Best Foot Massagers Under $100, $200 Reviews in 2019
Best Foot Massagers Under $100, $200 Reviews in 2019

I’m sure that you are familiar with the feet ache and stress! You can’t roll on with aching feet for sure, still, some of you ignore it. Guys, please don’t ignore, as it doesn’t take much for the pain to evolve into something serious.

Massaging feet with thumb and fingers is an outdated thing now! Be smart and modern!

Electric foot massagers are built to work the best for your pressure points present in your feet and provide benefits to the whole body! With this particular device, you can stimulate muscles, ease pain, improve circulation and even reduce tension.

What is the best foot massager in 2019?

You can find numerous foot massagers, but what features make a foot massager suitable for you?

Which are the best foot massagers out there? No worries, my experts have experimented the same. Let me bring you the best foot massagers in 2019!

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Best Foot Massagers Reviews in 2019

Here we have 2 categories: under $100 and under $200. The second category obliviously carries some extra benefits.

Best foot massager Under $100

The market is flooded with foot massagers of this price category! These are of certain styles, and bring relief to you in certain ways. We have the best 10 here.

1.) KONLIKING Air Compression Leg Massager Review – Best cheap foot massager

This leg massager might look simple, but it actually does a fabulous job, and that’s why it has earned so impressive ratings on Amazon and standing on top here. This air compression leg massager doesn’t carry any complications. You get instruction regarding the levels of usage. If there is muscle pain in your feet or lower leg, then better relieve it before it climbs high, and Konliking Air Compression Leg Massager isn’t demanding a big amount.

The massaging intensity is impressive. It comes with a USB, and once you charge it, you’re able to enjoy a massage for a couple of hours. No need to visit the massage department, as you can treat yourself in even lesser than that, and most importantly, anytime (just charge needs to be there). You get a lifelong replacement warranty. If you often suffer night cramps, then also this massager is pretty useful. It’s made from soft touch material.

If a person has blood clots in the leg, then swelling is a normal thing! Using this massager, one can avoid that swelling. These aren’t noisy either. 3 intensity options are there and 2 operational modes: manual and automatic. You can use this massager when plugged in for charging. Although our testers marked the material “skin-friendly” but a few found it harsh for the skin. Undoubtedly, it’s the best foot and calf massager in 2019.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Very easy to use.
  • Best rated foot massager.
  • 3 intensity options.
  • Best foot and leg massager.
  • Auto and manual modes.
  • Can be used while plugged in for charging.
  • Skin friendly material.

2.) NEKTECK Foot Massager review – Best buy foot massager

This versatile foot massager comes with 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massage nodes. It’s an expert in regulating blood flow. A lot of sufferers exclaimed that it relaxes muscles in such a less time. There is an integrated heating system which plays a vital role in relieving your pain. Not just easy, but it’s also safe to use. Suppose if you don’t want the heating system, then you can turn it off for convenience.

For turning on this massager, there isn’t any need of bending down. You also enjoy the adjustable height feature which you can adjust up to 3 levels. Besides that, you can use your toe for accessing its power button and doing other adjustments. You can place a towel between the massages and feet if you feel that it’s too hard. What I recommend is, use this massager twice a day for 20 mins for the best result.

It works with 120V only, so you won’t be able to use it if you’re living outside the US or Canada. I guess this thing can’t be called a drawback that this massager isn’t suitable for those who are having extremely high pain, as then, you either need medical treatment or a much expensive massager with more advanced features. If you’re a big person, then this massager isn’t for you, as the feet are too close in this one.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • 3 levels height adjustment.
  • Adjustments and On/off button can be accessed by your toe.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Integrated heating system.

3.) MIKO Foot Massager Machine – Best foot massager for Neuropathy issues

The Miko Foot Massager Machine targets specific pressure points in your feet for relaxing you, and there are 18 massage nodes present for doing that. This versatile foot massager enables you to use any of the 4 massage modes for healing your aches. If there is good blood flow in your aching areas, then it surely relieves pain, and this foot massager works for that only.

