Best Garage Openers under $200, $500 Reviews

New technology is present in every gadget around us whether to talk about the smartphones, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, or whatever, then why to use old fashioned garage door opener?

Don’t you think your garage door opener must have some fascinating features, a very convenient remote control, internet connectivity, and don’t you think it must be powerful enough to lift up very heavy door also?

I hope you aren’t worrying that it’s gonna make a hole in your wallet!

No, not at all!

We’ve tested various garage door openers, and picked the ultimate ones for you. These garage door openers will pleasure you with several modern features at comfortable rates.


Best Garage Door Openers in 2020

What’s the best garage door opener? Wait no more!

Best garage openers under 200

In this first segment, we’re going to go through a portion of the essential features you need to search for looking for a garage door opener. These machines have tagged along way, and the best-appraised garage door opener will have the majority of the features and advantages you have to make utilizing it a breeze.

It’s the question of safety of your vehicle, on which you’ve spent thousands of bucks. So, why to trust a cheap garage door opener? Well, most of these which are available below 200 bucks aren’t all good enough for the money, but we’ve picked the best out of the heap, which proved to be safety ensuring and feature-rich.

Talking about the low cost, you’ll find the best garage door opener in 2020!

1.) LIFTMASTER 1355 Review – Best rated garage door opener

Originating from a notable and confided brand of garage entryway openers, a great deal can be normal from the LiftMaster 1355. You can work it utilizing an ergonomic remote that is intended for agreeable grasp. It is furnished with a 1/2hp engine and chain drive that is amazing and solid enough to convey extremely heavy entryways.

Its PosiLock Theft Protection highlight is structured exclusively for the LiftMaster arrangement. It is matched with a defender feature with proficient and solid security sensors. They’re planned with the highest amount of security and observing features that assurance a protected task. However, you might need a compatibility bridge for some car models.

This carport entryway opener utilizes a licensed innovation that is planned for a sheltered invert highlight that utilizations infrared pillar. Its powerful detecting innovation guarantees that the entryway prevents from shutting when it gets in contact with an individual or an item. This carport entryway opener utilizes a solid moving code remote control that gives included security.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Effective Protector System.
  • Safety sensors.
  • The manual release included.
  • Perfect Rolling Code Remote Controls.
  • Exclusive PosiLock Theft Protection Feature.

2.) CHAMBERLAIN GROUP C410 Review – Best cheap garage door opener with a remote keypad

The Chamberlain C410 incorporates a frill you won’t discover on less expensive garage door openers: a remote keypad. The guarantee (10 years) on the C410’s engine is superior to anything that of less expensive units we looked into. It’s reliable, genuinely peaceful, and dependable. The C410 is among not very many shoddy carport entryway openers out there to have a worked in clock to-close capacity.

The Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener flaunts its own Wi-Fi. The Chamberlain C410 model garage door opener accompanies a chain drive and one 0.5 power engine. You’ll get medium lifting power, ideal for a standard estimated carport entryway. When the framework is introduced, download the MyQ cell phone application to have control of your garage door whenever and anyplace.

You should pay for the company after the initial thirty-day free trial. You will get two, three catch remotes with this model. This will give you a chance to control up to three openers or Chamberlain lighting frameworks. The remotes are long-range surrendering you to 1,500 feet. Despite the fact that this is one of the more affordable garage door openers from Chamberlain, it is as yet made using decent quality materials.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • MyQ cell phone application support.
  • Cheap and feature-filled.
  • Remote range of 1500 feet.
  • Inbuilt WiFi.
  • Posi-lock anti-theft protection.

3.) CHAMBERLAIN GROUP C450 Review – Best cheap durable garage door opener

Chamberlain are at the top in the list of the best garage door opener brands. C450 by Chamberlain is a cell phone controlled garage door that accompanies heaps of featuresthat you will like. With the supports Triband technology, the opener has a decent range of 150 feet that gives you the accommodation to open the door as you approach the garage.

The inbuilt MYQ technology is a superb thing to have. The chain driver is pretty durable. It’s all rugged steel construction ensuring high performance. Inside it lays the 0.5 HP motor delivering decent lifting force. It’s suitable if your garage is 7 feet high.

For the 8 and 10 feet high garages, an extension kit is needed. In the box, you get a wireless keypad, 2 three-button remotes, dual-function wall control, and safety sensors. Hacking is so tough as it’s paired with Wi-Fi router firewalls and your home’s ISP.

