As Christmas approaches, you get so busy with all the decorations, and the central point of decoration is, of course, the Christmas tree. So, as the main focus is on the tree, and you heavily involve yourself into how to decorate it, and concentrate less up on the tree stand, which is a mistake!

There are large varieties of Christmas tree stands, and some are really fancy! Some are of plastic, some are metal, and some of them rotate also.

I am your supporter in buying the right one!

I know this is a thing you need only for a week or so in a year, but is it good to spend on it all the time? So, buy the one that stays with you for years.

Is it overwhelming? Keep reading mate, we’ve sorted the best Christmas tree stands for you, so that nothing is left behind in your Christmas decor, and your tree doesn’t end up on your floor!

Best Christmas Tree Stands Reviews

Besides mentioning the best Christmas tree stands for you, we will also demonstrate how you can help yourself in choosing the perfect tree stand for your home.

1.) AULDHOME Christmas Tree Collar Review – Best Christmas tree stand

It’s the the best Christmas tree stand. This one is a Galvanized metal tree stand, featuring the modern farmhouse design. It’s galvanized metal doesn’t rust. It’s perfect for covering ugly tree bases, and most importantly, it isn’t a design to attract pets. This tree base comes perfectly packed and arrives in 4 pieces, which you need to join together, and that’s pretty easy. When you have to store, disassemble it into 4 pieces for more convenience.

Almost everyone is happy with the price of AuldHome Christmas Tree Collar. It also blends with numerous Christmas themes. The delivery speed was also impressive in most of the cases. It’s suitable for trees up to a max height of 9-10 feet. Out of 60+ users, only one user has given an under 4-star rating, where this tree collar arrived without the motif on it. 30″ is the base diameter and 23.5″ is the top diameter.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Rusty color that blends with numerous sorts of decors.
  • Doesn’t attract pets.
  • Rust-proof an durable construction.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Best rated on Amazon.

2.) NATIONAL TREE 16-Inch Folding Tree Stand Review – Best cheap Christmas tree stand

The National Tree 16-Inch Folding Tree Stand is perfect for artificial Christmas trees something between 6.5 and 8 feet tall. The pole diameter is 1.25 inches. The solid construction and its 4 sturdy legs ensure high stability. You can conveniently fold this tree stand and make it more compact for storing. It doesn’t take much place either. It’s very light, weighing 1.47 pounds only.

It’s a complete high-quality steel construction. A thumb screw is used for securing the tree. There were few complains that this isn’t the right stand for smaller stem trees. There is an insert that you place inside the 2-inch hole to make it fit a 1 and 1/4 inch tree. So if your artificial tree’s stem is thin, then also no issue. One expert from our team also owns this Christmas tree stand, and he spray painted it blue to match his home decor.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Provides perfect balance to the tree.
  • Suitable for 1 and 1/4 inch tree as well.
  • Highly durable.
  • Foldable for easy storing.

3.) JACK-POST Basix Christmas Tree Stand Review – Christmas tree stands for real trees

The JACK-POST Basix Christmas Tree Stand is entirely steel welded. This one is suitable for the tree with a max height of 8 feet and 4.5 inches trunk. This is a pretty basic construction having 4-legs with the 24.25-inch base. The water bowl is big enough to hold 1.1 gallons of water. Steel spike base ensures stability. The tubular steel legs are sturdy enough to tackle the weight of your Christmas tree.

Its Zinc-dichromate hardware is corrosion-resistant. Besides that, for extra durability, this tree stand is powder coated. The ring for the screws is pretty sturdy. However the tree height limit is 8 feet, but some users exclaimed that it worked perfectly for their 10 feet tall trees. Every year before use, you have to lubricate the screws, and that won’t consume time! The customer service is impressive. Weighing 7.95 pounds, it’s easy to lift up and place.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Sturdy base and legs.
  • Good water holding capacity of the bowl.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Impressive customer service.

4.) TREEKEEPER TK-10259 29 Inch Review – Best Christmas tree stand with wheels

The TreeKeeper TK-10259 29 Inch stand is a perfect one for 6-9 feet artificial trees. You can lock its wheels for keeping it stable at a place. Sometimes it happens that you place your Christmas tree at a place, but later you find a better place for your tree, and then it becomes quite difficult for you to shift. In such a case, the stand with wheels proves to be too convenient. The inner collar design provides protection to your tree’s trunk.

Your tree will stand straight perfectly with the help of the Six-point bolt system. Unbox it, and due to straight assembly and adjustments, it won’t take more than 20-25 mins for you to make your tree stand on it. However, disassembly is a bit tough. Some found assembly tough as well, as the process is a bit longer than other tree stands. The price is also comfortable. Also, due to rolling wheels, decorating the tree also becomes easy.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Lockable wheels.
  • Movement of the wheels is pretty smooth.
  • Protective inner collar design.
  • Ensures easy tree-decoration.
  • Six-point bolt system for keeping the tree straight.

