Best Bathroom Faucets Under $100, $200 Reviews

Do you want a faucet that can save water, and that too without sacrificing luxury or flow power? Well, many companies claim that their faucets save water, are durable, and rust resistant, but I ask you, which company exposes it’s products’ drawbacks?

Well, we’re here for the same!

We will mention the bathroom faucets here which don’t just ensure high durability with a quality build, but also save water, provides various flow features, and also prevents the building of hard water.

Walking into a shop will definitely confuse you, so why not to trust the bathroom faucets well tested by professionals on various grounds?

These are the sweet creations of the best bathroom faucet brands in 2020!

Shall we proceed now?


Best Bathroom Faucets in 2020 Reviews

We haven’t considered very cheaply priced bathroom faucets here as no matter you find their good users reviews on Amazon, but they don’t actually last that long. So, we have only considered cheap, yet highly durable faucets here. Following are the best bathroom sink faucets:

Best Bathroom Faucets under 100

Now let me describe those comfortably priced yet highly functional bathroom faucets for you.

1.) MYHB 360 degree Swivel Oil Rubbed Bronze Review – Best cheap bathroom faucet

The MYHB 360 Bronze model is having a high-quality Brass drain (pop-up) which ensures overflow doesn’t take place. Here, vessel faucet height is 12.6 inches. In testing, MYHB 360 consumed the least time to install. Due to a complete brass construction, the faucet is hard to damage, and it serves for years. Its CUPC certified ceramic cartridge will ensure there aren’t leaks.

It can serve as a vanity sink because of its detachable body tube. 9 inches is the spout height that we call perfect. Leakage is undoubtedly the biggest issue with faucets, but here with this one, you enjoy a leak-free guarantee. The stainless steel hose stands on US standards. 360-degree swivel ensures convenient use. MYHB 360 Bronze model looks pretty elegant!

Using plumbers tape is a necessary process in the installation, which isn’t mentioned in the manual. In a few cases, the water was standing around the drain. Now that can be the issue of the sink or the included drain also, so we can’t blame this faucet directly for that. The drain tube is plastic, and it might crack if you put extra force in tightening it. The instruction card is pretty small.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • High quality Brass construction.
  • Minimal time needed for installation.
  • Convenient 360-degree swivel.
  • cUPC certified ceramic cartridge.

2.) Moen 6410BN Eva Centerset Review – Best cheap 2 handle bathroom faucet

Like most of the Moen faucets, this one is also very attractive. Two–handle lever handles ensures easy controlling the water flow. This is a perfect cheap bathroom faucet as it provides aerated flow, which is considered perfect for hand wash, brushing teeth, etc. 1.2 gallons per minute is the capacity of the aerated stream. Throughout its life, there won’t be any corroding or flaking.

The design is pretty simple, making it easy for you to alter water’s temperature and volume. You conserve water and also ensure deduction in the water bills without sacrificing any comfort. Drips, finish defects and leaks are the issues which you can get cost-less solved by claiming the lifetime limited warranty. Moen customer service is fabulous, but still for claiming replacement of any part, keep the packaging box safe.

In contrast to knobs, the handles are too convenient for the kids and oldies to operate. Some customers said that they suffered water splash issue with this faucet. If you have oil rubbed nickel pieces in your bathroom, then the “so-called” same color of this faucet won’t match 100%, and it goes on with the brass finish model also. Replacing the cartridge is a challenge!

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Easy to operate two–handle lever handles.
  • No corroding or flaking issues.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Fabulous customer service.
  • Water saving feature.

3.) Delta Faucet B2596LF-OB Review – Best water saving bathroom faucet

After you know that it’s a fully featured one, easy to use and backed by a lifetime warranty, you’ll undoubtedly love to give Delta Faucet B2596LF-OB a chance to add on to the looks of your bathroom, and most importantly, it’s cheap! It fits in 3-hole, 4-in. center-set configurations. It’s proved that this faucet saves 20% more water than the industry standard and most importantly, without compromising performance.

You get the drain assembly in the box. It measures 10 x 8 x 5 inches. The height is perfect and the splash issue hardly ever hits. Its assembly is simple, and if you’re facing difficulties in connecting the pop-up drain assembly, then you’re surely doing some mistake, and you need to concentrate on the instructions. Installation is so simple that a caveman can do it.

