Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors Reviews

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is such a smooth killer! It’s silent and invisible, and most importantly, you can’t even figure out that something is going wrong around you, and before you know, you are dead!

Oh, so scary, yeah?

Guys, burning natural gas, oil, wood, gasoline, charcoal, etc. always produces CO, but outdoors, it won’t harm as it’s molecules just freely float away in the open air. Now in the second scene, if you are burning any of those in an enclosed area, then your life is at stake!

Not believing me? Man, reports say every year, 400 are killed in USA due to CO poisoning, and as you can’t feel it with any of your senses, protecting you or your family goes so difficult for you!

Never worry, using a CO detector and alarm solves this issue, but it needs to be very accurate! It’s a question of your life, so why not to spend a few minutes following our Best Carbon Monoxide Detector in 2019 Reviews?


Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors Reviews

Selecting out most suitable CO detectors is a tricky thing, yet we have invested time, and here, we will explain the best Carbon Monoxide detectors and also explain how do they work, and what all are the safety measures.

1.) FIRST ALERTS Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector Review – Best smoke and carbon monoxide detector in 2019 under $100

The First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector ensures your safety at a meager cost. You can place it in any of your rooms, and it indicates even during power failures as it’s battery operated. As it is so low priced, homeowners, renters, landlords, office men, all can buy it conveniently and ensure their safety.

You can depend upon the readings as they are accurate and timely because of the electromagnetic sensors. It’s the best portable carbon monoxide detector. This basic design brings no frills. You can either mount it or just simply set it on the shelf. You don’t get instructions for installation, but it is a simple DIY task.

Most importantly, you don’t need to change batteries for 10 years. The blue backlit ensures visibility in the dark. However, it displays only if the CO level has climbed over the misery level. If it’s below that, it won’t show anything. Some complainers explained that the battery compartment brings misery to you when you have to open/close it.

However, making contact of the battery is easy, but snapping it in place is tough. I recommend you to use a dowel rod for inserting it (even the ballpoint pen can do) properly for a good connection. Similarly, for opening it, use a flat blade screwdriver. The battery compartment door is a bit flimsy. Still it deserves your money as it’s the best digital carbon monoxide detector out there.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Very reasonable price.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Accurate and timely readings.
  • No cord needed and can be mounted on shelves.
  • Blue backlit.
  • Batteries don’t need to be changed for 10 years.

2.) KIDDE 21008873-4 KN-COPP-B-LPM Review – Best battery operates carbon monoxide detector

Kidde 21008873-4 KN-COPP-B-LPM is exceptionally cheap, and here we are discussing the 4-pack which is enough for your home (not enough if your home is a humongous one). This CO detector uses 3 AA batteries. Now as there is no power outlet scene here, you can place this detector anywhere you like. The electrochemical sensors are pretty powerful and good enough for serving you for 7 years.

It’s Warranted for 5 years. It’s capable of detecting 11 – 999 PPM (Parts Per Million), and it has a memory, in which it stores the readings. If it detects 70 PPM for more than an hour, then the alarm will sound. The further numbers are 150 PPM for 10-50 mins and 400PPM for 4-15 mins. It updates the readings once every 15 seconds. You get a back-lit LCD screen.

It makes a beep sound when the battery has gone low. The battery cover has a safeguard on it, making it tough to close if you haven’t installed all 3 batteries. However, you cannot use this CO detector with rechargeable batteries. Energizer E91, Golden Power GLR6A, Gold Peak 15A, and Duracell MN1500/MX1500 are the only batteries that you can use.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • No power outlet needed, hence it can be installed anywhere.
  • Powerful and reliable electrochemical sensors.
  • 5 Years limited warranty.
  • Detects wide range of CO in air (11 – 999 PPM ).
  • Indication when the battery is low.
  • Stores the readings in the memory.

3.) FIRST ALERT CO615 Carbon Monoxide Detector Review – Best CO detector for basement

The backlit digital LED of First Alert CO615 is so easy to read. This is a simple plug-in model having a battery backup for ensuring undisturbed protection. When the Co level has reached the danger level, the alarm makes an 85-decibel sound. The tip is: when it arrives, opening the package form the bottom will be more convenient. The CO sensor’s life is 7 years max. The Energizer E91 batteries work the best with it.

This device is made to be used in bedroom and living areas only. Don’t install it in your garage or kitchen. 2 AA Duracell batteries come with it. You don’t need any complicated programming here, as it works just simply yet perfectly. You can view the max CO level recorded but this detector but you need to push a button for those details.

