

Built-in feature

Beyond that, the Milwaukee fuel impact driver has many onboard electronics which will allow the cross-communication between whichever M12 Redlithium battery powering and the tool. Due to which the impact driver monitors itself for overheating and power downs before it can be damaged.

Saves energy!

What we like:
  • Uses 12v lithium ion batteries.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Onboard battery fuel gauge.
  • A built-in LED light.

Don’t just go on size this tool is small but is mighty along with standard ¼ -inch chuck and 12-volt power supply can do a lot more than your imagination.

This best budget impact driver with five-year warranty guarantees to work with you through the years. Moreover, it is capable enough to take on some light constructions jobs, carpentry jobs, and what not.

Black & Decker 20V MAX Drill/Driver Impact Combo Kit Review

After all impact drivers and drills go hand-to-hand on maximum projects, it totally makes sense to keep both around in a well-equipped toolbox.

Understanding this need, many manufacturers offer great combo kits that include both impact driver and drill. Generally using the common battery and charging station, these kits prove to be the excellent budget purchase for user demanding to cover their fastening needs for any DIY or projects.

  • Weights 5 pounds.
  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Voltage- 20V.
  • No load speeds up to 3000.
  • Maximum BPM of 3900.
  • Best for medium duty projects.
  • Max torque is 1375 in/lbs.
  • Limited two-year warranty.

The Black+Deker drill and impact combo kits are not just a great combination kit that includes a drill and an impact driver; it also from the most affordable option’s category around.

In this affordable price, you’ll be getting a 20V cordless impact driver which is capable of delivering near about 1375 in-lbs of torque.

It might not be as lightweight as the greatest American heroes flying on the air, but it is surely light weighted when compare with others in the class. The small size makes it easy for it to be used in narrow or tight spaces.

Although drill which is included in the combo isn’t the most powerful tool, tho we can still consider it as one of the best in the class.


The battery, of course, isn’t gonna last forever and requires to be charged regularly. But it does have few lasting power for a while and surely allows getting projects knocked out.

The best part is both the drill and the driver use the same Black and Decker battery that is suitable with most other cordless power tools in the line-up.

The impact driver features LED lights on the front of the unit. With these lights, you will get a big help, especially if you are working in the dark spots.

This MAX is a proper suit for those who want complete control over their projects.

What we like:
  • Easy to operate.
  • Power as more massive impact drills.
  • Consistent in performance and result.
  • Affordable price.

All-in-all, the Black & Decker 20V MAX Drill/Driver Combo Kit is excellent- rounded tool set. Of course, it is not perfect, but no power tool is, right? No matter whoever says so, you will surely get a lot from the combo kit in terms of cost-to-performance.

For overall performance and power, the MAX gets thumbs-up.

Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Impact Driver Review —Best Impact Driver For Automotive Use

The Milwaukee engineers get on the expectations after the massive hit on the first generation M18 fuel impact drivers. Though it wasn’t an easy job. Fortunately, they managed!

One of the best Milwaukee impact drivers doesn’t disappoint. All of the best features remain as it were and nifty innovations were added in the 2753-20 M18 Fuel impact driver. In a nutshell, the new driver being smaller in size yet is more powerful.

  • Weights 2.1 lbs.
  • 25 inches in length.
  • Compatible with RedLithium batteries.
  • Voltage- 18V.
  • No load speeds up to 3700 IPM.
  • Maximum RPM of 3000.
  • Max torque is 1800 in/lbs.
  • Five-year limited warranty.

The impact driver comes as a bare tool, so you need to purchase batteries and charger separately. But if you own any other machine from Milwaukee 18V RedLithium battery system line, then you can use those.

The 2753-20 model features a four-drive mode, which is a little tricky to use for those who cannot gauge the amount of power to use in every application. Yet with few practices, you will notice that more mode option allows you more control.

In term of power and performance, this Milwaukee m18V impact driver can generate a maximum torque of 1800 in/lbs. And also can convey up to 0-3000 revolutions per minute. So drive your screws faster at constant power output with one of the best brushless impact drivers.