Studying customer reviews of this faucet took us to the fact that the handles wobbled in a few cases, while in testing, they were right. Some said that the plunger handle is flimsy. The brass drain plug is flimsy, and we dropped it from 3 feet on a bathroom tile, and the plastic part under it broke. The handles need to be somewhat heavy, as these feel flimsy in hand (however they are durable).

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Attractive appearance and cheap.
  • Impressive water saving capability.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Perfect height and no splash issue.

4.) PARLOS Widespread Review

Now, this bathroom faucet is an underrated one, and Parlos isn’t a “too famous” company either. The performance and durability of this bathroom faucet are pretty impressive. The color and wide installation compatibility are the factors, which make this faucet suitable for a large variety of bathrooms. Two handles ensure effortless control of water flow/temperature.

For ensuring simple assembly, pop-up drain, hoses, and valve. Silicon seal comes with it, so there isn’t any need of plumber’s putty. This faucet truly looks much expensive and defines a class. As it’s a fountain design, and a bit high also, you might face splash on higher water flow speed. It measures 15.7 x 12.5 x 3.2 inches and weighs 4.95 pounds. It can also be installed without the base plate.

Some weren’t happy with the water force form both the cold and hot sides. Company’s name is etched on the front in a bit funky manner, which a few people don’t prefer. The finish can’t be called entirely spot resistant. The plastic drain tube also made us complain. No matter it’ not metal, but at least it could have been better quality plastic. The push button drain plug isn’t of good quality.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • 3 holes installation compatibility.
  • Breeze control of water flow/temperature.
  • Good height.
  • Quality build ensures high durability.

5.) PARLOS Waterfall Widespread Review – Best looking bathroom faucet

No matter a less known company, still we included another model from Parlos, as this one also proved itself well in our testing. The design itself is so appealing. Its installation can take place at any distance between 8-16 inches while the hole size is 32-35mm/ 1.25-1.37 inch. Simply turn the handles to your desired limit for achieving the desired water temperature and flow.

Installation instructions are too clear. All parts are ready for installation. Premium metal construction ensures long life. Hard water accumulation is the worst part with many bathroom faucets out there, but fortunately, PARLOS Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Faucet doesn’t stand in that line. The vibrant color makes this faucet blend with various decorative styles.

Regarding drawbacks, 2 customers reported that coating started flaking of form the bottom within a few days of usage. The quality of the pop-up drain o ring could be better. The water volume is also somewhat low, but I don’t think that would affect many users. Besides that, after testing, we say that better don’t buy these if you have tough granite counters.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Versatile and easy installation.
  • No hard water spots.
  • Appealing looks and easy to clean.
  • Durable and inexpensive.

6.) TimeArrow TAF288S-CP Review

At 60SPI, the flow rate is 1.2GPM, and it’s so decently built that hardly any dripping issues occur. Like our previous faucets, this one also provides easy setting of water flow and temperature, through 2 well-built handles. Installation is a normal DIY thing, but for that, 3 holes must be there. I am sure that the build quality of this faucet is even better than many of the above $300 bathroom faucets that you find in 5-star hotels.

Matching pop-up drain assembly comes with it. The matte black is gorgeous, and I ask you, is there any bathroom interior where this faucet won’t suit? There’s no need to frequently clean the faucet, and also the cleaning doesn’t demand anything more than wiping with a cloth piece. The customer service was something that everybody was appreciating on Amazon.

The drawback here is weird. We opened the box, and we didn’t find any documents or contact numbers for the warranty. Now I wonder if the unit fails after the Amazon return window, whom should one contact? The instructions also need a fix. The length of the threads won’t work for a 3cm countertop. Another annoying issue is that when you turn off the water, it will shut down after a bit of dripping only.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Impressive customer service.
  • Simple installation.
  • Extraordinary looks.
  • Easy to clean.

Best Bathroom Faucets under 200

Now, these bathroom faucets are a bit more luxurious, while the price hasn’t hiked much. Some extra features are also waiting! Let’s proceed! Here are the best rated bathroom faucets and these are chosen after taking a deep gander at the best bathroom faucets consumer reports and testing.