The drawback is, its leading competitors are all 10 years models, while this one serves only for 7 years. However the beep is pretty loud, but in our 5 stage testing, once it happened that it struggled in making a loud enough sound to be well-heard a couple of rooms away. that might be an occasional happening as well, but I needed to mention that here. It doesn’t read CO level until you press the button, that’s annoying!

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • The alarm makes a loud 85-decibel sound.
  • Comfortable price.
  • Simple operation.
  • Records max CO level.

4.) FIRST ALERT BRK CO5120BN Review – Best interconnecting CO detector

This one is hard-wired CO combo alarm having battery backup (9V).  It features a side-load battery drawer and a couple of silence features. Intelligent Sensing Technology is used here for ensuring there aren’t any unwanted alarms. Most importantly, the First Alert BRK CO5120BN is capable of interconnecting with 18 devices. The “Latching Alarm Indication” memorizes which unit initiated the alarm.

When you interconnect, the unit which triggered the alarm flashes its LED indicator (red color). The “Smart Interconnect” feature is present for letting you interconnect this CO detector to various BRK CO and smoke alarms. You can install/ remove the battery while it is mounted through the side load battery compartment. T4 Sound Pattern is another helpful feature.

7-year limited warranty is there. The issue is that it’s over sensitive, and complains are there that even if the oven is on, this device sets it off! The batteries need to be replaced after every few months. You can see the operation light only if it mounted at eye level. The light should be at the bottom of the unit. The warranty is less, and it is indicated 2 years even lesser by Amazon.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Hard wired unit with battery backup.
  • Can be interconnected with 18 devices.
  • Latching Alarm Indication.
  • Smart Interconnect feature.
  • Convenient side load battery compartment.
  • T4 Sound Pattern.

5.) FORENSICS DETECTORS CO Detector Review – Best travel carbon monoxide detector

This one is especially for vehicles and has worked exceptionally well. It detects exhaust leaks in vehicles and is highly suitable for aircraft, trucks, school buses, etc. It is pretty sensitive and alarms even if it’s below 9PPM for 60 seconds. You get a Bright red LED and buzzer alarms. With the same batteries, you can operate for 12 months. Best Japanese CO sensor is used here.

It a sort of “must have” travel companion, as it has saved several lives. It is compact, easy to read, use, and pack! The readings are pretty exact. Mounting it is never a hassle. It arrives with well-narrated instructions. In a few cases, the batteries of FORENSICS DETECTORS Carbon Monoxide CO Detector ended pretty soon.

While testing it in under 30 degrees F conditions, the readings were less accurate. Besides that, the other con that we discovered during testing was that once it indicates that the CO level is high, and you fix up, then also it takes 2 minutes to lower its readings back to the normal. So, yes, this one is slow! Some were displeased with the build quality also.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Very suitable for vehicles.
  • Very quick CO level indication.
  • Highly sensitive.
  • Comes with good instructions.
  • Easy mounting and easy operation.

6.) SENSORCON Safe Carbon Monoxide Detector Review – Best smoke carbon monoxide detector under $200

This 4-ounce carbon Monoxide detector is on the expensive side but is value for money. Here, the intended range is from 0 to 200 PPM, while the extended range is from 0 to 2000PPM. However, the makers don’t recommend extended range for prolonged use as it might overload the device and shorten up the life span. Rechargeable batteries can’t be used. The battery life is superb.

It is very sensitive to CO, and whenever its level inclines, it indicates pretty quickly. If you are operating any of the older vehicles, then Sensorcon Safe Carbon Monoxide Detector can be very helpful to you. It achieved 9.7/10 score in our accuracy test, and its performance was impressive even in very cold conditions.

The biggest drawback is the absence of backlit LED screen even after costing much. You won’t find much reviews on Amazon, but a few of these CO detectors were not working properly right out of the box. No worries, such cases happen with all electronic stuff, and you can conveniently return it if buying from Amazon. Sensorcon’s customer service is impressive.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Well-constructed and highly durable.
  • good accuracy percentage.
  • Quick indication.
  • Good CO detection range.

7.) MTI INDUSTRIES 35-742-WT Safe Review – Best versatile CO detector

The MTI Industries 35-742-WT CO detector operates at 12 Volts +/-15% and comes with low voltage power warning. The most impressive thing about this CO detector is its wide operating temperature range! It works from -40 degrees F to 158 degrees F! It detects CO level very quickly and makes a sharp sound that is enough to wake you up from your deepest sleep.

The installation is convenient. There is hardly any issue of fake alarm with this one. As MTI Industries 35-742-WT CO is highly versatile, you can use it at a number of places such as vehicles, bedroom, kitchen, garage, etc. Here, durability forms its positive side as per the makers. This Co detector is advertised to last for 10 years, and the replacement also works fine. It is hard-wired into the 12V system.