You should definitely spend on the tool which allows you to control over how much power to deliver. This impact driver has four-drive mode control that provides versatility while completing your tasks. You can select from these available settings:

  • 1 Mode  0-850 RPM
  • 2 Mode  0-2100 RPM
  • 3 Mode  0-3000 RPM
  • 4 Mode  0-3000 RPM

Mode 4 is the most interesting among the rest as it is the combination of all these modes with automatic adjustments. It is known as self-tapping screw mode and is active in three modes.

Device Features

This compact and lightweight tool is just 5.25 inches in length and weighs around 2.1 lbs. Moreover, with these dimensions, it becomes easy to use in tight, small spaces and overhead applications without straining your hands.

Also, the device is convenient as it eliminates the need for outlets and wires and uses batteries instead. Further, it features an LED work light for additional illumination in a dark workplace. Also, there is onboard battery fuel gauge that reminds to recharge your batteries.

Furthermore, the ¼-inch hex and the bit holder make bit changes easily so by making it as one of the best impact drivers for cars (not always).

What we like:
  • Boasts 1800 in/lbs of max torque.
  • Compact and light weighted.
  • Brushless motor for more runtime.
  • Cordless for more efficiency.
  • Has a four-drive mode.

This impact driver is the best suit for if you want something that can handle your day to day applications. Contractors can also operate it as it delivers necessary power and speed.

Overall this high-performing driver is easy to use and is somewhat versatile and durable. With all new advance features equipped this impact driver is worth investing your bucks on.

Black + Decker BDCDMT120IA 20V Combo Kit Review

Last but not the least, this super combo of drill and impact driver from Black + Decker wins the hearts.

Of course, one would love to buy a tool that saves your effort and time – that’s a smart purchase. That’s the reason why multi-tools capable of conducting various tasks are popular.

  • Weights 4.8 pounds.
  • 5 inches in length.
  • Compatible with Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Voltage -20V.
  • Maximum RPM of 800.
  • Max torque is 1300 in/lbs.

Whereas, most of the impact drivers tend to be for single use drivers. The Black + Decker has taken this system of offering more with a system called Matrix Quick Connect. This is their platform for making one machine do many different things at once.

Rather than packing a separate drill and impact driver, this power tool features a swappable attachment system that is capable of fitting on the same base. You’ll not only have a drill but an impact driver, trim saw head, jigsaw, router, and sander provided, so buy your desired head.

This device is built for mobility and convenience. Fixings around the house are made easier even in hard or tight place to reach.

The driver being lightweight lessens your work fatigue compared to more massive drills. Moreover, this tool is so portable that you can efficiently operate that outside our usual comfort.

This impact driver is capable of conveying 1300 inch-pounds of torque. And if you seek adequate RPM, the model with 800 RPM is always higher. And one with the best impact driver accessories as like various heads is never a bad deal.

Always, cordless or corded drills are a matter of convenience vs. power. For this reason, it is suggested to have both corded and cordless drills. Use whichever is suitable for the situation.


The pioneer offers a two-year limited warranty on the device, provided tool must be used in the home environment. Make a note; do not attempt to fix the device yourself as the warranty does not cover damage from someone trying to repair. You have warned!

With all the fair reasons this impact driver is sort listed in the best impact driver review.

What we like:
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Powerful motor with 0-800 RPM.
  • Durable battery.
  • Comes with a combo of drill and driver.
  • Two-year limited warranty.

Indeed, the Black and Decker BDCDMT120A is a fresh new option for your old battered drill. Its Matrix Quick Connect System is sufficient reason for DIYers to seek the tool out.

Best Impact Drivers Under 200 in 2019

When looking for cordless power in this range, most believe they might not get the expected power, torque, and much more. But not in this case!

The following lineup, the best impact driver under $200, will assure to get your DIY project done with ease.

DeWalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver Review —Best Impact Driver For Lug Nuts

The best impact driver need not be expensive or complicated. In fact, several top-tier options come with no unnecessary extra feature since all you really need is driver and battery, just like that the top pick of this list applies the same approach.

Also, the product there comes with an additional independent charging station that will keep the driver going until you need it for any outdoor or indoor job.

  • Weighs 2.8 lbs.
  • 5 Ah, Lithium-ion battery.
  • 3 LEDs lights at the front.
  • Hex drive type.
  • No-load speeds 0-3,200 IPM.
  • Drive size ½ inches.
  • Voltage — 20V.
  • Maximum torque is 1,400 in/lbs.
  • Back to front length is 5.5 inch.
  • No-load speeds 0-2,800 RPM.

Anyone out there looking for a replacement or any first-time user for power fastener then DeWalt DCF885C1 20v impact driver would be a great option.

This DeWalt 20V impact driver comes along a standard ¼ -inch hex chuck that means the user can fit any fastener on it, including screws, bolts, and lug nuts. That’s why DeWalt is known as a versatile driver and perfect suite for various tasks.

It handles itself well, no matter into where you are driving fasteners. Whether it is wood, steel, concrete bricks, or any other materials, DeWalt Impact Driver is more than capable.

When it comes to power tools, Dewalt has a solid name. With the ultra-compact design, DeWalt Impact Driver Kit fits into any spaces. Moreover, it is only 5.55-inch front to back, and it weighs around 2.8 lbs.

Here’s a piece of big news for beginners!

Changing the bits on this impact driver is no more complicated. It seems this offer is super beneficial for first-time users.

An impact driver is an essential tool for people who are engaged with Contractors and DIY projects. One more plus! As the driver is cordless, it becomes more convenient to use in different places without worrying about the long cables.

For visibility, the impact driver features inbuilt LED light with a delay of 20 seconds after each trigger release.

Other built-in features

Furthermore, the DeWalt impact driver also features the auto-shut charging system. That means once the battery completes charging, it will automatically cut off the power supply, so you need to worry about energy wastage.

You need not worry about the damage on the device as DeWalt provides a 3-year warranty on this impact driver.

What we like:
  • Compact to fit into any place.
  • A lot of power per charge.
  • 3 LED lights to light up your working space.
  • 8 lbs of weight.

If any user looking for a small but powerful impact driver, then this best DeWalt Impact Driver is worth your investment. It is the best cordless impact driver and also offers a 3-year warranty.

DeWalt DCF885C1 20v MAX is designed for the home’s purpose and also comes handy for simple professional tasks. With consistent performance, it has won many hearts.

With no doubts, this DCF885C1 impact driver is the best DeWalt impact driver on the market.

BOSCH PS41-2A 12v Impact Driver Review —Best Impact Driver For HVAC

Light but powerful; these words are enough for describing Bosch PS41-2A impact driver. Mainly, this impact driver is designed for medium duty tasks but can surely punch in higher weight class as long as the workflow is low.

Even though it’s low power capabilities, the PS41-2A’s small size, lightweight, and excellent built quality can make the tool a real asset.

  • Weights 2.13 lbs.
  • 39 inches in length.
  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Voltage- 12V.
  • No load speeds 0-2600.
  • Best for medium duty projects.
  • Max torque is 930 in/lbs.
  • Limited one year warranty.

Moreover, this little bitty is the most compact, most powerful 12V, most user-friendly, most budget sensible, most…nay that’s it done with all the most. But yes, you will love this impact driver as it is durable and sturdy enough for handling most of the jobs.

This Bosch impact driver should be in your toolbox if you are DIYer, hobbyist, or a newbie to use a power tool.

Being the most compact in its class, it weighs only 2 pounds and has the shortest impact driver head of only 5.4 inches in terms of length. The hammer action produces 930 in/lbs of maximum torque.

Also, the variable speed trigger handles the delivery of 2600-RPM and 3100-RPM. The spring-loaded impact driver reduces user fatigue.