In addition, its chain drive has been built utilizing steel material, which makes it very strong. With regards to the security of your garage, this opener accompanies an enemy of burglary insurance known as Posi-lock. You need to link myQ account in the Key App. What’s more, this opener is pretty easy to install, and this factor that makes it perfect for numerous users.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Exceptionally hard to hack.
  • Decent remote range of 150 feet.
  • Inbuilt MYQ technology.
  • Highly durable chain driver.
  • Mobile ap support.

4.) CHAMBERLAIN PD512 Garage Door Opener Review

This is to be sure an extraordinary answer for verifying your garage door and keep the interlopers from breaking into your garage. The 1/2 horsepower motor makes this chain drive system a standout among the most prominent alternatives available. This model has been created with an incredible ½ HP motor, which has a modern quality chain drive.

This gadget has been made with a light that is equipped for creating 100-watts light. In this way, you will feel more secure in your garage. If you prefer not to utilize the remote control, you can work the system from the control board that you can position on the wall.

You can control this system from a good distance with the utilization of your smartphone. Access the site so as to check whether your vehicle is perfect. This has been structured with a Tri-band frequency that implies that it will guarantee a higher range and execution.

The counter robbery protection is exceptionally valuable as it keeps the door bolted following it closes, and it can’t be opened utilizing the remote control or the keypad. Safety sensors venture an infrared bar over the door opening; if it distinguishes any disturbances, the sensors will keep the door from shutting. Along these lines shielding you and your family from any sort of mishappens.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Easy to install rail system.
  • Built-in 100-watt light bulb.
  • Control panel.
  • Tri-band frequency for better range.
  • Very safe.

5.) LIFEMASTER 3255 Contractor Series Review – Best multi-practical control board

Why you should buy?

The LiftMaster 3255 is a fundamental yet entirely solid and proficient garage door opener that comes without a rail assembly in this specific bundle. It has a robust ½ HP Chain Drive motor. It incorporates a garage door remote that works with a solitary catch. Here, the ‘moving code‘ changes after every single use guarantees that individuals can’t sidestep your security.

Another basic wellbeing feature is the Protector System which uses sensors to guarantee nobody is underneath when the garage door gets shut. The multi-practical control board in the meantime gives simple opening and shutting without the remote and furthermore gives you a chance to control your opener lights (which are 100 watts).

The item weight is 21 pounds. This unit supports all sorts of the modules of the MyQ technology. However, the installation is something that consumes a larger portion of time in comparison to the other garage door openers (mostly when you are installing it on the old rails) we’ve mentioned here at the similar price point.

Undoubtedly it’s highly durable. Besides that, it comes with just one remote control, and you don’t have any outside keypad. No matter LiftMaster 3255 isn’t a high selling thing, but doubtlessly, it’s worth your money.

What we like:
  • Multi-practical control board.
  • Powerful ½ HP Chain Drive motor.
  • Moving code for ensuring high safety.
  • Supports all sorts of the modules of the MyQ technology.

6.) LIFEMASTER/CHAMBERLAIN /SENTEX Garage Door Openers Review – Best garage door opener backup

Here comes the add on! Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Sentex Garage Door Opener isn’t an opener, yet it is a battery back garage door opener for AC worked garage door openers. It is intended to guarantee that the client’s garage door keeps on working when the power is out. This is certainly not a motorized garage door opener, however a battery reinforcement for clients existing garage door opener.

This garage door opener will coordinate with many garage door openers including the Liftmaster 3800, estate series 2500, 2500b, 2500d, 3500, 8500, Liftmaster 8500, and jackshaft. As this isn’t an independent garage door opener, yet intended to be a battery backup for the best garage door openers, it doesn’t have or need any connectivity features.

Use is with the best garage door openers on the off chance that they don’t as of now have an inbuilt battery backup. You get a sound signal from it, so you know when the standard AC power has been supplanted with battery control. It revives naturally once power is back on and can open and shut the garage door down to multiple times when the power is out. LED lights to give data on charging status.

Once you install it, you don’t need to put any efforts to make this battery backup garage door opener work. You keep on utilizing your current garage door opener which will keep the majority of its wellbeing, security, and working features.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Highly versatile.
  • Comfortable price.
  • During power out, existing garage opener works.
  • Strong sound signal.
  • LED lightsfor indicating charge status.