This machine knoews very well how to give the best foot massage. If your feet are tired, then the heat settings help in providing relief, and it also cures nerve damage. As it’s a thin profile, you can slide it under your sofa, bed or other furniture and pull it our when you need it. Without spending much, the makers have developed a decent design, which isn’t just functional but also impresses with its expensive looks.

If anyone from your home is suffering from foot pain, you can, without spending much, gift it to them, and earn blessings! It also relieves from neuropathy issues. Options are present for heat/no heat and strong/weaker shiatsu massage. The heating element is a bit less powerful. This one is also not for healing heavy aches.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • A very reasonable possible cure for neuropathy issues.
  • 18 massage nodes.
  • 4 massage modes.
  • Convenient heat settings.

4.) TRIDUCNA Shiatsu Feet Massager Review – Best temperature rising speed

TRIDUCNA Shiatsu Feet Massager is another name of luxury at a cheap cost! In this one, you’re able to use every single function separately. 3-level of different intensities are available, and there is adjustable air compression for helping you in aiming the exact amount of pressure required. While testing, we recorded temperature rise from 104 to 131 degrees F in 4 mins 21 secs.

You can manually turn this heating option of if you’re comfy without it. Using this massager, your heel and foot pain will vanish soon. Certain mini ergonomics massage nodes are present for the relaxation of your sore feet. If you’re the one who has to work standing for long hours, then TRIDUCNA Shiatsu Feet Massager is a must buy a thing. It comes with removable & washable foot sleeves for avoiding smell.

There’s a sensitive touch panel that lets you do adjustments, and having it in such cheap foot massager is a fun! I wish we could increase the intensity of the massage a bit more. It isn’t able to build up pressure around your ankles up to a good point. Absence of the heat adjustment is the biggest drawback in TRIDUCNA Shiatsu Feet Massager.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Abundant mini ergonomics massage nodes.
  • Good temperature rising speed.
  • The heating option can be turned off manually.
  • Removable & washable foot sleeve.

5.) MEDCURSOR Upgraded Foot Massager – Best foot massager with height adjustment

This one is also having 18 rotating nodes and 6 massage heads. The design produces acupressure, which is very beneficial for relieving feet soreness and tired muscles. Just turn on the heat feature of this foot massager, and feel your nerves and muscles slowly attaining relaxation. It’s a great feeling! You’re also able to elevate this machine to your desired height with the help of 2 height level feature.

Having such an easily portable foot massager is so cool! The power switch is pretty large, and without bending down, you can access it with a toe. You get built-in on-board cord storage also. This massager has helped a buyer suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, which is a disease that makes you spend much in treatment. It’s highly durable also.

Medcursor Upgraded Foot Massager is a very suitable gift also. Gift it to your grandparents or parents, and it will deliver more oxygen to the damaged nerves. The step switch is very convenient for them. Like most of the other cheap foot massagers, here also a few folks complained that the heating isn’t up to the mark. A few said that the foot area is big, but it is targeted for all sorts of feet, including those big ones.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • The design produces acupressure.
  • 2 height level feature.
  • Large power switch.
  • High quality construction.

6.) NAIPO Foot Massager Review – Best heat feature foot massager

There are certain sweet spots in our feet, by pressing which the pain from various parts of the body can be relieved! Considering those spots, Naipo Foot Massager is designed with 18 penetration massage nodes, which press those spots and promote blood circulation. There is an optional infrared heat feature here, and by turning it on, you can ensure a better melt away for tension and spasms.

For turning n the rolling foot massage, you can use your toe instead of bending over, and if you have a big tummy, then I know you’re smiling right now. Not just turning on/off, you can also do certain adjustments with a toe. The platform is large enough for making this foot massager suitable for various sizes of feet. You can slide it under your sofa, and whenever you want it, just slide it out, switch on your TV, and this device also (with your toe), and enjoy.

A few users demand for more speed settings. If you have high nerve pain, then do start this massager slowly, as this one is more aggressive than most of the foot massagers at this price level. If you’ve got neuropathy, then Naipo Foot Massager is going to help you out. The wheels of this foot massager don’t prove to be that comfy for tender feet.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • 18 penetration massage nodes.
  • Great for enhancing blood flow.
  • Optional infrared heat feature.
  • Good for curing neuropathy.
  • Can be operated by a toe.