The battery which is acquired by the unit is it is one of the strongest points. The best 12V impact driver of 2019 gives a surprising 1.5Ah of power, providing the driver with high capacity.

The quick charger that comes with the battery is equally well built. That brings the dead battery back to complete charge in less than 30 minutes.

Due to the rubber grip above the handle, there are fewer chances of mishaps and provides extended control and comfort. You can use the best impact driver bits as the ¼-in fast release hex driver is ideal for 1-handed bit changes. Versatility and additional productivity!

Built-in Features

The PS41-2A consists of an LED light panel, with three LEDs to brighten up the working area in dark spots. The unit also features a battery gauge indicator, for simple charge control with three lights on the side of the driver.

Bosch provides one-year battery warranty and one-year tool warranty on this driver.

What we like:
  • Extremely compact.
  • Long lasting and high-power Li-ion battery.
  • Ringed LEDs for efficient work lighting.
  • High quality.
  • Powerful hammer-and-anvil system for high torque fasteners.
  • Spring-loaded impact mechanism.

I know that’s hard to believe that an impact driver this small can pack such a punch!

With easy to fit design, long lasting durable battery and many more built-in features in this little chunk is undoubtedly best to buy an impact driver.

DeWALT DCF887B Impact Driver Review —Best Cordless Impact Driver in 2019

The all-new DeWalt DCF887B impact driver kicks some serious ass, as it is one of the best cordless impact drivers for the money on the market and it comes in an incredibly compact and lightweight package.

If that’s not enough, then I must tell you that it is also sported as the lowest price tags from many kits like this. It’s clearly a significant bang for your money.

  • Weights 2 pounds without the battery.
  • 5 inches in length.
  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Voltage- 20V.
  • No load speeds up to 3250.
  • Maximum RPM of 3600.
  • Max torque is 1825 in/lbs.
  • Limited three-year warranty.
  • One year of free service.

This DeWalt unit runs on the brushless motor, which means that it will run for more time on a particular charge when compared to the brushed ones. Also, it runs a little quieter and cooler.

It’s ready to work along with you with a brushless motor that puts out a hefty 1825 in/pound of torque at giving speed up to 3250 RPM with 3600 IMP. That’s in high gear! Go ahead and sink 3-inch screw in redwood carefree. Hang sheetrock all day long.

The unit is equipped with three gears, all-metal transmission. Indeed, that’s the transmission which makes this driver a little heavier. It weighs around 2.65 pounds without the battery.

The variable 3-speed transmission trigger will help you do in your precise work. You will appreciate it as it measures only 5.3 inches front-to-back and you will be easily able to work in tight areas too.

Furthermore, around the chuck, there are three LED lights, these operate on a 20-second shutoff delay. This tool doesn’t come along the battery pack but is compatible with any DeWalt’s 20V lithium-ion pack.

As this cordless impact driver is with a ¼” hex chuck, you will be limited to bits with hex shanks. But a bit changing is really easy.


Best of all, DeWalt provides a three-year warranty on DCF887B model. Moreover, you need not worry about servicing your beast until one-year as DeWalt provides one-year free service warranty.

Wait! Here’s something more. The company also guarantees money back for 90 days. Wow!

What we like:
  • Easy to carry and flexible.
  • Lightweight design.
  • 3 LED light panel.
  • High and speed powered.
  • 3-in-1 speed options.
  • Cordless tool.
  • Brushless motor.

When it’s to getting bang for your money, one cannot beat this cordless impact driver. It is leading the industry with its power, weight, and durability and moreover, comes in an affordable price tag and is a compact package.

Makita XDT131 Impact Driver Kit Review

Many users forget that the driver is just a part of the equation. While many drill and impact driver can equip different types of bits. Moreover, having a dedicated set of bits just for impact driver can save you valuable time.

By this best Makita brushless impact driver, you will be able to find the bit you are searching for without any ransack around a universal supply or lose bits while using the same ones with the drills.