Its a surface mount thing. 5 1/4 inches by 2 inches is the hole size in which it fits properly. The instructions written on the faceplate of the white model aren’t dark enough. In a bit more than a few cases, it failed to last as long as mentioned by the makers. It can’t be mounted vertically either. Rest, the functions are cool, and yes, MTI Industries 35-742-WT CO detector is worth purchasing.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Easy installation.
  • Detects CO level quickly.
  • Suitable to be used at a variety of places.
  • Wide operating temperature range.

8.) SENSORCON Carbon Monoxide Inspector/Detector Review – Best industrial level CO detector

If you want to track down the source of the Carbon Monoxide invading your home and want to rely on just one highly capable device, no matter a bit expensive, then buy Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Inspector/Detector. No need to buy multiple devices, this single-handedly is enough. Although feature rich and highly versatile, yet it is easily portable. This is highly suitable for industrial environments.

For owners of small homes, this can be a bigger purchase, but if your home is big, and your old CO detectors are failing in finding the source of CO entering the house, then you definitely need to replace that system with Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Inspector/Detector. You can’t wall mount it, but you can use a clip to hang this device, where you think the accumulation of  CO can take place.

Sensorcon also offers free re-calibration. The lights and alarm are pretty effective. It calculates CO gas level from 0-2000 PPM with -/+2% accuracy, which is great. Regarding cons, yes, it’s expensive, but it does pay you back in a true manner. There isn’t any memory in this device. The warranty is only for a year, and that is insane! However, there are very less longevity issues.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Detects the source of CO.
  • Very suitable for industrial use.
  • Very versatile and easily portable.
  • CO gas level from 0-2000 PPM.
  • Highly durable.

9.) MTI INDUSTRIES 65-542-P-WT Review – Best durable CO detector

The alarm point of this CO detector is 400 PPM for 4-15 minutes, and this is really sensitive at a meager price. The Operational Range is 12 Volts +/-15% and the working temperature range you get here is -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +65°C)., which is terrific. The makers don’t just advertise that, we actually tested this CO detector at -34 degree Celsius, and it worked with the same accuracy.

It comes with 10 years life. However, in a few cases, those words didn’t fall true. The monitor works great. Installing the MTI Industries 65-542-P-WT. The power supply and current draw is 108 mA at 12-Volt DC, and you get the low voltage warning at 7V. It is returnable in 90 days on the grounds of dissatisfaction. You get this model is black also.

The “Alarm Mute” button is present which silences the alarm when RV gets ventilated. I wonder why the dimensions are mentioned incorrect on Amazon. Besides that, as it is cheap, it doesn’t come with any attractive features. It just does what it is meant to. Besides that, the range didn’t satisfy us much, so I recommend it for one room only, as we tested to detect a leakage 60 feet away, and it did indicate, but it was a bit late.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Great working temperature range of -40°F to +158°F.
  • Comes with 10 years life.
  • 108 mA at 12-Volt DC.
  • Low voltage warning.
  • Cheap.
  • 90 days money return guarantee.

10.) NEST Protect Smoke & CO Alarm Review – Best digital carbon monoxide detector under $150

You get a circular LED in the center of Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm, which changes its color according to the scene taking place. The yellow color is for the normal presence of CO or smoke. Red color means drive yourself out of place! For installing it, screw the base plate into the ceiling and attach the main device onto the base plate. The use the Nest app and connect it to the device, that’s all!

This nest app is very useful and provides you detailed info on the last check time of the CO detector. The app also gives you a warning in advance and also allows you to turn the nightlight off. Split-spectrum sensor very well detects slow-smoldering fires and rapid burns with same elegance. There are sensors for heat, humidity, occupancy, and of course, CO.

It doesn’t just indicate the CO rising issue but also indicates in which room the CO scene is going on. You can silent its alarm remotely. Batteries do finish up rapidly sometimes. This device is a bit over sensitive and starts screaming in some unwanted occasions. Sometimes it might indicate even when you have produced a little bit of smoke while cooking, so it’s not worth recommendation for kitchen, while the rest is ok.

Why should you buy?

What we like:
  • Convenient LED.
  • Highly helpful NEST app.
  • Advance warnings.
  • Split-spectrum sensor.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Value for money.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors Reviews : Information box

So we’ve done with our best CO detectors, and now it’s the time to fill you up with some necessary knowledge regarding these detectors. What are your considerations before purchasing a CO detector? What are various kinds? I bet you don’t know all of them!