7.) MAXKARE Foot Massager Shiatsu Review – Best massage combinations

The most significant benefit with MaxKare Foot Massager Shiatsu is the variety of massage modes! Guys, normally there are 3, but here you get 5 massage modes. Not just that Maxkare also surprises with some attractive features, that you really don’t expect at this price. It has an airbag, and it’s built with roller technique. The pressing actions are designed mimicking hand & thumb pressing. Of course, there’s a heating function as well.

There is a separate air compression on insteps. You can adjust massage time among 6 settings for satisfying various massage needs. You can adjust heating function and air compression separately for a variety of massage combinations. Even if you run this foot massager on the highest setting for an extended period, you won’t feel pain as it’s user-friendly.

There won’t be any suffering from the smell as the sleeves of this foot massager are conveniently detachable for cleaning purpose. The action is a bit less for the back portion of your heels. You might find a few complaining about less heat, but those complain are worthless, as there is nothing wrong with the heating of this foot massager.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Built with excellent roller technique.
  • Impressive adjustable heating function.
  • Large variety of massage combinations available.
  • 5 massage modes.

8.) MARNUR Shiatsu Foot Massager Review – Best shiatsu foot massager

Generally, there are 18-30 nodes in a foot massager, but this one comes with 48 nodes in total. The pressure based therapy provided by this foot massager is too impressive. Even with the expensive models, it happens that they fail to provide equitable relief to all parts of our foot. That isn’t the case with MARNUR Shiatsu Foot Massager, as you will feel that your heels and foot sides are also perfectly treated.

This stylish and tough design ensures durability. The kneading and heating functions work perfectly. The powerful shiatsu style rotating nodes work on both feet independently, and you can adjust the pressure accordingly. It’s a master in relieving pain and stress. You’ll find the central console is positioned right between the feet, cutting off the hassle of bending down for adjustments.

You can use its timer massager that automatically shuts off after 15 mins. If there is overheating, the massager automatically stops, ensuring safety. A digital display is missing here. The cord is also pretty short. The operating noise isn’t loud, but it is noticeable in comparison of certain other foot massagers here. The high-intensity setting is so hard to handle, and I am sure, only a few users would prefer that high setting.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • 48 massaging nodes.
  • Impressive pressure based therapy.
  • Perfectly treats whole foot.
  • Stylish and tough design.
  • Rightly positioned central console.
  • Automatic shut-off feature.

Best foot massager Under $200

Till now, certain complaints were coming along with such as low intensity and low heat, but now, the quality level has increased, and so has the massage intensity!

1.) SNAILAX Shiatsu Foot Massager Review – Best foot massager in 2019

This foot massager provides you relief through using Shiatsu, heating function, and rolling air compression. When you put your paining feet into it, you feel as if professional hands are there at your service! There are 3 auto-massage modes present, with which you can combine proper air pressure for enjoying the desired message. It stabilizes feet for high-quality scraping massage. Double air compression massage is provided to ankles by a couple of airbags.

There are 3 adjustable intensity levels. You get optional soothing heat function which is extremely useful if your feet and ankle nerves don’t let you sleep properly at night! You will definitely be advantageous with this. This foot massager in beneficial in certain ways like improving blood circulation, neuropathy, relieve muscle tension, plantar fasciitis, etc. There is no hassle in keeping this foot massager clean always.

However, the heat might take a few mins (5-7, and hardly 10 mins) to make you feel comfy. Most importantly, the heels are relieved from all directions. It’s only for feet, not for calves. However, your lower ankles will be beneficial. The heel portion of this foot massager didn’t seem perfect to some big feet guys. No doubt you’re getting an excellent deal on Snailax Shiatsu foot massager, as its highly beneficial one.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Perfect heating function.
  • Rolling air compression.
  • Provides high quality scraping massage.
  • 3 adjustable intensity levels.
  • Easy to clean.

2.) MIKO Shiatsu Foot Massager Review – Best remote controlled foot massager

With impressive looks, and impressive price tag, comes the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager, which is the best selling foot massager under $200, and the excellence can be defined by mentioning that over 1300 units are sold on Amazon. It comes with Subtle Vibrating, Rolling, and Heat Functions. There are  5 different pressure settings.