  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Brushless kit with bit holder and 50-piece bit set.
  • Voltage- 18V.
  • No load speeds up to 3200.
  • Maximum BPM of 2300.
  • Max torque is 1500 in/lbs.

The XDT131 Cordless Impact Driver is the part of the Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium-ion series, the world’s most massive cordless tool. The XDT131 model promises to deliver speed and power in a compact size for a complete range of fastening and driving tasks.

For any person starting from scratch along with a new cordless impact driver, then this kit will give everything you require to handle most fasteners.

This average size 18V cordless impact driver comes along with Makita’s interchangeable batteries and charging stations.

The XTD131 has an ergonomic, and compact design with less weight for decreased operator fatigue and a soft rubberized grip increased comfort grip on the job.

It is one of the best Makita impact drivers of 2019 that is powered with Brushless motor with variable speed feature. XTD131’s out power differs within dynamic ranges of 0-2300 RPM and 0-3200 IPM that has the capacity to deliver 1500 in/pound of max torque.

In The Kit

This kit along with the tool includes a Makita A-98348 50 Pc driver bit set, and a B-35097 Impact gold ultra magnetic torsion bit holder for added versatility and functionality.

The torsion insert bit holder is made from rare Neodymium magnet whose power is 2X stronger than the average magnets. Two-piece design is specially featured to allow the torsion technology to activate completely.

The best impact driver bit set that is included with the tool kit set contains Precision machined tipped bits for the tool.

Some more features

The true magic of this kit comes in the form of the 50-piece driver bit set, which contains a variety of bits and a magnetic insert holder for most types of fasteners.

The highly efficient brushless motor is electronically managed to optimize battery energy usage up to 50% longer run time per charge.

What we like:
  • Ensures safety from extreme environment conditions.
  • Design minimizes the user’s fatigue.
  • Superior battery condition.

One of the best impact driver kits comes along the 50 pieces of a bit set, and which is a compact, light-weighted yet powerful tool. What else we need?

Porter-Cable PCCK647LB Impact Driver Review

Porter-cables have been serving us with the quality power machines for more than 100 years. They aid us in our day-to-day woodwork and carpentry needs with their high-quality products. One such product is PCCK647LB 20V MAX brushless impact driver.

As this machine includes a brushless motor, due to which fifty percent of runtime will be increased than its immediate predecessor.

  • Weights 3.2 lbs.
  • 5 inches in length.
  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Voltage- 20V.
  • No load speeds up to 3100.
  • Maximum RPM of 2700.
  • Max torque is 1400 in/lbs.
  • Limited three-year warranty.

Not only this, but the motor is quiet and is more powerful providing the torque of 1400 in-pounds for major fastening applications. The unit is capable of delivering 2700 RPM speed fastening too. This is absolutely a tool designed for heavier applications.

With overall modern design and the almost right size, the quality of the product shows when you hold it. People wearing gloves would also find the size right. By which handling the tool over a long time will be an entirely satisfying experience.

Because of the tool’s compact and lightweight design, this tool is the perfect tool for overhead applications.

This brushless cordless impact driver kit includes two 20V MAX Lithium-ion 105Ah batteries. These Lithium-ion batteries are part of Porter-Cable’s 20V battery system. That means these batteries can be used under another company’s 20V line tools.

The impact driver features inbuilt LED work light with that you can get extra illumination whenever working in the dimmer or darker surface. This saves your trouble of handling additional flashlight.

There is a ¼-inch chuck, which is easy enough to use. You just need to pull or push on the bit to remove or insert it in.

Also, this tool features a battery gauge on the base so that you can get an alert when your battery power is getting low. This feature will help you to avoid any unwanted overcharging or overloading that most user commits.


Warranties always prove to be the customer’s assurance that they are investing in a quality product that will give the best value for their bucks. The Porter-Cable is providing a three-year limited warranty on their product.

You will also get guaranteed one year free of cost service that means anytime within one year from the day of buying the company definitely will maintain your unit and even replace the parts that have generally worn out.