Best garage openers under 500

Now, these are the best garage door openers for you if you’re bigger garages with very heavy doors. Besides that, extra features are waiting!

Keep reading to discover what is the best garage door opener under $500!

1.) CHAMBERLAIN GROUP B550 Review – Best smart garage door opener in 2020

The Chamberlain B550 is the best mid-range garage door opener in our examination and also the best belt drive garage door opener It has preferable features over spending models, inbuilt Wi-Fi, motion-activated lighting, and a timer capacity. The lift system is a belt drive, which means it works more easily and more unobtrusively than chain-driven models. It accompanies a remote keypad.

Out of the crate, this keen garage door opener takes a shot at standard 7-foot doors. However, it can deal with doors up to 10 feet if you purchase an extension unit. The unit accompanies two three-sensor remotes, just as standard security features to counteract mishaps while the door is moving. The motor has 10 years of warranty, and the belt has a 15-year warranty.

The Chamberlain B510 Ultra Quiet timer which can naturally close your garage door. It has every one of the features you need with a 1/2-horsepower garage door opener, including a phenomenal timer capacity that will consequently close your garage door for you in the event if it goes out of your mind.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • inbuilt Wi-Fi.
  • Timer capacity.
  • Motion-activated lighting.
  • Three-sensor remotes.
  • 10 years of warranty on the motor.
  • 15-year warranty on the belt.

2.) CHAMBERLAIN GROUP Chamberlain B970 Review – Best WiFi garage door opener

The Chamberlain B970 is the thing that I would consider to be the highest point of the line D-I-Y garage door opener available. It has a solid, calm motor and every single feature accessible on a private garage door opener. The battery backup should be supplanted sooner or later, for the most part, 5+ years later on.

The wifi/smartphone feature functions admirably. Chamberlain have offered the MyQ wireless association for around five years longer than any competitors.  At 1.25 h.p. equal, this opener has a lot of horsepower for any door. It is peaceful, smooth, wifi/cell phone good, and has a battery reinforcement. The wall control has movement detecting light actuation and can be set to close your door following a few minutes naturally if you leave it open coincidentally.

Two remote controls, a keypad, and security eyes are incorporated. Obviously, the remotes use advanced security technology and are perfect with your vehicle Homelink. You have a smartphone application that gives you a chance to work and screen your door from anyplace you have a web connection.

Despite the fact that the 1.25 h.p. quality of the B970 is sufficient to lift a large portion of the doors, this opener may not be the best decision for extra-heavy doors. The Chamberlain C870 is the chain drive form/version of the B970, and is somewhat more affordable, as well, but the B970 model is also high value for the money. Hence, I highly recommend B970 to you.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Decent wifi/smartphone feature .
  • Powerful 1.25 HP motor for lifting medium heavy doors.
  • Movement detecting light actuation.
  • Remotes with advanced technology.
  • High value for the money.

3.) CHAMBERLAIN GROUP C870 Review – Best garage door opener remote

The Chamberlain C870 is precisely the same machine as the B970, aside from it is driven by a chain rather than a belt. If you have a bulkier door, this might be a superior choice. Belt drive openers all have a self strain spring that can be completely compacted when lifting an extremely heavy door, making the belt go slack for a minute, at that point “slap” the rail. This issue does not exist on a chain drive opener.

xxPlanned and built for wellbeing and security, the C870 incorporates a full-work divider control board, a remote keypad, and hosts upgraded Triband innovation for superior range, execution, and less obstruction. The most elevated amount of encryption and checking, matched with your home s ISP and Wi-Fi switch firewalls make preparations for hacking.

It is worked to withstand extraordinary conditions, and it’s developed with vibration resistant technology and exactness built for a considerable length of time of high quality and smooth execution. Fueled by Chamberlain Lift Power System, it conveys the most extreme lifting limit in the price classification.

Worked in Wi-Fi and the MyQ App enable you to get ongoing alarms, open, close, and know the status of your garage door from anyplace. The battery backup will keep this machine working; however when the power is out. Acknowledges 26-watt max CFL lights or two 100-watt max non-halogen (excluded). Planned explicitly for 7 feet. Garage doors – extension units required for 8 ft. and10 ft. Doors.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Decent for lifting heavier doors.
  • Ensures high security and high durability.
  • ISP and Wi-Fi switch firewalls.
  • Chamberlain Lift Power System.
  • MyQ App for knowing the garage door’s status.