It’s an expert in sucking your pain. 2 wireless remotes are included.xxYou feel equal relief both below and sides of the feet. Air pressure puts pressure on all parts of the foot.Issues such as fasciitis, chronic paintough knots, muscle tension, and a few others can be cured. There’s a year warranty on this foot massager.

A 15 mins timer is included. Oldies were very happy with this foot massager in Amazon public reviews. It has also helped some in curing various diseases.xxIt fits up to size 12 feet. The remotes help you avoiding bending down for changing the settings. Some users weren’t happy and said that certain parts of their heels are ignored. You don’t get the side rollers or side air chambers for squeezing the foot from the sides. A few users were up with the theory that the pressure is inconsistent. While we tested, it was cent percent consistent!

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Highly successful on Amazon.
  • A 15 mins timer is included.
  • Can cure a variety of pains.
  • 2 Remote controls provided.
  • 5 different pressure settings.
  • 1-year warranty.

3.) RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Review – Best kneading foot massager

The RENPHO Shiatsu foot massager is equipped with abundant features. Heating and compression are common features, and in addition you get decent rotation ball and rolling stick. You can bring relief to plantar fasciitis and with the help of this foot massager, you can cope up with physical fatigue which has been troubling you from whole day. 3 air pressure levels and 3 kneading intensities you can easily adjust to your personal preference.

The touch panel ensures that there is no headache in operating this foot massager. The foot chambers and foot cloth are easily removable & washable. You can independently control the soothing heat function. The makers recommend that using it regularly for half an hour at low settings will definitely bring positive changes in your body, and some pains will entirely vanish.

The kneading seems to stay in only some particular areas of the foot in place of massaging the whole foot as per a few users. The heating options also works a bit slow, but I guess that if 2-4 minutes are consumed extra, then that isn’t going to break the deal. Some were wishing to have some added feature for the bottom part of the feet instead of just vibration.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Decent decent rotation ball and rolling stick features.
  • 3 air pressure levels.
  • 3 kneading intensities.
  • Easily removable & washable foot chamber/cloth.
  • Value for money.
  • Durable construction.

4.) OVITUS Foot Spa Bath Massager Review – Best foot massager for plantar fasciitis

The Ovitus foot spa bath massager is the first one of its kind on our list and is the best foot bath massager. It is the best one for athletes as well. You can find a variety of acupuncture points which are related to various organs. Treating those acupuncture points means those organs will also get relief. You can improve the working of a certain organ by treating the related spot present in your feet, did you know that?

It combines acupressure, heating therapy, shiatsu, and oxygen bubbles for bringing you relief. You might not believe that in benefits of this foot massager, exit of your body toxins is also included. Not just that, it even improves you metabolism, which is helpful in fat loss. There’s a medicine compartment as well. You can set the water temperature from from 35℃ to 48℃ (95°F~118°F). Most importantly, it heats up faster and maintains the temperature well.

PTC Heater is present with highly secure multi-insulation protection. There are 3 power settings, which are 300,400 and, 500W and it’s a big energy saver also. Infrared red light is present to sterilize your feet. The massage balls aren’t entirely sphere, and it confuses that why is it so. Instructions are a bit tough. Some have complains about the bubbles function also. Considering all that, best water foot massager is still worth money!

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • A variety of acupuncture points on the soul.
  • Best foot bath and massager.
  • Great consistency in water temperature.
  • 3 power settings.
  • Energy saver.
  • medicine compartment.

5.) BELMINT Shiatsu Foot Massager Review – Best foot massager for nerve pain

The deep-kneading Shiatsu massage rotating nodes of Belmint Shiatsu foot massager work exceptionally well. If you are being toubled by chronic pain, Nerve Pain, muscle tension, knots, plantar fasciitis, or other sorts of foot pains, then this foot massager is highly beneficial. The added heat feature is something you would surely love if you work in cold weather. It soothes inflammation and stiffness.