Wait, wait! Deals are not yet finished. If you are not satisfied with the driver’s performance, you get your bucks back by returning it within three months (90 days) from the day of buying. And yes no questions are asked while returning.

These were the reasons why this Porter Cable impact driver has its place in the best cordless impact driver reviews list.

What we like:
  • Compact, yet powerful and speedy.
  • Has a brushless motor.
  • Provides 1400 in.lbs of torque.
  • Delivers 2700 RPM.
  • Boasts 3100 IPM.
  • Has a ¼-inch quick change hex.
  • Uses a ¼-inch chuck size.
  • Weights 3.2 lbs.

The Porter-Cable PCCK647LB 20V MAX brushless cordless impact driver is ideal for contractors and serious DIYers on the budget. Overall you can use this driver for heavier applications.

This impact driver is a handy tool that should be there in the toolbox.

Best Impact Drivers: Buying Guide

That was our list for best impact drivers. Now the question is what features need to be checked before purchasing your ideal impact drivers. There might be many other questions regarding impact drivers other than features.

Don’t worry!

Continue reading the Buying Guide for Impact Drivers and all your questions might get the appropriate answer.

What Is An Impact Driver?

Weather professionals or DIYers alike find themselves working along with an impact driver instead of cordless drills.

The impact drivers are high-torque tools majorly used for tightening nuts and driving screws. Their chucks accept bits with 1/4- inch hex shank only. Moreover, impact drivers are smaller and lighter compared to drills.

Since the impact driver offers higher torque output in contrast to a typical drill, you get your work done more quickly.

Types of impact drivers

Primarily, they are divided into two types: Manual impact driver and Electric impact driver. Both drivers are used for the same tightening and loosening of the bolts, screws, and nuts.

Manual Impact Drivers

The manual impact driver delivers a strong, sudden rotational force and forward impel while struck on the back with a hammer. Often used by mechanics to loosen larger screws, bolts, and nuts that are corrosively frozen.

Moreover, with manual impact drivers, the user has great control over the tool.

Electric Impact Drivers

Electric, generally cordless, impact drivers gives rotational hammering action and used for driving screws. But yes, they do not provide the forward push that the manual impact driver does.

A major difference between these two drivers is that electric impact driver has a wire which makes it use more viable and manual drivers don’t have one.

Impact Driver vs. Drills

At first glance, these two tools might seem similar when they are at the store shelf. Indeed there are many similarities.

Mainly, a drill is a basic toolbox essential for any home repair work or any DIY projects, but yes depending on the task, an impact driver might be more useful.

We must admit that in terms of versatility there is no best match as a standard drill as they can accept a wide range of bit types.

But when talked about impact drivers, they have many advantages to offer. It provides plenty of force to drive in a large fastener. Also, they are very comfortable for extended work and maintains great contact with the screw head.

Hammer drill vs. Impact Drivers

Both hammer drill and impact driver have similar body style. However, the hammer drill is majorly build to add some extra power and hammering action.

Though the direction of force is different, the hammer drill applies force directly to the bits as hammer smacking on the back of the drill. And these drills are usually used for stone and concrete work, and they are preferred working with masonry bits only.

Since the hammer drills are way more expensive and heavier than the impact drivers, it would not be a recommended tool for lighter DIY or household tasks.

Features to look for in impact drivers

By keeping these basic but essential features in your mind while checking for your ideal Impact Driver can help you a lot in your search. Also, just by check-listing all these features, you could find a great impact driver which completely match your requirements.


Powerful motor = Powerful impact driver.

So, yes if you require a great impact driver than you probably have to seek for a great motor. Now, for finding a great motor all you gonna do is check for the torque device is putting out and also, the RPM and IPM because these are the key indicators concerning motor power.

Also, you need to be aware of the motor being brushless or not. The brushless motors are way more powerful, and they do not feature moving parts. Furthermore, brushless motors are majorly seen in the premium models as they add a few dollars the price tag.