I will also explain the purpose of a CO detector and put light on the benefits. A bit of guidance is also there for you! So, get ready for the explanations!

Figuring out that it’s a CO poisoning

Mates, it’s too tough! More tough than you can think! CO is a gas, not having any odor or taste. So, you will be poisoned, and you won’t even know! As this gas is heavier than air, it settles down and if you’re in an enclosed area, then man, you’re gone before you know it! This is the reason why ceiling isn’t the best place to put carbon monoxide detector! Wall can be the best place for carbon monoxide detector.

You won’t be killed like a shot of bullet. CO poisoning does bring some symptoms, which are pretty much similar to the flu. You go nauseous, start feeling dizzy and headache climbs upon you. You also feel confused without any reasons. Most of the deaths due to CO poisoning takes place when the person is sleeping because the symptoms are pretty light.

Once symptoms start showing up, believe me, you don’t have much time. One light jerk and you reach the land of Christ up there! 20,000 Americans are sent to the emergency room by CO so you can imagine! For avoiding all that, you have a CO detector, and fortunately, they cost pretty low! Some cost lower than your dinner!

So, what’s a CO detector going to do? It is simply going to alert you whenever the percentage of Carbon Monoxide climbs above the danger mark, so you get time to protect yourself and your family.

Who suffers the most from CO poisoning?

Every single human is affected. On this topic, many tests have taken place, and it states that little kids, oldies, and pets are affected the most. If someone is physically ill, then also Co affects hard. Besides that, the unborn babies get very easily affected as their blood cells absorb this gas faster than ours’ do. CO is capable of heavily damaging an unborn baby’s brain.

Dealing with the CO poisoning issue

Now you already know that the CO level is too high and you are feeling symptoms also. Now the first thing is, move yourself out of the enclosed area to the fresh air. If CO leakage has happened in your home, then don’t wait to open every single door/ window, and protect yourself first. Don’t forget your pet please!

When you move out, keep the door open so that the CO gets dissipated into the air. Now when you are out and now feeling better, then also please don’t consider yourself well. Must go for a checkup as you never know how much you are poisoned, as sometimes CO even takes weeks to harm your health.

Not just yours’, but do a checkup of whoever was present in your home with you,  including pets, no matter they felt no symptoms. Sometimes the CO is there in your home continuously but in less amount. Is that safe? No, not at all! That might act as a slow poison. I repeat guys, buy a Carbon Monoxide detector, it costs much lesser than the doctor’s fee!

What maintenance is the Carbon Monoxide detector asking?

The lifetime entirely depends upon the CO detector model. Some last long for 10 years! 4-5 years can be considered the average lifespan of a normal CO detector. Regarding maintenance, nothing much is needed. You just need to keep your Co detector clean and remove the dust over it by wiping it. Sometimes with older models, it is tough to figure out whether it’s functional or not.

You have to press the “test” button if it is present there to check and if that isn’t present, you can buy a carbon monoxide test kit for checking its functionality.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Types

Normally 4 types of Carbon Monoxide detectors exist. The basic function is the same, while features vary according to the rate. Let me tall about those 4 types!


These are the CO detectors which are wired into the home’s electrical grid. These don’t entirely rely upon the battery, but only when there is a power cut. Mostly, you aren’t supposed to use chargeable batteries. Some models are compatible with only a few kinds of batteries.

Just normal as the name indicates itself, a digital screen is present for indicating CO levels and some of these come with backlit, and some don’t.
Battery operated:

These can be installed anywhere as a power outlet isn’t needed. Some of these come with the digital screens, while some don’t. Battery life also varies. You have to check the batteries at least thrice in a year.


These are expensive, but the smartest type as you get abundant features and also some mobile apps. More than just alarming, you get notifications, warning, and sometimes, also the source of CO leakage point. So, you can control things even if you are away from your home, and if your kids/pets stay alone at your home, then smart CO detectors are most recommended. There are also options of devices interconnection sometimes.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Reviews : The conclusion

I hope now you have knowledge about the CO detectors and their function. Here we will recall the things by mentioning the names of CO detectors and their specialties.

FIRST ALERTS Plug-In CO Detector is the best smoke and carbon monoxide detector in 2019 under $100. KIDDE 21008873-4 KN-COPP-B-LPM  is our battery operated choice. FIRST ALERT BRK CO5120BN provides the best interconnecting facilities.

For your vehicle, FORENSICS DETECTORS CO Detector is the most dependable one. SENSORCON Carbon Monoxide Inspector/Detector suits the most for industrial use. Regarding durability, MTI INDUSTRIES 65-542-P-WT pleases the most as the durability complains were minimal in contrast to the others.

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