5.) GOOD TIDINGS CNCC152 Cinco Review

If your tree truck’s diameter is within 5.5 inches, and the height isn’t more than 8 feet, then Good Tidings CNCC152 Cinco tree stand suits the best. The water holding capacity is 1.75 gallons, and the spill guard is present for avoiding over-filling. Large water holding capacity in the tree stand is always good for keeping the tree fresh. 10 years is the warranty period here. Polypropylene is used for body construction.

The “handle” aspect makes it so easy to tighten the screws. We expect rubberized toppers on the ends of the washers/screws, as when you tightened it, they cut right into the trunk of the tree in all three spots, which might harm the tree’s life. 3 spikes present at the bottom are pretty sharp, so you need to protect your fingers. These spikes provide decent stability. The height of the stand makes it difficult for you to place the tree skirt.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Impressive water holding capacity.
  • 10-years limited warranty.
  • Handles for tightening the screws.

 6.) CINCO EXPRESS C-152E 8′ Christmas tree stand Review – Best small Christmas tree stand

The CINCO EXPRESS C-152E 8′ Christmas tree stand features a push-pull locking system and is capable of holding a tree up to 8 feet tall and 6 feet diameter. Its a very intelligent design and there won’t be any water leaks as the stabilizing rods are located only toward the top. This one is the best for holding smaller trees, which many of the tree stands won’t do. It works perfectly for the artificial tree also.

Arranging involves placing the tree right in the middle, tightening the screws and adding the water. It locks the tree very firmly. It arrives rapidly and perfectly wrapped. It’s easy to use, and adjustments are quick. However, sticking the sharp plastic parts at the bottom is a bit tough. This cheaply priced Christmas tree stand measures 16 x 16 x 7 inches and weighs 3.25 pounds. 3/4 of an inch can be taken as the smallest trunk diameter for this tree stand.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Convenient push-pull locking system.
  • Perfect for holding smaller trees and artificial trees.
  • Is delivered quickly.
  • Easy assembly.

7.) CINCO C-148E Express Tree Stand Review – Best water reservoir capacity

This one is for huge trees, that are 10 feet high, having a diameter of 7 inches. This isn’t for the artificial trees. 2 gallons is the water reservoir’s capacity, which is max in our review till now.  The stand diameters aren’t provided on Amazon, so we measured it. The bottom is 20 inches, and 12 inches is the inner part where your tree will rest. It’s a plastic construction but is highly durable.

Buy Cinco C-148E Express Tree Stand and your cat won’t knock your tree off, as it is too stable. Placing the tree on the prongs in the base is a breeze. As the water reservoir is huge, there isn’t any need to frequently fill it, no matter your tree is freshly chopped and brought to home (such tree sucks much water). Plastic handles on the four clamp screws make it very easy for you to tighten the screws. In some cases, the stand was delivered with missing parts.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Great for huge trees.
  • 2 gallons water reservoir capacity.
  • Durable construction.
  • Plastic handles for easy screwing.
  • Very stable.

8.) VICKERMAN 24 inches Electric Rotating Tree Stand Review – Best swivel Christmas tree stand

So, here comes our first rotating tree stand, and most importantly, it’s much cheap than your expectations. It rotates 360 degrees and is capable of holding up to 80 pounds weight. Having a rotatory stand means it’s going to be pretty easy for you to decorate your Christmas tree. It’s real fun to decorate a rotatable tree, that’s my self-experience. Most importantly, it’s dead silent.

The rotatory mechanism works brilliantly, and you can earn many “wows” from your friends, and family members visit you and find a fine decorated Christmas tree rotating. The set-up is pretty simple. The issue here is that the tree rotates at a uniform speed, which seems after to a few and yes, if a slow down feature were provided, then it would have been cool. The switch is on the base instead of the cord, which makes it tough to access with a tree in the stand.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Impressive weight holding capacity.
  • Perfect for tree decoration.
  • Smooth and noise less rotatory mechanism.

9.) DO IT BEST Rotating Tree Stand Review – Best rotating artificial Christmas tree stand

Here comes another simple rotatory tree stand, and this one is for artificial trees that are no more higher than 7.5 feet tall. It is also suitable for very small trees. Talking about a rotatory stand, it definitely needs to be silent as if it annoys with noise between your Christmas celebration, then it’s worst! The rotation is slow, which is a big benefit as most of the rotating tree stand spin a bit fast, and that invites many users to complain.

It’s very durable also. Once you decorate your tree well and let it spin on this base, you’ll definitely earn much appreciation, and little kids are going to be the happiest. It comes with two sleeves for two different sizes of “trunks” of the artificial trees. You will also be able to hide the “bad spot” of your tree with this stand. The outlet plug in the tree doesn’t rotate with the stand. In a few cases, there was a bit of tree leaning noticed.

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Rotates slowly.
  • Silent rotatory mechanism.
  • Highly durable.
  • Supports show off of your tree.

10.) GOOD TIDINGS CNCC163 Christmas Tree Stand Review – Best table top tree stand

It’s our first tabletop tree stand in this list. The Good Tidings CNCC163 Christmas Tree Stand is perfect for little Christmas trees, and the well is deep enough to keep you away from the hassle of refilling it frequently. Finding such a perfect stand for small trees (3-5 feet) is exceptionally tough. It screws snap on perfectly, holding the tree hard. It serves you perfectly, and hardly any durability issue have crept up.