Here you enjoy the powerful deep-kneading massage, and this is made possible by Shiatsu massage rotating nodes. These are pretty helpful in relieving from chronic pains, and also relieving muscle and nerve tension. The makers recommend not to use this massager if your pain tolerance level is low and if you’re having any medical condition, then firstly consult a doctor before using this massager.

The active compression in this massager helps in removing excess fluid in the foot. The breathable foot cover is removable as well as cleanable. If you have big feet, then the massager isn’t going to treat your heel well, and this is a drawback for sure. Like some other massagers on this list, this one also consumes some extra time to fully heat up.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Highly beneficial heat feature.
  • Powerful deep-kneading massage.
  • Highly durable.
  • Removing excess fluid in the foot.
  • Breathable foot cover is removable & cleanable.

6.) AREALER Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Review – Best foot massager for diabetics

You are enjoying so many functions with Arealer Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine. If you are spending long periods sitting in office or driving, and restlessness keeps on troubling you, then why not to relieve nerves and muscles by using this foot massager. It promotes blood pressure circulation pretty much like you do while doing some exercises such as skipping or jogging.

There are 5 settings for pressure adjustment, so you never have to compromise. It’s equipped with wireless remote control that is easy to use. Even after long tiring days, when you regularly use this massager for 30 mins, you will definitely notice changes and betterment. Men size 11 is the max fitting limit, and if it’s below 10.5, then you are going to be highly advantageous.

It treats your toes tremendously. It’s also perfect for your heels. The heat feature is there, but heat adjustment can’t be made. The heat build-up is a bit poor, as while testing, we found that the lower part of the foot is more beneficial, while the heat isn’t that good at the sides of the foot. I wish the heat was uniform all over. Exiting the machine is also a little difficult, a few users said so!

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • 5 settings for pressure adjustment.
  • Heat feature.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Removes fatigue in pretty less time.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

7.) BINXIN All in One Foot Spa Massager Review – Best foot spa massager

The Binxin All in One Foot Spa Massager, as the name suggests, does a variety of jobs and that too without making holes in your wallet. Till now you were familiar with the Shiatsu rollers, but here you get Tai Jai as well. This is the unique design till now, and I know a few of you would definitely prefer this design. It does all for you. Here you enjoy agitated water, heated water, motorized rollers and also the manual rollers.

The LCD is bright, and we also loved the design of its control panel. 95 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature control range. Sometimes when the water is heated up, and you soak your feet in it, after sometimes you find changes in the water temperature. Here, the water temperature stays constant, and it’s a decent feature. You can empty the water easily through the drainage line, and lockable wheels are also convenient.

The noise level is low enough. The size capacity is also good, as our expert’s foot size is 9, and we saw 3-4 inches still left. The remote isn’t that responsive, and it definitely needs betterment. Also, it is very silky, so it often slips out of hand. It would have been better if a massage part was provided for the foot arches. The edge is rough on the bucket. Bubble production is also low.

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Easy heat set up for water.
  • Maintains water temperature perfectly.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Lockable wheels.
  • Drainage line ensuring easy drainage.

8.) SERENELIFE SLFTMSG35 Shiatsu Review – Best foot massager for all foot sizes

You return after a long tiring day, and if you have a SereneLife SLFTMSG35 Shiatsu foot massager at home, then definitely a smile is going to pop up on your face, as you know that the pain won’t last long now! This foot massager provides whatever you want from it, right from pressure relieving, pain relieving, or whether you talk about the blood flow. It perfectly soothes your deep tissues perfectly.

Right form ankles to toes, every part in between enjoy this foot massager. You can enjoy spa treatment by its heat feature. There is an LCD for letting you conveniently choose the heat function, and this function is highly enjoyable if you have spent a hard day in the cold. No matter what shoe size you belong to, SereneLife SLFTMSG35 Shiatsu foot massager is suitable for you.

There are removable & washable foot covers for ensuring cleanliness. The rollers that roll under the arches are perfect. The spike in the heal is a bit troublesome. Besides that, if your feet are pretty small, then you might struggle a bit to attain complete comfort. There is hardly any issue with the foot massager. The issue is with customer service!

Why you should buy
What we like:
  • Perfect for soothing deep tissues and nerve pain.
  • Suitable for all foot sizes.
  • Convenient LCD display.
  • Necessary features are present.
  • Value for money.