Let’s face it!

At the end of the day, all that matters is power! And if a regular drier or drill were enough for the task, then you would have simply used that. That’s the fact that most of the times the real struggle is to loosen the rusted or tight bolts, that why we have Impact drivers. They provide the right amount of power just into your palm.


Again, if a standard drill could do all the task, then we won’t be looking for an impact driver. So, yes, impact drivers give an advantage as they have speed. And, with them, you can tighten or loosen the number of bolts than you could have ever imagined with the traditional drill over that same time period.


Impact drivers come in a few shapes and sizes. According to their shape and size, these drivers require a good grip.

Now, which grip should be said as a good grip?

An excellent grip should be ergonomic with a proper trigger placement, so it’s comfortable to hold. Also, there should be a rubberized or raised surface so that you can orient the driver tool in your hand by touch only.

Battery Type

This feature needs to be checked when you are opting a cordless impact driver, as these driver tools literally live and die on the batteries. The traditional Nickel-Cadmium batteries pack powers most basic models. But, if you can afford little more money, then it is totally worth investing in a Lithium-ion battery style.

Lithium-ion batteries are capable of giving you more charge and at a steadier rate. This means the power it delivers is 10%, and the total battery charge as that is 100%.

A point to be remembered!

The amount of power the battery kicks out is “battery voltage.” While Amp Hours is the amount of time battery holds the charge. Both numbers are very crucial and make sure they are as high as possible.

Now, you might want to know how we test the products in the labs. You will be getting that to know in about a few seconds of reading.

How Do You Think We Tested These Impact Drivers?

See, when we talk about the impact drivers, catching speed is not that important, but the more significant thing that matters is maintaining the right speed. For performing the test, we had to glue up certain layers of OSB subfloor. OSB delivers more consistent results in contrast to any other lumber, and that is the main reason we used it during our testing.

We drive 3-5/8″ long and 1/4″ diameter ledger screws. After that, we measure the maximum RPM with every single thread involved in the last inch of driving (the threads roughly halfway down).

Now, if the RMP is higher, that clearly indicates that the driver works quickly under a moderate load. If it is not able to drive the ledger screw entirely, then we measure what part or portion of the screw sits right above the OSB after completing a 30-second drive.

The Torque Testing

With the help of a steel I-beam with Grade eight hardened bolts, nuts and washers, we run a couple of tests. Those bolts are well welded to the I-beam, for avoiding their movement. Then we use an impact-rated socket and Milwaukee Shockwave half-inch square drive adapters on the tool.

Our fists test begins by hand, threading every single nut down and utilizing the impact driver for giving it three rounds of 3-second bursts to tighten it to the last limit without overloading the motor.

Then after, for receiving a value, Gearwrench 85079 digital torque wrench is what we use for measuring how much torque does it take for loosening the nut back off. With more extended engagement, possibilities are there to get higher torque values. We use our torque wrench for tightening each nut to a specific level in our second test.

A few impact drivers simply break more than the torque wrench’s limit of 250 ft-lb. So we utilize Gearwrench’s 64-832G torque multiplier for setting the torque we need. This is the way we differentiate and pick up the best and most impactful impact drivers for you.

Best Impact Drivers: The Conclusion

As discussed above the best impact driver reviews in the market you might be confused regarding what to buy what not to. Don’t worry, and if you are still in doubt or have sort listed two or three from the list then you need not get dazed just continue reading!

DeWalt DCF885C1 be the best out of all wherever you use, whether at home, light workplace, or on your DIY project.

And if you want something regarding performance than DeWalt DCF887B and Ryobi ONE+ P236 are the best impact drivers when talked about performance.

Or if you demand a whole kit including best impact driver bits, batteries, and charging station than Makita XDT131 would be your great choice.

How can I forget to mention about the best budget impact driver? That according to the expert team would be Milwaukee 2462-20 and BOSCH PS41-2A.

Hope this review will help you out or end your search for the best impact driver in the market!

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