1.) Delta Faucet 2538-SSMPU-DST 2-Handle Review – Best consistent bathroom faucet

Delta Faucet’s standard lifetime limited warranty rolls on with Delta Faucet 2538-SSMPU-DST as well. The makers claim that this faucet lasts twice that the industry standard. It comes with integrated InnoFlex PEX supply lines for a less leak point. The design is perfect for the money. The diamond-embedded ceramic disc doesn’t need any lubrication. It’s resistant to corrosion and hard water gathering.

It’s not among those splashy type faucets. You enjoy a full and consistent stream. Handles move without any stiffness. You only need a damp cloth for cleaning it. The instructions are plain enough. All parts are perfectly fixed, cutting off the chances of leaking and dripping. Also, the water flow instantly stops as soon as you turn the faucet off. Both the hot and cold water flow is impressive.

The nozzle won’t swivel, but that actually doesn’t bring big difference, especially at this price. The base isn’t’ metal, it is plastic, and that disappointing a bit. The nuts are also plastic. The supplied tubing is a bit stiff. Ceramic valve causes high noise, but again, that isn’t that annoying, as no one goes in the bathroom to sleep. The instructions suggest to use silicon, but being an expert, I say, old fashioned putty is better.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Integrated InnoFlex PEX.
  • The ceramic disc doesn’t need lubrication.
  • No splashes or leakage.
  • Smooth handles.
  • The consistent flow of both cold and hot water.

2.) Moen 6610ORB Brantford Review – Most durable

Wow, what a decent look the oil rubbed bronze finish provides! It saves water by aerated flow, and with its everyday use, you manage to save much water. This faucet is heavy and well made. Steel construction ensures no rusting, high durability, and simple cleaning. Installation instructions work very simple for the novices also, so a plumber is simply not needed. Experts conclude a straight 20 years durability of this bathroom faucet.

The traditional bronze looks make your friends estimate it’s price much more than its real price. You can drop it in any standard three-hole sink, tighten up the lock nuts that are included and hook up the hoses. The spout shape and height both are perfect. Due to low arc, splash chances are simply eliminated. Installing this 4-Inch centerset design is simple. The handles do their job perfectly.

The box indicates 1.2 GPM flow rate, and so does the big sticker, but the real fact is that this faucet has a 1.5 GPM max flow rate. This we can tolerate, right? Some aren’t impressed with its max flow rate, but guys, at this price, it’s all right. The higher flow rate will lead to the splashing issue, which is intolerant. You can see a few water spots as well, but as usual with all Moen faucet, this one also cleans easily.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Very impressive oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • Installation can be done by novices also.
  • Perfect handles.
  • Good flow rate.
  • No chances of splash or dripping.

3.) Delta Faucet Lahara 2-Handle Review  -Best water flow speed

Diamond seal technology is the unique feature to enjoy with Delta Faucet Lahara 2-Handle faucet, and it has a valve embedded with diamonds, and this ensures this faucet always performs like a new one. Matching finish drain assembly is provided allowing. 1.5 GPM is the flow rate at 60 psi, which is equal to 5.7 L per minute. It ensures 3-hole 4-16 in. installation.

For eliminating leaks, InnoFlex PEX one-piece supply lines are included. The diamond embedded ceramic disc doesn’t ask for lubrication. You can easily install it with pockets full of confidence as lifetime limited warranty is here for you. The makers promise that this faucet won’t corrode, tarnish or discolor. In contrast to mainstream faucets, it uses up to 20% less water.

Supply lines are flexible plastic/rubber. Now, the flaw in the design is that when these lines go bad, you need a new fixing as these are integrated into the unit. It takes much for heating the water. The flow could have been even better if the water lines were not this much narrow. It must have an aerator for avoiding water flying here and there. Overall, Delta Faucet Lahara 2-Handle facet is entirely worth money.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Diamond seal technology.
  • Matching finish drain assembly provided.
  • Impressive 1.5 gpm speed.
  • It won’t corrode, tarnish or discolor.
  • Uses up to 20% less water.

4.) Delta Faucet 567LF-SSPP Bathroom Faucet Review – Best faucet for shallow bathroom sink

This faucet installs on 1 or 3 holes. This faucet is, no doubt a high-quality addition to your bathroom. This faucet runs pretty quietly and shuts off instantly. It’s very solid for the price. This faucet surely catches the eyes whenever someone enters the bathroom. It’s a tall faucet, so even no high volume, there is little or no water splash. Assembly is something that you can do yourself, and save money.