Best Foot Massager Reviews in 2019 : Information box

Definitely, a foot massager can cure a number of issues, but only if you choose the right one. So, how many sorts of foot massagers exist? What are considerable points? What’s the best foot massage machine capable of doing?

I’ll clear all these questions here. Firstly, let’s discuss the two sorts of designs.

Types of foot massagers

It depends upon what suits you better, the open design, or the closed one. The design heavily affects the overall massage experience. Features and the style of construction do vary, but the basic design remains the same. Let me explain each.

Open design:

This is more common. These are pretty slim, so sliding it under furniture is easier, and also carrying, as these are lighter. You can also rest your feet putting them over its deck no matter it isn’t switched ON. You can keep such designed foot massager in your bag and take it to your workplace. These are better choices for shiny floor surfaces, as these are more stable.

The noise level is also low, so that is also a reason for which it can be called suitable for taking to the office. These need pretty low maintenance. With this type of design, your feet’s soles will receive pleasure, but your ankles and calves won’t be beneficial from any angle. Besides that, no open design foot massager is ever made that massage the arches of your feet.

Closed design:

These provide an overall message to your feet, including sides, aches, and soles. The heat function is among the most beneficial things with a closed design foot massager. It is very helpful in dealing with blood clots and relieving nerves. In comparison to the open design, here a bit more maintenance is needed, but still, this can’t be called hassle.

Most of these come with easily removable & cleanable soles. You enjoy a variety of these who treat your heels also. Several massage techniques are included here. Some of these come with remotes, with the help of which you can adjust massage intensity, heat intensity, and sometimes, even more.

It’s very suitable for elderly people of the folks suffering from back pains, as there isn’t any need of bending down for pressing any buttons for making adjustments. Personalizing each massage session is possible as per needs, which is probably the biggest benefit. Here the drawback is, if you have large feet (anything over 12 men size), then most of the models won’t suit you.

Consideration before buying a foot massager

No doubt, the design is the first consideration, but after that also, there is a series of considerations before pulling out the wallet. So, won’t you like to know what all is there?

1.) Size and weight

As I mentioned up there, if your foot’s size is normal, then it’s ok, but if your’s is 12 men’s size or anything even more, then you need to read keenly whether the model that you are buying accommodates your size or not. Makers mention the max size limit of each foot massager.

Now if your feet are smaller, then more chances are there that you won’t suffer size issue with most of the models. You only have to avoid selecting the foot massager that is built for accommodating large feet. Concentrate on massage heads and massage nodes whether they will touch all the parts of your feet or not, because if not, then how will you gain full comfort?

Talking about the weight now, it isn’t that big consideration actually, as hardly any foot massager is present out there, which makes you ask for help from someone to carry it. As a thumb rule, the open design in lighter. The lighter massagers can easily be carried to the workplace, while the bit heavier ones provide more stability.

2.) Stability

Common sense says that if a device is lighter, and vibrates high, then the device is most of the time not going to be that stable. We are talking about foot massagers, and these machines can’t do without vibrating. The open design is considered more stable as they are flat and wide. The closed models aren’t that wide. Hence, they are a bit less stable.

If you have to use the foot massager on a slippery floor surface, then don’t buy the one without rubber feet at the bottom. Besides that, some models allow height adjustment feature with adjustable feet. If you incline the foot massager, then it enhances the massage experience.

The precaution here says that you are never supposed to stand while you are using a foot massager, as it isn’t a machine made for tackling your weight. However you can press your feet for a better massage experience, but don’t press over the limit, as that affects the functioning of the motor.

3.) Price and medical conditions

There isn’t a huge price range when it comes to a foot massager, and the sweet spot is between $50 to $200. You definitely can buy even more expensive ones with a bit more features, but after $200 limit, very less foot massager prove to be the right value for money.

I mentioned medical conditions here as there are some foot massagers, which are so intense and powerful that you need to consult a doc before using them if you are going through any medical condition. It’s true that a good foot massager can fetch you out of several medical states. If there is adjustable massage option, then it’s very suitable as then you can use it at lower speed settings while going through a medical condition.