4.) CHAMBERLAIN GROUP RJO20 Review – Best compact garage door opener

The Chamberlain RJO20 Direct Drive Wall Mounted garage door operator is a distinct advantage with regards to sparing space in your garage. To the extent configuration goes, the RJO20 is smooth, negligible, and practically unnoticeable in the garage. It can fit in the minor corner of your garage without yielding any piece of stopping the door opening usefulness. It’s silent and furthermore smartphone application controllable.

Noise isn’t an issue here. A praiseworthy thing about the RJO20 is that it is anything but difficult to install. The negative is that just a single remote is given. This programmed garage lock verifies the garage door when it closes. RJO heavy-duty garage door opener, controls, automatic garage door lock, remote light, Wireless Keypad, and three-button elite remote. It will offer you the most extreme protection.

The RJO20 needs a wire to be associated with the web. Then again, it doesn’t vibrate while being used. The MyQ has more features which will enable you to control and screen your garage door from wherever. Every one of the warnings will be sent to your mobile. The material utilized for general built is strong and durable. You ought not to fear when purchasing this thing. The keypad is excluded.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Great choice for heavy doors.
  • Very compact yet powerful.
  • Smartphone app controllable.
  • Works quietly.
  • Automatic garage door lock.
  • Offers high protection.

5.) CHAMBERLAIN GROUP Chamberlain B1381 Review – Best lighting system

Among the Chamberlain garage door openers that we’ve investigated for this audit, this one was the priciest. It has a Stronger LED light, battery save, and very impressive lifting intensity of 1.25 horsepower. If your garage door resembles mine at just 7 feet, you won’t experience any difficulty amassing and introducing this immediately. An extension is required if your garage door goes past this.

The B1381 light was demonstrated to have an enlightenment of 3,100 lumens. This brute gives an astounding 1.25 horsepower and accompanies a battery backup that will keep your garage door available even on the grimmest occasions when a power blackout will keep every one of your neighbors outside.

It has a great 1.25 HP motor. Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B1381, at this cost, won’t bring pain. Worked in Wi-Fi and the myQ application will likewise give you a chance to control the garage door at whatever point you need, and from any place you are, the length of you wouldn’t fret paying membership for that.

An expression of guidance for anybody hoping to purchase the Chamberlain keen garage doors is that you’ll need to pay additional for the Google Home integrations and Alexa for $10 every year. The wifi application combinations are palatable enough all alone.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Stronger LED light and battery save feature.
  • 1.25 horsepower for lifting heavy doors.
  • Wi-Fi and the myQ application.
  • Value for the money.

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Best Garage Openers Reviews In 2020 : Information box

Well, I hope that you have clicked on the Amazon button for knowing best price on garage door openers, but if you’re still confused, then better let me explain some considerations.

You already know which brand of garage door opener is best out there, but you can’t blindly buy the garage door opener by hearing the brand’s name. Some features need to be considered. 100% possibilities aren’t there that you buy from the best garage door opener brand and you’ll be fully satisfied. You need to think what features you need in your garage door opener.

While there are different features and functions you may require your garage door to have, the three most huge features you need to consider are lifting power, remote controls and sharp home closeness are okay, anyway if your opener doesn’t have enough dismantle to lift your door, they won’t be of much help.

Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener

Likely the best disservice of a chain drive is that they are extremely dangerous. The chains make a lot of clamor when they are in duty, which means these garage door openers will as a rule report your arrival. These are perhaps best used for pulled back garages.

Right when joined to your home, a chain-driven garage door is likely going to wake the whole family in case you return home late around night time. Chain-drive openers are generally the most affordable sort of door opener, settling on them a popular choice for modest clients and home loan holders with a limited spending plan.

These type of devices use a metal chain to drive the trolley part that raises and cuts down your garage door. Chain-driven door openers will when all is said in done require more upkeep than various models in light of the increased friction and the high number of moving parts.

Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener

The disadvantage is that belt-driven door openers are more expensive than chain-driven models. The more quiet movement is amazing for involved nuclear families with people returning and forward reliably, anyway in case you have a withdrawn garage, a chain-driven opener may be a predominant option.

For all intents and purposes, belt-drive garage door openers are about unclear from chain-driven models. The fundamental refinement is that they utilize a belt as opposed to a chain. While the belt limits likewise as a chain, it gives more settled, smoother movement and offers somewhat less mileage, as belts don’t degrade so quickly as chains.

Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener

The best drawback to screw-drive garage door openers is that they will, by and large, be more expensive than various types of the door opener. While these openers have less upkeep and fewer parts, the structure and gathering of these parts are somewhat more required than a chain or belt-driven door opener. Everything considered the reduced volume might be surely defended paying little heed to the extra cost.

Screw-driven garage door openers are worked around a single hung shaft. Right when the shaft turns, it drives the trolley and makes the door open. Since the structure is filled by a single bar rather than a chain, it requires an impressive sum less help than chain-driven openers. They are normally truly quiet.

Direct-Drive Garage Door Opener

While direct drive systems offer awesome execution; they are fundamentally more pricey than various choices. While this may at last pay for itself in lessened upkeep, it really comes down to the sum you support the more settled, increasingly clear assignment of the motor.

You need low maintenance and the operation is silent because the motor itself elaborates along the trolley for opening/closing the garage door.


If you have bigger doors, then best type of garage door opener for you will be the one with higher horse power. Before you buy a garage door opener, you should have a shrewd idea of what kind of garage door you have. Garage doors are usually made with steel, despite the way that if you live in an old home, you may have a wooden garage door.

It doesn’t take a huge proportion of the ability to lift a garage door. Everything considered, most of them are proposed to be lifted by conveying the event of an emergency or a power outage. Garage door openers generally go from ½ to 1 ½ HP. ½ and ¾ HP are probably the two most fundamental motors.

Present day garage doors can generally be accumulated into three classes: single-layer, twofold layer, and triple-layer. Single-layer doors are the most generally perceived, and most can be lifted with just ½ HP. Greater and heavier doors will require more solidarity to open.

Notwithstanding whether you simply need ½ HP to open your garage door, various people settle on an even more powerful motor at any rate. More drive can empower your door to open faster, and since the motor is being met with less resistance, the mileage on the motor is lessened.

Additional Features

You’ll require a remote control to open the garage door from your vehicle. Most of the door openers feature a manual release that empowers you to pull back the trolley and open the door physically. Many garage door openers feature a security light, yet this isn’t strictly necessary.

Some best features to look after

You will locate that a portion of the higher end carport entryway openers will accompany uncommon highlights, for example, combined with keen home biological systems like Alexa, Xfinity, and Nest. The best WiFi carport entryway openers will have home computerization abilities through worked in WiFi network.

This feature empowers the user to work the opener with the advanced cell and beware of its status remotely (to ensure you didn’t leave it open for instance). The best garage door openers are even vehicle perfect. You will likewise locate the best models have an auto close capacity.

A portion of different alternatives you will find are battery reinforcement, movement sensors, rail augmentations, and locks. You may not find the majority of the features you need in a single feature, so choose that are the most essential to you.

Before You Buy a Garage Door Opener

Regardless of whether you live in a more seasoned home without a programmed opener or you’re refreshing an exhausted drive system with an opener that accommodates your cutting edge way of life, there will never be a wrong time to purchase a garage door opener.

In the event that your garage door opener is over 20 years of age, it is prescribed you trade it for a more up to date model with better security features. Nonetheless, it’s a smart thought to counsel with an expert before you make your buy. Numerous huge urban communities have encountered garage door specialists who introduce garage doors professionally.

In case you don’t know how huge your garage door is or how much drive you need, they can give you the data you need. You additionally need to consider the installing procedure itself. Installing the drive system is a genuinely included procedure.

While it’s not difficult to do it without anyone’s help, you should need to look for expert help. Guarantees are generally voided if the door openers are not installed effectively, so remember that while you shop.

Best Garage Openers Reviews : The conclusion

We spotted out garage openers for you at every budget point, and all were highly reliable and filled with advanced features. Lets remind them and their specialties now.

LiftMaster 1355 is the best-rated garage door opener. If you want to buy a cheap garage door opener with a remote keypad, then Chamberlain Group C410 highly suits you. Chamberlain Group C450 is the best cheap, durable choice. LiftMaster 3255 Contractor Series comes with the best multi-practical control board.

Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Sentex Garage Door Openers is a bonus add in our review, and it’s the best garage door opener backup.  Chamberlain Group B550 is the best smart garage door opener in 2020. The WiFi capabilities of Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 impressed the most. Chamberlain Group C870 comes with the most impressive remote control.

If you’re looking for a compact garage door opener, then buy Chamberlain Group RJO20. At last, Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B1381 comes with the best lighting system.

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