There is nothing in it to rust. It’s a US made a thing. Hence, quality is guaranteed. Its only 1.33 pounds and is among the cheapest tree holders in our list. The width of the base of the stand is about 12″ and is approx. 5″ tall. There is no height limit. The tree’s trunk only needs to be slim enough to be fitted. Some deliveries were made pretty late, giving a chance to the buyers to complain. Some had issues with its plastic construction, but plastic doesn’t always mean “less-sturdy.”

Why you should buy

What we like:
  • Best table top tree stand.
  • Exceptionally cheap.
  • Deep well for avoiding frequent refilling.
  • Durable.

Best Christmas Tree Stands in 2019 Reviews : Information box

Now, shall we fall into some additional info? Well, here what you need to know is, the grounds on which we tested these Christmas tree stands, considerations before buying them, and some more additional info.

Shall we proceed?

Bringing a Christmas tree home

It is very important that the Christmas tree remains healthy throughout your holidays, and most importantly, until the main event. A smell test needs to take place before you pay for a Christmas tree. The needles are pliable, and the odor is strong, then the tree is fine. There is one another method also, for finding whether the tree is in perfect condition. You have to find out whether the trunk is sticky (due to sap) or not. If it is, then you can buy.

When you cut a tree, the sap solidifies at the base so that the tree doesn’t absorb water. So, better chop off half an inch from the bottom in order to avoid the tree from dying. There are also chances of the presence of insects, including ants, beetles, spiders, etc. Use a flashlight to closely detect their presence.

How we chose these Christmas tree stands

It might sound simple, but testing these tree stands was tough. Durability cannot be included here (as it can’t be tested) so we chose on the basis of assembly, stability, and usage. We tested assembly in two ways, once we gave the assembly to our ladies testers with the instruction booklet, and once to gents testers, without the booklet.

Let me explain, we did so as a Christmas tree stand is an occasional thing to use, and chances are there that the instructional booklet gets lost. We tested stability by placing a tree, a foot shorter than the max recommendation. Then we tried to give jerks with equal force that a cat/ medium size dog can produce. We also did a rope fetch and release test. If the tree fell down/ or the stand shifted too much back, we excluded that stand.

Then regarding usage, we tested how tough or easy it is to screw, how does the rotation mechanism operate (if it is present). We considered the depth of the water reservoir as well.

Considerations before buying a Christmas tree stand

Certain things you should know about a Christmas tree stand before investing. Wait, let me demonstrate all here.

Size and capacity

The tree weight doesn’t matter much talking about these tree stands, but the exception is “rotatory stand.” There, the weight limit is mentioned. Max tree heights are mentioned by the makers with each stand, which you need to consider. It heavily depends upon the trunk thickness also. I mean suppose if a stand is said to be good enough for an 8 feet tall tree, having 4 inches diameter, then you can fix a 9 feet tall tree also if the trunk is of same thickness.

There are some tabletop stands, in which you aren’t supposed to fit taller trees. Never try to try out forcefully fitting a bigger tree in a smaller stand, as then the tree will surely fall down. So, better to roll on with the instructions provided by the makers and buy the stand that suits the height of your tree the best.


While going through best Christmas tree stand consumer reports, we found some decent plastic models, which were perfect, but received complain just for being plastic made! Guys, if the stand is serving good, then what’s the need to complain about the material? Plastic made doesn’t always mean less durability, and here, we are discussing Christmas tree stand, which is a thing that comes into use only for a week or so per year.

Generally, the moving parts (mostly the fittings and rotatory mechanism) should be metal, while the plastic (high density) interiors are fully acceptable. Now, if the whole construction is of metal, then there are heavy chances of corrosion as you need to water the tree.


There isn’t a huge price range, talking about these stands. These start from anything above $10 to a couple of hundreds max (those, who all can be called value for money). You can find a decent stand within 50 bucks actually, but if you are going too deep with looks and extra functions, then the price reaches over 100 dollars. It depends upon you with what amount you are comfortable.

Rotatory stands are expensive in contrast to simple ones, as the extra mechanism is involved. That is already understandable.

Best Christmas Tree Stands Reviews : The conclusion

So, shall we do a rapid recap?

AuldHome Christmas Tree Collar is the best overall tree stand. Don’t want to spend high on a Christmas tree stand? Buy National Tree 16-Inch Folding Tree Stand then. JACK-POST Basix is the best one for real trees. CINCO EXPRESS C-152E 8′ Christmas tree stand is the best for smaller trees. If you don’t want to put yourself into frequent refilling of the reservoir, then buy Cinco C-148E Express Tree Stand, as it has a 2-gallon reservoir.

Vickerman 24 inches Electric Rotating Tree Stand is our best rotatory stand choice. Do it Best Rotating Tree Stand is the best rotatory option of artificial trees. At last, do you want a perfect tabletop stand for your little tree? Good Tidings CNCC163 is the most suitable one then.


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