4.) Portability

We have already discussed portability indirectly in our previous factor (Size and weight). However all the massagers aren’t suitable to be carried to the office, but hardly any massager is present that you can’t move from a room to other. It’s a common thing that if you are looking for a thing that makes your feet feel comfy after returning home at night, then you can buy the one with some extra features, no matter that adds on to the weight, still it will be the best home foot massager for you.

Types of massages

Generally, the foot massagers look too identical and most of the time, there isn’t much difference regarding features either, but trust me, even two identical models treat various parts of your feet in a different manner. One might treat your heel well, while the other won’t, things roll on that way.

So, buying a foot massanger is smart that massages maximum portion of your feet. Generally, there are three sorts of massagers in terms of functioning:

  • Electric foot massager.
  • Manual foot massager.
  • Shiatsu foot massager.

Let’s discuss now regarding what all sorts of massages a massager can provide!

1.) Oscillating Massage

This sort of massage is mostly provided by open design models, and here, the massager oscillates its surface when your feet rest on them. For fetching out the best result from this sort of massage, you need to lightly press your feet on the pressure points. Improvement in blood circulation is the biggest advantage, and the muscle relaxes perfectly.

2.) Air Pressure Massage

If you suffer from tired feet and aching sides of the feet, the air pressure massage is the best thing to cure those issues. Only closed design models feature this sort of massage, as walls are needed in the massager, which consist of airbags. These airbags inflate and deflate, and that’s how you receive air pressure massage. It’s not among the most noticeable massages, but it does provide bigger benefits.

It undoubtedly soothes your tired muscles, no matter in a bit slower way. Most of the models do offer intensity adjustment options here, so you can mold the massager as per convenience.

3.) Kneading Massage

However, the style of providing this massage might differ in various foot massagers, but the result is the same. Most importantly, you enjoy this sort of massage with both open and closed model designs. Here, certain massage heads are present with nodes, and this massage takes place under your soles. For producing a kneading massage, the massage heads have to spin clockwise and anticlockwise.

It’s not important that nodes are present always for provides this massage, as other mechanisms are also used by the makers, which do the same job. No matter what mechanism, but it needs to be under the floor of the massager only. Besides that, it’s not necessary that the mechanism performs in a circular manner for this message. The back and forth motion can also do.

4.) Shiatsu massage

This massage is also the one that can be performed by both open and closed model design. This is the most common massage as you find it in almost all foot massagers out there. The foot massager needs to apply pressure on various parts of the foot. The main purpose of Shiatsu massage is to improve blood circulation, and there are numerous other benefits.

5.) Heated massage

It’s among the most pleasure providing and noticeable massage type. All models don’t provide this sort of this massage. This massage also invites a lot of people to complain as while studying best foot massager consumer reports, we found that there were always a few users moaning about the heating feature (isn’t that hot, takes time to heat up, there is no consistency in heating, etc.).

It provides next level relaxation to the nerves and muscles. During cold days, it makes you feel cozy. It highly affects the blood circulation, and you’ll feel it that more amount of blood has gathered in your feet. If you suffer blood clots or nerves clogging, then heated massage is the most suitable luxury for you.

Best Foot Massagers Reviews : The conclusion

Now it’s the time to conclude the best foot massage machine reviews, but before that, why not to look back once?

Having low budget or what? Buy KONLIKING Air Compression Leg Massager then. Those, suffering from Neuropathy issues should buy MIKO Foot Massager Machine. MEDCURSOR Upgraded Foot Massager is the most convenient regarding height adjusting, while you get the best massage combinations in MAXKARE Foot Massager Shiatsu. SERENELIFE SLFTMSG35 Shiatsu suits all foot sizes the best.

MIKO Shiatsu Foot Massager is the best remote controlled foot massage. Regarding kneading capabilities, RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager is the best. Suffering from plantar fasciitis? Buy OVITUS Foot Spa Bath Massager then. BELMINT Shiatsu Foot Massager proves to be the best for curing nerve pain, and AREALER Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine is the best for diabetics. At last, BINXIN All in One Foot Spa is the best foot spa massager.

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