The water flow is very smooth and consistent. It’s all metal, and no plastic included except the tailpiece. The 50/50 pop-up included. Lifetime limited warranty is there. In contrast to industry standards, it uses almost 20% less water. It measures 7.1 x 6 x 7.6 inches. It comes with a small square ring on which the faucet sits. This faucet is lead-free. It’s among the best bathroom faucets for hard water.

The water feed hose isn’t that long, so you have to buy additional hoses for extending the lines. The brushed finish might catch some water spots, but at least it’s very easy to clean those spots than other faucets. Lift rod for the pop-up drain is a bit inconvenient for thick finger people as it’s not that easy to reach around. Another drawback is that it shows fingerprints, which won’t look good viewing from close.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Easy installing on 1 or 3 holes.
  • Saves water.
  • Little or no water splash.
  • All metal construction.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Easy to clean.

5.) Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Review

Outstanding chrome finish and superb durable, simple design made us add Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle model in this list. It fits in a good range of configurations (6-16 inches) and 3 holes are needed to install it. You get the matching metal pop-up drain assembly in the package. It’s cleaning won’t waste your time. , which means it’s convenient enough for physically challenged people also.

Thicker base, narrow neck, and a bit thicker mouth, that’s what the design is (too attractive). It’s a self-installing thing. You get plenty of flow for whatever you do in a sink. The water flows perfectly down to the drain, cutting off splashing chances. Standard Delta faucet lifetime warranty stands here also. The snap-in hoses for connecting to the cold and hot water handles are perfect. It’s cleaning won’t waste your time.

Plastic parts aren’t included, and this always bring relief that the thing will run for long. Instructions included aren’t that clear, and a few things are explained by pictures and just one word with that, which is hilarious! However, one doesn’t feel that heavy need of instructions, as the install and use, are easy. The Chrome finish does show some water spots, but that’s the case with all Chrome finish models.

Why you should buy?
What we like:
  • Fits in a variety of configurations.
  • It’s cleaning won’t waste your time.
  • No water splashing.
  • Installing, using and cleaning are easy.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.

Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews : Information box

Finding the right bathroom faucet model may now and again be more inconvenient than you may might gamble. A faucet doesn’t simply should be commonsense, it in like manner needs to look incredible. Regardless, only one out of the every odd one of the faucets can be used in every bathroom.

Dependent upon your bathroom’s style and design, you should need to pick only the matching/suitable faucet models. We made this short manual for help you locate the best bathroom faucet for your home. This is the thing that you ought to consider before obtaining a particular model.

Some Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Bathroom Faucet

Following are some essential points which you must consider before buying:

Style and Design

One of the first things that you should take into account is the design and style of a faucet.

Old style Design

When we state old style design, we’re not suggesting the old swan neck bathroom faucet which your grandmother had in her home when you were about nothing. We’re implying the models that use present-day features anyway look basically like the faucets people used at the beginning of the nineteenth and twentieth.

These faucets are most fitting for usually styled bathrooms, and they are commonly the point of convergence of the room.

If the conventional faucet isn’t among feature-rich ones, and looks modern, then also no benefits. The faucets can have two or three handles, anyway, most of them use one, as did the main models a very long time back. When you settle on obtaining a customary faucet, guarantee you present it on an old style looking sink.

Present day Design

Faucets that have a blade design is the perfect fit for present-day bathrooms. They, as a rule, have straight or twisted lines, and they can have several handles.

These faucets can be a feature of the bathroom anyway, they are commonly just expanding another piece, like a sink or a mirror. When you settle on buying a front line looking faucet, guarantee you present it on a sink that to has cool design and a propelled look.

Crossbreed Design

A few faucets truly have a crossbreed design. They can be used in both ordinary and current bathrooms. It’s typical for these faucets to resemble a conventional faucet, except for they have  harsher edges.

These faucets can go with two or three handles, and they can have different finishes. One of the upsides of using this kind of faucet is that you can present them on essentially any kind of sink, and they will look phenomenal.


The finish is a champion among the most noteworthy features of the faucet. Splendid finishes are definitely not hard to keep up, and they won’t get scratched from the standard mileage. There are much more things you ought to think about when picking a finish, in any case.


Most of the people goes straight for the chromed or tempered steel finish, and these are the most notable options nowadays. In any case, there are a few finishes you can use to update the design of your bathroom.

Oil brushed bronze  

The oil brushed bronze is the most vogue finish. It is ordinarily not using any and all means considered by potential customers, yet if you buy a sink with an OK design, be it customary or present day, this finish will build its appearance.

Cleaned metal

Another wonderful finish most by far don’t consider is the cleaned metal. This finish isn’t for every faucet, yet it can look dazzling on some. If you have a gigantic bathroom with a customary design, a faucet with a cleaned metal finish can make it look amazingly impeccable.


A finish looks incredible if it’s perfect. If it’s not, the faucet may look awful, making your bathroom look terrible in this way. A few finishes are more prominent at revealing the spots than others, so guarantee you know how from time to time you need to clean the faucet before you pick a finish.

Matching Your Other Fixtures

At whatever point you pick a finish, guarantee it will fit all your diverse contraptions. If your faucet has a metal finish, the shower a chromed one, and the towel holder one of tempered steel, the piece of your bathroom will suffer as a rule.

If you’re creating another bathroom, guarantee the finish you choose for the faucet is open for various establishments too before you demand it. Some finishes are easier to find and organize than others, so guarantee you check their availability for various contraptions before you buy.


The size of the faucet is critical. You have to guarantee the faucet size matches that of the sink. As a standard rule, the greater the sink, the greater the faucet you should buy.

On the other side, if the faucet is nonsensically little for the sink you’re foreseeing presenting it on, the water sprinkle may finish up on the mass of the sink. This may provoke sprinkles, and it will obliterate your experience.

Installation Holes & Plumbing

Directly, there are a few things you should check before acquiring a faucet. As an issue of first significance, you should check the sink to see what number of mounting openings it has before settling on a faucet model. In case the sink just makes them mount hole, and you buy a faucet requiring three mounting holes, you may need to drill the openings yourself.

This most likely won’t seem much, yet entering an opening through marble or cast iron isn’t that easy, so it’s more brilliant just to buy a faucet that matches. Second, you ought to guarantee the faucet you buy can be mounted on the sink you have or the one you’re proposing to present.

Some sinks can be astoundingly thick, so you may require some nut extenders so they can accomplish the supply lines. Nevertheless, these nut extenders are not hard to find, and an enormous segment of them will wear down various faucet models, so you can basically get them autonomously.

Ease Of Installation

You may inquire as to why this is a noteworthy part for faucets. You simply need to install the unit once, so for what reason would it be sensible for it to issue? Without a doubt, things can once in a while be tangled when you’re endeavoring to install a faucet. Usually, paying little respect to how unobtrusive or expensive they are, faucets can be presented by the owner without master help and only a little DIY experience.

Nevertheless, there are a few models out there that have an inconvenient foundation. This installing method may test your nerves, and add your expenses moreover. Using a specialist jack of all trades to present your faucet can extend the unit’s general cost by over $100, or all the additionally depending upon where you live.

This most likely won’t give off an impression of being a staggering expense, anyway there are numerous facets that can be presented without spending this money, so for what reason would it be a good thought for you to do it?

Generally, when you buy a faucet that is definitely not hard to present, you’re similarly obtaining a faucet that is modestly less complex to fix. This may, in the end, be an imperative piece of relief.

Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews : The verdict

Here, standing at the verge of wrapping this review, I’m thinking about revising a quick revision of the best bathroom faucets.

MYHB 360 degree Swivel Oil Rubbed Bronze is the best cheap bathroom faucet in the list. At its price level, Moen 6410BN Eva Centerset is the best dual handle bathroom faucet. DELTA FAUCET B2596LF-OB satisfied the best with the water saving capabilities. We chose PARLOS Waterfall Widespread as the best looking bathroom faucet due to its extraordinary design.

DELTA FAUCET 2538-SSMPU-DST is the best one in terms of water flow consistency. Our experts said, MOEN 6610ORB Brantford is the best build and hence, most durable one. DELTA FAUCET Lahara is the most impressive one regarding water speed. At last, if you’ve got a shallow water sink, then buy DELTA FAUCET 567LF-SSPP Bathroom Faucet.

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